Monday 15 February 2016

Book Review - Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a very interesting book I want to tell you all about. Its called Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I am sure you have probably heard about it already as it was named a Sunday Times Bestseller and since picking it up I have heard a little bit of hype about it.

As you already may know if you follow me on Instagram (If not you can click on this link Beauty La Linda Instagram to add me, or you can just add me in the side bar & we can become Instafriends) a few weeks ago I decided to take a few days a travel to kerry to visit one of my friends. As I knew it was going to be a long trip I decided to pick up a new book for myself. There was no way I really needed to go out & buy one as I still have many on my bookshelf that I have yet to ready but nonetheless I decided to have a little look anyway. 

I spotted this book and was intrigued by it. I had not heard anything about it before but something just made me want to give it ago. In the past I have spoken a few times on my blog about my battle with anxiety. Its not something I talk about that often even in real life but it is something that has been with me for a few years now. Each year I grow a little more.. learn a little more and feel better a little more but thats life. Panic attacks are now few & far between thank god and majority of the time I feel like your average 25 year old with all the regular ups & downs. If you have ever suffered with anxiety you will know that is amazing in itself! 

Anyway back to the book. I have to say when I bought it my one worry would be that it would overly depressing, whiny or incredibly cheesey but I can now tell you that this has to be one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. Its a very raw book with a passionate account of this mans life and his struggle with anxiety & depression. At times I felt like someone was actually telling my story! I was thinking, Yes! finally someone gets it. I am not on my own! Someone else has been through this too. Not that Id wish it on my worst enemy!,  but somehow reading about someone else experiencing something that you have, something that seems so alien & out of the norm.. even to yourself & has survived and managed to create a wonderful life. Well thats just point blank inspiring!             

This book not only gives us an account of his experience, It is also witty, informative & just clever in general really. I found that with this book, one minute I was reading something that I truly empathised with and the next I was learning something new and very interesting on the subject. In the book he quotes a Tweet from the Poet Melissa Broder " What idiot called it "depression" and not "there are bats living in my chest and they take up alot of room, ps. I see a shadow"?" I remember reading this & this was one of the moments where I was like Omi God! Exactly!  The writing is very informal, to the point where you feel like he is talking directly to you, sharing his life experiences with you. I know it sounds corny but almost like its an honor to be told such a private thing (well if you have been through it yourself, you will know what I mean) Like its a privilege. You feel like he is telling you, he knows where you are, hes been there & Its all going to be ok.  I found it very hard to put down. 

Its hard to find books that are that personal but yet carry alot of merit behind what information they give you on such an important topic. Most books you'll find about anxiety or depression, while yes they will have done their research & be very informative when you read it, It will be like listening to a doctor or Councillor, not a friend who has been in you shoes. 

I 100% recommend this book to anyone who has been struggling with anxiety or depression. This book can truly make you see it all in a new light, make you think about things differently, make you more aware of whats going & most importantly the bigger picture. 

I will 100% be not only recommending it to anyone I think that could do with reading it (which is most people) Not only sharing it with all my friends on social media I will also be giving my copy directly to people close to me while saying "Here you have to read this I am giving you no choice.... Thank me later!" haha. I will definitely have to get it back though as this will be a book that I will be be reading again!  

I dont think I could give it a more glowing reference if I tried!! Please leave me a comment if you pick this book up & let me know your thoughts on it!!

If you have already been lucky enough it to read it what did you think??

Chat soon my friends x 

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