Thursday 10 March 2016

Midweek Motivation || Humble in Victory & Defeat!

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Another weekly installment of motivation for you!! This is week is once again inspired by the Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor. I have one other post previously inspired by him which you can read by clicking here - Midweek Motivation || Winners focus on Winning!

I was first introduced to Conor McGregor & the world of UFC about a year ago now & in that time I have learned at lot about him & that world. I have said it before & I will say it again I have no interest in ever joining that world.... Please I would last 2 seconds... But I find him & the way he thinks fascinating. He is determind, motivated & hard working. What he has managed to do in a year is nothing short of magical. He has managed to put both Ireland & UFC on the map. So much so I among millions of others are staying up until 5/6 am to watch the fights. 

He is 27 with more motivation & business intelligence than I have seen in a while! For all his so called sh*t talking (which I admit he does well) He gets results, takes risks & backs up everything he says!

The reason I am talking about him once again is because on the 5th March we saw a different side to the ultimate fighter. In his fight at the Welter Weight division against Nate Diaz he was defeated for the first time in his UFC career. Now the fact he even took the fight in the first place was a risk. If you have any interest in the sport you will know he was originally supposed to be fight Rafael Dos Anjos for the Lightweight belt. Dos Anjos pulled out with 2 weeks notice leaving them to find a new opponent. Nate Diaz stepped up but it meant in 11 days McGregor had to up his weight to 170 pounds for the fight (which he did) 

Anyway in round 2 he was defeated with a choke hold. Congrats to Diaz but this was gutting for McGregor fans such as myself. In the Post-Fight Press Conference Conor said "I am Humble in Victory & Defeat" I think this is an inspirational & important quote we could all live by.

Everyone starts somewhere & everybody is always learning. Stay humble & true to yourself at all times! Will not always win..... but you will not always lose, not if you work hard enough. Be good to those when you win & they will be good to you when you lose! 

You are never too good or better than anyone! Be the best you can be, thats all you can do!

Thats my slice of motivation for you today! & as for McGregor I will always be a fan win or lose #teammcgregor #fightingirish 


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