Wednesday 10 February 2016

Midweek Motivation - 40 days & 40 nights!

Hello Everyone!! 

So if you follow me on twitter (If you dont then why not!? Haha You can add me here - Beauty La Linda - Twitter , or you can add me in the side bar) Then you will already know that I have been thinking about doing something for lent this year. 

Although I observe the high holidays such as Christmas & Easter and so on, & part-take in some religious events such as weddings, funerals & christenings, I am not particularly religious so therefore usually dont really participate in lent. However I have been thinking about it and realised that even if I am not religious it doesnt mean I cant form or lose a habit that will enhance either my life or the life or others. 

I always say sometimes it doesnt matter where the idea or motivation has come from as long as the end goal is the same!!  

I have decided to do my darnedest to try and be healthier for the next 40 days & 40 nights! That means lots of water and healthier eating choices & trying to get more exercise (but mainly focusing on what I put into my body) 

I have really let it slide while I have been living at home the past few months. I used to be quite good.. somewhat balanced anyway in the past year or so, then I move home and it all goes down hill. I get back into my comfort zone and I stop watching what I eat (not how much or anything like that, but I am more likely to order take away then attempt to cook any of the food available) I have pretty much stopped eating fruit even though its always in the house and stopped drinking water even though I used to drink 2 litres a day. My mam is constantly on at me for being so unhealthy & I seem to use the typical teenager response "yeah, yeah, yeah" even though Im 25! 

I never intended to stop trying to be healthy it all just kinda slide that way. My weight isnt really an issue which is why I guess I havent really pushed myself too much or why other people havent really noticed but I feel it in myself. I feel more tired, irritable and just generally drained. So its decided! Im going to use lent as the excuse and driving motivational factor to get healthier again!! Heres my plan!- 

  • Be more conscious of the food I eat everyday
  • Drink more water
  • Try & get more sleep & Wake up earlier
  • HAVE A BREAKFAST! (I NEVER do this!... unless its brunch)
  • Get outside a little bit more (no excuses now that the days are getting longer!)

My point to this post is that if like me you have let something slide or there is something you really want to do then start now! Lent is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a challenge!! 

*As I write this its is pancake day!! So the plan is massive pancake indulgence tonight and tomorrow is kick off!! Wish me luck!!

Have you made any lenten pacts this year!?
Any tips for helping me to stick to mine??

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  2. Thank you so much! Ill do my best haha x

  3. Good luck lovely and what a great way to view lent x