Monday 8 February 2016

Monthly Highlights 2016 - January

Hello There, 

In my Goals & Resolutions Post for 2016 (Here) I mentioned that I wanted to start a new monthly series on this blog. I had seen something similar on a blog called Simply Sinova! (Here) I was so inspired by it!! Life moves so quickly that its so easy to let it just pass you by. So much so you forget all the good things that happen each month. So I decided I want to slow down! At the end of each month I want to take a moment to sit down and think about all the highlights of that month! & Also share them with you guys of course!! 

New Year!!

I rang in the New Year this year as I usually do.. working.. Sounds terrible I know but believe it or not I have done this for the last 5 years & to be honest I dont think I would know what to do with myself if I wasnt haha! As I work behind a bar the atmosphere is fantastic! Im surrounded by friends! Music! I really enjoy it! To be honest It will be probably my last year ringing it in with them so Im happy to have had the opportunity!       


Fresh New Year!

As I was saying in my 1st Organisation post (Failure to plan is planning to fail) after the Holiday food coma has lifted and the fog has cleared I love the feeling of a fresh new year to start all over again! Full of possibility! I love planning and coming up with Ideas!! I know it may sound dorky but this month I really enjoyed doing alot of planning and organising!!  

Work Christmas Party!!

I will admit I had one or six..... (teen) drinks haha! But as I rarely drink I decided to relax a little bit! It was sooo much fun!! All dressed up, dinner, drinks & a lot of dancing!! They are a mad bunch but they are my mad bunch haha!!  I was lucky I have the day off the next day however.. the old age is catching up on me I think! Cant recover like I used to haha! 


This month I got to take 2 whole weeks off from work!! Honestly can not remember the last time I did that, probably when I was still in school! I had the most fun!! Heres an overview
  • Went to Kerry for 3 days to spend time with one of my besties! Went for dinner, drinks, watched movies & general catching up with life! 
  • Spent time with my family both human & furry!! 
  • Went out with friends at the weekend for drinks! (AT THE WEEKEND!! WTF?? )
It was honestly one of the most relaxing & fun holidays and I didnt even leave the country!!

*Isnt this view incredible! 

Life Changing Offers!!

While I was in Kerry I was offered a job which was completely unexpected & was also presented with the idea & opportunity of moving to Australia next year! After much thought & careful consideration I have taken the job in Kerry & will be moving in 3 weeks! I will also be putting plans in place to set foot on Australian soil next year!! exciting!! 

Other little highlights! 

  • A personal drama has finally been resolved and karma has come full circle! Gotta love Karma!
  • Finally got Hair Extensions! I have wanted them for so long!!
  • Celebrity Big Brother! Got absolutely hooked!! Ex on the Beach 4 starting! & Just started watching That 70s Show on Netflix!! 
  • Started driving again this month!
  • Justin Bieber! Been addicted to listening to his music this month "Love Yourself" being my fave of course!!

Its been a really good month & long may it continue!! I hope all of you guys have had a fabulous month too!! Leave me a comment & let me know some of your highlights!!

Chat soon loves x

Thank You for Reading

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