Wednesday 5 August 2015

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Hello Everyone,

Its time for another installment of Midweek Motivation!

Today I want to talk about confidence and how it is linked into our appearance and the way we conduct ourselves. I remember in the past having this conversation with a friend and she was trying to tell me that the way we portray ourselves to world has an actual impact on our lives. At this moment in time in my life I was on the opposing side of view. This is not to say that I dressed like a complete slob, scary or completely unapproachable but my view was if people are good and worth being in your life then they will be in life whether you dress and look like a runway model or not. 

Dont get me wrong I am still of this view, for the most part anyway but I now see and understand the other side of it too. The people who are in life already should already not care what you look like as long as you are healthy & happy but its the world around you that you are speaking to with your appearance. The people you don't know that also will somehow affect you life.. possibly anyway. 

Why should we care about what strangers think about us??

To this question my answer is We shouldn't really... well not the point where we are wondering what every person who looks in our direction is thinking about our outfit choice or whether our hair is perfect.. If we did that most of us would never leave the house. However there are some legitimate arguments for why we should care... 

  • As sad as is it the first way everybody judges a person is on their appearance. Its your first impression and it forms within seconds. This is not to say that this opinion cant be changed or will even be so dramatic that it will have a massive affect on whether someone else approaches you or not but it can. It can be super important though... for example Interviews for lets say college or a job... acquiring loans or bank meetings.. or a night out... for meeting the ONE... yeah it hasnt worked for me yet but people ultimately want to meet, work with & be friends with someone approachable and looks reliable and well put together.
  • Another and probably the most important point is the confidence that the feeling you are looking good can give you. Without meaning to or even knowing you are doing it you walk taller, smiling more and you look more confident! You have a new energy that you project out into the world. I mean everybody knows that new hair feeling am I right??

I mean most people will always make more of an effort for someone else for example family dinner, night out with friends, boyfriend, work.... well I say why not just do it for YOU!! Dress up for your life! Why wait for an important night out or for a new love to walk into your life to dress up and feel good about yourself!?

Life is so short & you only get one! So dress up everyday and make it count! (Dont get me wrong everyone loves a good no make up day! but my point stop waiting for a reason to dress up nice and feel good about yourself)

Dress Up For Your Life!

Where do stand on this concept!?
Whats you opinion??

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