Monday 22 February 2016

If I Could....Tag

Hey Hey, 

Recently I saw this Tag going around & I thought It was really interesting so I decided to give it a go myself! As you can see from the title its called If I could... It is basically a series of questions on what would you do if you could and there were no external factors preventing you! So here we go!

If I could live anywhere...

Hmm... I think Id have to choose somewhere with a bit of heat.. or where they get REAL seasons. Like on the East Coast of America, where they get snow in the winter & proper heat in the summer. I love when the seasons represent what they are supposed to be! Other than that I cant really think of anywhere else that I would LOVE to live. There are SO many places I want to visit & so many things I want to see but not so much want to live, you never know though, that may change over time.  I actually Love living in Ireland for the most part but the seasons can sometimes be all over the place.    

If I could have any home...

I cant be the only one who has their future home planned out for years right?? The most important aspects are
  • Large windows looking out great views
  • A large balcony &/or Veranda to sit out 
  • Comfort & Harmony is key for inside living space
  • Pool for hot weather
  • Lots & Lots of space for Horses, Cats & Dogs
  • Oh and close enough to the city but far enough away that it feels like a different world 

 If I could have any garden...

Id have a National Wildlife Reserve. One where its large enough so that the animals are protected but get to run free & be wild!! I dont know how thats going work living Ireland but hey I can have 2 homes!  

If I could be on holiday right now...

If money & time werent an issue.. Id prob be in America either doing Route 66 or I would have a few days shopping in New York then over to Hawaii for a relaxing break in paradise!! If money & time REALLY were not a problem I would probably take a couple of years & just travel the world!! How amazing would that be??

If I could have any job right now...

I would actually be blogging full time, maybe writing magazine articles & covering events. I really want to work with companies that create cosmetics & skincare. I would also volunteer at an animal shelter or the Guide Dogs for the Blind Charity. 

If I could have any Talent...

Talent or Superpower? Cause if I had the choice it would be to talk to animals.... or turn into one whenever I please (how cool would that be!!) When Life gets too stressful just transform into a cat or a dog and chill... 

If I could live any day again...

It would probably be a day from my teens, with my old gang, when life was good & I didnt realise how good or easy it was!!  

There you have & someday when I win the Euromillions & when all the practical stuff is done and my loved ones are taken care of I will have an amazing home with wildlife filled garden, still blogging & visiting the entire world. I dont think I will gain superpowers or be able to time travel anytime soon.... thats a pity.. oh well. 

This was fun. Now im going to Tag a few people I would like see do this as I would be interested to hear their answers!!

If you, like me just like the idea of doing this tag, Then I Tag YOU! Give it a go!
Enjoy! Leave me links & Ill be sure to check them out when their up!!

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  1. Love this post! Thank you for tagging me. Looking forward to writing this post 👏

    Love, Han-xo

    1. No Problem!! Cant wait to read your post!! x