Monday 18 April 2016

Monthly Highlights 2016 - February & March

Hello Everyone,

In January I started doing a monthly highlight series. I love the concept of looking over the month & picking out all the things that made you happy!! So even though I have been super busy & this one is coming super late this month I still wanted to combine my last two months & get this post up for you to tell about all the great things that have happened in the past two months! (Be forewarned this is going to be a long one so grab yourself a cuppa!)  

February 2016

Seeing an old friend

A few years ago one of my best friends moved away to train to become a superstar chef. This girl is like a sister to me but over the years we seemed to have drifted & have not seen much of each other. This month I got the chance to meet up with her & have a short little catch up!! It wasnt for very long, way too short in fact but I definitely dont want that much time to pass again before we meet up again!

Besties having a baby

This month two of my very good friends gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl!! Shes so tiny & beautiful! She is also the first baby I have held in my adult years! So fragile, I was terrified I was going to drop her!! Well done guys!! 

Creating my Website

This month I started the process of creating my website "" It is not live yet & wont be for a while as I want to make it perfect before I launch it! But it is really exciting & cool to start the process!!! 

Other little highlights

  • Picking up Lion King Colouring Book!!
  • Meeting & chatting with my new boss that I will be working with from March on...
  • Getting accommodation sorted for the march move & making plans
  • Chats with my mam (really going to miss the parents when I move)

March 2016


During the month of march I made the big move & honey I aint in the Emerald City any more! No this is definitely Kansas! It was a massive culture shock to say the least & if I am honest it has taken me longer than expected to get into the swing of things & get used to the pace of life down here! However I do love it! It was a big change but definitely needed. The area is just simply beautiful. The views are nothing short of spectacular. I honestly feel almost like I moved country. I do miss the city but you just simply do not get these views & surroundings in a city! (None of these pictures have been filtered or edited!)

New Friends

One of the best things about the area that I now live in is the people. They are so nice, so welcoming & so much fun to party with! I have only been down here 6 six weeks almost & in that time I have met so many cool people! People I know will become really good friends over the next coming months! They had really no reason to be as nice as they are & I think thats pretty awesome!

On the Road!

So, as many of you might already know I learned to drive about 2 years ago..... not because I had to. I had no need to learn. Im a city girl! But I really wanted to. Although I loved the idea of having a car & really enjoy driving, I had no real need to so nothing really pushed me to do so. That all changed the minute I moved. You cannot survive in my area without a car. The minute I leave my house I have a half an hour walk to the nearest shop or work. Within 3 weeks I had the car sorted, Taxed, Insured, NCTd.. The whole kit & kaboodole! I love it! Its my little baby! Woop Woop! (My little sheep friend there was a gift from 2 very good friends & his name is Simon)


Horse Riding

Since I have been down here I have been horse riding twice & it is something I want to keep up! I love it so much & the area I have moved to have many equestrian centers! Its so much fun! I have be doing beach & mountain trails!! #happiness

I am definitely not 100% settled here or figured a proper routine (If that was the case would have seen many posts from me by now) I just havent seemed to sort out the organisation of fitting everything in yet! But I will! We are getting there.... even if its taking a while... You guys are great though for sticking with me. You can expect regular posting resuming shortly!!

I have also achieved some of my goals for 2016!

  • Find a nice place to live #check
  • Getting a car sorted #check
  • Getting healthier #check (my diet has been mainly seafood & healthy goodness since I moved) 

*The cape worn in this photo will be featured in an upcoming post! Purchased at Boutique of Molly   

These are some of my highlights for February & march! We are coming to the end of april shortly so I will have many more coming your way!

Please leave me a comment of some of your recent highlights! I would love to hear them!!

Thank You For Reading

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