Thursday 12 May 2016

Midweek Motivation || Whats meant to be wont pass you by!

Hello There Everyone!!

Hands up now! Whos heard this saying before? I have, but I never really thought about it until recently. Anyone who knows me will know that I am not very religious but I am a big believer in the universe & energy. 

Lately I have been feeling a bit off balance & a bit out of whack to be honest. I was beginning to doubt my decision to pack up & move my life. My anxiety has been playing up a bit & I was close to running home again!

However after taking a breather I decided to look back at all the reasons I decided to come here in the first place, look at all the things I love about the place & remember the goals I had for being down here. Funny thing is when I thought back I remembered how random it was that the opportunity even came up, how everything had fallen into place at the time for this all to happen & I remembered this saying "Whats meant to be wont pass you by!" I cant help but feel this is true. I feel like I was meant to come down here. I was meant to meet these people and discover this part of the world.

The reason I wanted to talk about this today is because I am sure that I cant be the one person in the world that is second guessing a decision that they have made or maybe feeling a bit homesick? So I thought I would share what helped me. My advice would be, first of all get a good nights sleep (It really clears the mind) Then go somewhere you feel calm (this could even be your bedroom) Then think of all the reasons you made the decision in the first place - Are all the reasons still valid?? Then think about all the benefits of the decision you have made or all the things you like about it. After you should have a much clearer view of where you think you are headed or if its time to make a new decision for your own best interest. Ive said it before & I will say it again! You only have one life!! Dont waste it being miserable! Do whats best for you & enjoy it to the max!

I hope this may have help one of you!! Please, If you have any tips yourself share them with us in the comment section below!!

Chat Soon x

Thank You For Reading

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