Monday 16 November 2015

A world at war....

Hello Friends,

As a general rule I never watch the news, not because I want to be ignorant or oblivious to the world around me. Its actually the opposite. I found I was actually getting too involved in it. I found myself worrying about all these things that had no impact on my actual life apart from empathy for other peoples situations. I would worry about things like the ebola crisis.. watching for new reports and updates... lay awake thinking about all those poor people in war torn countries. It would put me in such a down mood and make me anxious. I realised this had to stop! So I stopped watching the news! I figured if something significant happened I would hear about it through friends, radio randomly on, Magazines or any of my social media. It worked! I stopped lying awake at night thinking about situations that had no real impact on my life and Scared me into an anxiety attack. I know it sounds harsh like I dont care about the rest of the world. I really do... thats a lot of the problem. Nothing is more frustrating then thinking about a situation that you cant fix!!     

Recently however the news has been harder and harder to avoid the news! Where I work they have taken to having SKY news on the in the back round on the TV and it is always about destruction and devastation! Regardless with or without the TV on I would have heard about the horrific events that took place on Friday the 13th in Paris. Truly heart breaking imagery! My thoughts go out the poor people involved! 

What are we doing to ourselves! Why do we insist on hurting and killing each other!? Money, Power, Politics, Religion... none of these seem like good enough reasons for any of the catastrophic events that have taken place in the last couple hundred of years!!

I was talking to dad about this and I realised something. The world is always at war, always has been. Maybe not the scale of world war but every country has an army for a reason whether they are in war or not they are always prepared... Every war, civil or worldwide is always generally the same one country wants something and the other is defending themselves and all the poor civilians get caught in the cross fire... collateral damage. Its sad really.

It does seem to look like a new sweep of terrorism is taking place.. Its  terrifying to watch and read about. Them main difference seems to be is that terrorism is not the result of people looking for money, oil or to take over a country, It is simply there for the love of chaos and destruction. A body count. I have found that I have gone back to constantly checking for updates in the news. I feel anxious and stressed. 

Sometimes I just look at the Tv screen and think what is it all for? What would our world be like if we worked together and not tried to kill each other off? Share our vast wealth and knowledge with each other. I know its an idealistic dream world but I think it could be pretty incredible. 

I think the most important thing we can do is to continue living our lives as normal, the best way we know how! Dont let fear and propaganda take over. Terrorists can attack and take away or feeling of safety but the can not take away our freedom. They can not control our reactions! Yes we are going to be afraid, emotional, empathetic but we are not going to hide in fear of going out..
Life is tough enough sometimes even without the fear of bombs and attack. We are all fighting out own personal war. I think all we can do is try and be nice in our own lives. Even small things, acts of kindness. Unfortunately the world will never be at peace and that is just the way it is but we all have a choice. Be the best person you can be. Treat people with kindness and respect... You never know you might unknowingly help them win their own personal war and create a lifetime of peace time..

My thoughts and heart go out to the victims of the Paris attacks. Such a tragedy.  

Be well & stay safe my friends,

Lots of Love,

Thank You For Reading 

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