Friday 25 March 2016

Liebster Awards #2

Hello Everyone!!

Well hello there again! Today I have ANOTHER Liester Award!! Thanks to fellow blogger & very good friend of mine Dara from Purple Button Couture! Thank You so much for the nomination!! I urge all of you to check out her blog!! Her blog is lifestyle - Including Baking, Fashion, Beauty & just general Lifestyle. She is also one of my personal best friends & I am so proud of her & her blog! Its awesome! If you would like to read her Liebster Award post you can just click here Purple Button Couture - The Liebster Award! 

So as I explained in my last one! Which can read right here -  Liebster Awards #1 I was lucky enough to not only be nominated once, but twice!!! I am so grateful! Thank you guys! So rather than smush it all together in one giant post I decide to make a part one & part too so I could both of series of questions the space & time & attention they deserve!!

So here we go again!! Here are my answers to Daras questions -

How did you get into blogging?

Accidentally to be honest! I was drawn into the world of beauty Youtubers (again accidentally) & it just grew from there! I really wanted to get involved but didnt feel confident enough to get in front of the camera (since then  however I have created a channel Linda Roche - Beauty La Linda although it has remained inactive for a while! Hoping to get back into very soon!! Plans in the pipeline!) So when I found out more about the blogging side of it I just HAD to get involved. I always loved writing so this was perfect for me!!

How would you describe your blog style??

If you mean writing style I would definitely say informal. I talk to you guys as if you were here with me! Thats what I feel like when Im writing, like I am writing to my friends! You are my friends! If you mean style of blog then Its mainly Beauty & Lifestyle (which to be honest is a little bit of everything haha!!)

Who is your favourite Blogger?

Oh that question is definitely too hard!! My bloglovin subscriptions are through the roof! I dont think I have a favourite blogger to be honest, I couldn't choose, But I definitely love bloggers that write informally like me & you can really get to know them!!

What is your best quality?

It feels weird to brag on yourself... hmm.. but I think its that I feel like Im a tough like cookie. Sure I break every now & then... everyone does thats live but I feel like in the past few years especially Ive learned that I am made of tougher stuff & realised exactly what I am capable of!!

What is your favourite piece of clothing?

Hmm this is another tough but probably my blankety, cape, cardigan thing (Im so awesome at describing things!!) I love it! I love the colour, Texture, how warm it is!! I just love it!! I picked it up in FatFace last winter & people were like really?? but I fell in love the minute I saw it. The guy serving told me it was the first one they sold all winter & this year guess what?? They are everywhere & everybody wants them... ahead of the times me, girl! I was like haha to all those people who were looking at me like I was a wierdo!! humh!           

Lipstick or Lipbalm?

I am going to take this as an either or kind of dealio. Which would definitely be Lipstick! I just love them, the colours, texures & choice.. Its all so exciting!! I do love lipbalm too but lipsticks are definitely more fun to shop for & wear!!

Cooking or Baking?

Here I am going to have to stay baking. I dont enjoy cooking that much... I mean its alright but it doesnt excite me. Baking however... thats a different story I love baking cupcakes, cookies, cakes & all that good stuff. I have a massive sweet tooth so that probably adds to the excitement as I know I get to eat them!! I also love decorating them too!! I may incorporate some baking into my blog in the future... who knows!? If you would like to see some of my creations you can hop over to my Instagram here -> Beauty La Linda - Instagram & check em out. Also follow me & to keep up-to-date with any other randomness going on in my life that you wont get to see on my blog!! 

Favourite Sweet Treat??

Oh boy.. way too many!! I love desserts!! They are my favourite part to any meal!! But my favourites are just chocolate in general (Most Cadburys) or Going for panckes/crepes with my friends or family!! Love it.... & Kinda making me want chocolate!

Favourite colour?

Do I have to pick just one!? I love pastels, They just make me happy to look at!! Pastel pink, green & blue are probably my favourites but I really love all of them. Take any colour & make it pastel & I will probably be a fan!! 

Do you have a pet? If not, What pet would you love to adopt? 

I currently dont have any animals now that I have moved again #sadface but if you have been with me for a while (thank you) then you will now when I was at home, back at my family home we have quite a few animals, 5 cats & 2 dogs to be exact! They are my babies that also often featured on my Instagram account! Older followers will also know that I would love to adopt a dog! but I know I cant at the moment as my future is still uncertain (no not in a bad way!) Its just that I cant tell you honestly where I will be in a years time & thats not fair to any dog, but it is on my 30 before 30 list so I will eventually get my little puppy dog (If you would like to read whats on my list of 30 things to do before Im 30, you can just click here - 30 Things to do before Im 30! )

Would you describe your home as minimalist/ modern/ retro/ or cosy?

At the moment as I have moved into a new place I would say it has kind of a cosy feel to it, however in my ideal home it would kind of have a slight mixture of all of them I think.. Its hard to explain but I hope you know what I mean.... (Once again I win the award for most awkward way of describing things haha)

So those were all Daras questions for me!! Thank you Dara!! I love these posts!! 

So here are my Questions!    

  1. Describe your blog for any new readers (type/style/aims)
  2. Where does your blogging inspiration come from?
  3. What are the biggest challenges you find with blogging?
  4. Your current fashion style or trend (monochrome/chic/casual/funky/comfy.....for example)
  5. Worst beauty habbit
  6. Faux Fur or Faux leather?
  7. MAC or Urban Decay?
  8. Night in or Night out?
  9. What Tv Shows could you just binge watch over & over again & never get sic of?
  10. What is you favourite Highstreet/ Drugstore makeup brand & why?
  11. Favourite Book you recommend others to read?

The people I Nominate are - 

  1. Valeria - Trendy n Smart
  2. Denay - Confetti & Bliss
  3. Tamara - Unique Uncut Blog
  4. Brittany - Blushing Rosette Beauty
  5. MsMaelca - Beauty spc
  6. Hannah - Enjoying the View
  7. Charley - Borderline Unhinged
  8. Camille - Camille Shern Beauty Blog
  9. Tayla - Tayla made x
  10. Chloe - chloeannx
  11. Emma - Frenchii

Good Luck guys & dont forget to tag me so I can check out you answer as I would love to read them!! 

Thank You For Reading

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  1. Love your answers!!!! That blankety cape is amazing I love it! #ootd needed to show off its amazingness!!!
    We defiantly need to see some baking on here!!! You are great at decorating your sweet treats!!!!


  2. Thank you!! Yup I gota plans for upcoming posts!! loves you! x

  3. Thank you!! Yup I gota plans for upcoming posts!! loves you! x