Wednesday 24 February 2016

Midweek Motivation || What are you worth!!?

Hello Friends,

Today I want to talk about self worth. What are we worth? I dont mean anything in the material sense of the word. I dont care how much you have in the bank, How much your car, home, shoes are worth. I want to know if I were to ask you right now "How much are you worth?" What would your answer be??

Everyone in this world was created equal.  It is the world then that decides how much we value we put on ourselves. From the minute we come into the world we are being influenced by it and everyone around us. The funny thing is everyone is so focused on the external we forget we are more than just the world we live in. Some of us are very fortunate in that we were born in what modern society calls "The first world" This means that for the most part, for most people, our surroundings are comfortable. For example I have the ability to write this from my bed in my comfortable house, on this laptop with internet & Charlie curled up beside me, these are all luxuries that many of us (including myself) forget we have.

However no matter how much we have, Its think we have & how much we think we are worth, that is what is important. Im not saying we should walk around and think that we are the sh*t but we should understand our value and what we bring to the world. We all have those days where we wonder would what are we actually doing with our lifes? What is our purpose? Maybe we deserve what we get? Why cant we have this or that? But really we need to take stock for a moment think of how lucky we are and how much we contribute to the world around us.

How the hell can we expect anyone to see our worth if we cant!? Now dont get me wrong there maybe alot of people that see our worth even when we are having times where we feel absolutely worthless but what Im saying is we cant get upset if they dont when we are not even respecting ourselves. Theres a quote and it says how can we expect anyone else to love us if we cant love ourselves. I think this is quite true. We are all created to contribute to this world in some way. We all offer amazing talents whether they just apply to daily life or world wide.

Also I think you meet and attract the right kind of people when you know your worth, as I think you know who you are a bit more and feel more confident. You know what you are willing to put up with and how you are willing to be treated. I think people should be treated the way they treat people (its only fair)! Unfortunately life isnt fair but if you are aware that you are worth more than the way you are being treated then you will have a much easier time walking away.

As far as Im concerned no one can put a price on your life but you!! Know your worth!! Make your life the way YOU want! Include the people that enhance your life and walk away from those that dont. Work towards your dreams & dont let anyone try to rain on them! Life is for living! Dont count the days, make the days count!!!

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  1. Great post! Love this so much and I think a lot of people definitely needed this post. :)

    S .x

    1. Awh Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! x