Wednesday 2 March 2016

Midweek Motivation || You are one decision away from changing your entire life!

Hello Everyone!

How are you all today!? I hope you are all well! 

Everyday we make decisions! From the minute we wake up in the morning.. "what will we have for breakfast? What will we wear today? What makeup will we wear?" All day everyday we are making decisions. Somehow though we dont even seem to realise we are making them!

We get stuck in ruts! We feel like its groundhog day everyday! We dont realise how powerful we are in our own lives! It sounds cliche but we hold the keys to our own destiny. The saying "You are one decision away from changing your entire life!" is so true & we dont even realise it! 

You hate your job? change it! No one is going to do it for you! Its a sad fact of life but its true, rarely will someone come up to and be like "Hey, you look sad... Im going to change your life for you!" (On a side note - Just make sure if you do decide to quit your job you are smart about it A. have a plan, Dont just walk out on a whim. B. Make sure its is really what you want & you are not just having a bad work week)       

But this doesnt just apply to jobs, you want to move? Move.. save up, get a visa.. do whatever it takes! Want a pet? Get just make sure you can take care of it & provide it with the life it deserves. Want a beach body!? get your ass to the gym! Learn how to eat right! Read books, watch Youtube Videos & work hard!! 

All Im saying is if you really want something in your life to change then do it, just be smart & practical while you do it! One decision thats all it takes! You really want something? Obviously there are some major exceptions to this rule (People who have passed on, health issues & physical constraints & sometimes life circumstances) but for majority of people if you really want something 9 times out of 10 you are the only thing standing in your own way!!

Any time you feel sad or stuck in a rut remember "You are only one decision away from changing your entire of your life" All its takes is for you to be brave enough to take the leap & sometimes work hard enough to get it!

Everyone deserves a happy life & unfortunately not everyone will get it but it would be a shame if you were the only thing standing in the way of yours!!

Chat soon my friends x

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  1. Go hard or go home 😂👌🏻 fab post!