Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Chance of 1 in 400 Trillion...

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So today I want to take a minute to appreciate this statistic! It was one I learned while reading the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I have done a review of this book (Book Review - #GIRLBOSS). In the book she tells us that there is a 1 in 400 trillion chance of us being born into this world in the first place and it is a statistic that has stuck with me ever since

1 in 400 trillion

Thats the chance it took for our parents to be concieved themselves, meet, concieve us when they did, the chance of us being the strongest swimmer, surviving to term and finally being born! Thats crazy just to even think about! Not to mind the chance of being born as a human, when and where we did, into the family we have been or the environment or society we have.... its all a little bit mind blowing to be honest when you really think about it!!

As we go through our daily life more often then not we forget about how lucky we are, to have the family, friends, home, job, pets that we have or life that we lead. Thats completely natural. We are so in the center of our own lives it is hard to see the bigger picture. We are more than likely so focused on out to-do lists, work schedule and day to day worries and stresses that we forget about taking a minute to take a breath and just look around.

So lets take a breath

Look around you. Look at what you have to be grateful for and not only that look at what this world and people accomplished both throughout history and present day! Look at the infrastructure, look at the parks, the transport systems, our comfy homes, our technology... because really if you think about it people created this, the world we live in so there was at least (before factoring other variables and make this statistic more crazy) a 1 in 400 trillion chance of this world as we know it ever existing.

Now there are two ways of looking at this

1. The world is so vast. And you are 1 in 400 trillion chance of happening.. so really this is just a drop in the ocean.. why do I even matter. I mean the world will continue to spin regardless. I will have been born and passed away without anyone have really noticing. Also people have created the world we live in and we haven't exactly got it all right have we.. mass murders... inequailty... the destruction of our environment ... Just to name a few.

2. 1 in 400 trillion chance!! Really... so LETS MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! Life is so short as it is. The blink of an eye & the chances of you existing in the first place are so incredible then why not make the absolute most out it!! Everyone of us is so lucky to be on this planet in the first place (although it may not always feel like it) so if you want something - Go For It!! You want to change something - Change It! You want to try something new - Try It! Most importantly live your life the best way you know how & also the way that makes you the most happy... Afterall what have we really got to lose!

Im a glass half full kinda girl (well most of the time) so I feel the latter way of looking at it is the best way of looking at this situation! Im mean if you really think about we all just won the genetic and reproductive lotto to even be here writing / reading this. So live everyday you can as if you won the lotto, take chances, be grateful for the comforts in your life (there is always someone worse off)  and most importantly appreciate both yourself (your capabilities, strengths and talents) and the other people you share your life with, for what they bring to your life! 
Enjoy it guys because it wont last forever! & Remember we are all in this together!! 

What do think? How does this statistic make you feel? Lucky or unimportant?

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