Monday 29 February 2016

Once every four years!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Leap Day!! (Im not sure if thats a thing but it should be!) & Happy Birthday to any of you lucky enough to be born on this most elusive of days! 

Now as Im sure you all know Leap Day is only once every four years. This is due to the fact the there is not 365 days even in the year, therefore we have to add an extra day every four years to compensate for that!

I never really took much notice of Leap Day in the past but this year but now (maybe its because Im getting older) I just LOVE the idea of getting a whole extra day!!  

Why? You ask.. Well funnily enough it is actually from watching the show Modern Family that prompted this decision. In one episode it happens to be Leap Day & the character "Phil" (the dad), Writes the kids notes so they dont have to go to school and the family plan to do Trapeezing & go to an amusement park. He says something really interesting. He says "You have been given the gift of a whole extra day... You should do something fun & not waste it on school or work" (Well Im paraphrasing, It may not be word for word but that was the general idea) This idea stuck with me. I never saw it like that before. You get a whole extra day!! Thats actually pretty cool!! 

So this year I have decided to I have just decided to have a family day! Doesnt sound very exciting I know but for me this is perfect! I am moving next week & I wont be able to hang out with these guys for probably a couple of months after the move! During the week up to the move I am also working & packing. So a whole day with family & relaxing is just what I want.

I hope you enjoy your Leap Day whatever way you are spending it!! Also Good Luck to any brave ladies keeping the tradition alive & proposing to their other halves! Have an amazing night!!

Chat Soon x

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