Wednesday 22 June 2016

Midweek Motivation || When It rains It Pours....


Why is it everything always seems to come at once!? Bills, deadlines, random issues, personal issues, weddings or events that are going to cost you a bomb! At the moment Im dealing with a raining/pouring situation!  

The reason I want to talk about this today is because, once again I am sure I am not the only one in this situation! It can get a bit over whelming & hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However we must train ourselves to think differently about our situation for many reasons - 
  1. While we are wishing for it all to be over we are also wishing our life, away without realising it. We are never going to be this age or have this time ever again!
  2. Because we become so focused on the things we have to fix (Yes they are important & do need attention) we are missing out on all the great things that are happening at the same time!! We are forgetting to appreciate people, places & the general good things happening in each of our lives.
  3. Stress is not good for anyone! & if you anything like me your anxiety will sky rocket!! This can not only take its toll on you mentally but also physically too!! (I have a knot in my back that I CANNOT get rid of!)

Here are a few tips I have for dealing with times like this

  • Dedicate a certain amount of time to go through all the problems you are currently having. Write out a list of things you need to fix, do or organise & then write down any solutions or plans of action to resolve them.
  • Apart from this time try not to think about it unless you can do something about it. Easier said than done I agree but the less you over think about it the more likely things will naturally just happen and every now & then they will actually fall in your favour! 
  • If some thing seems unachievable then set small goals & before you know it that main goal you had in the beginning will suddenly be much more achievable.
  • Take down time for you. Do something that makes you happy or relaxed even if its just for half an hour! You will feel a little more refreshed and much better after it (For me one of these things is writing)
  • Try & get sleep. Your body, mind & soul repair themselves at night! When times are stressful you need all the help you can get so dont skimp on the sleep. It will help you cope with stress & important decision making & organisation skills during the day!
  • Eat well! Again easier said than done but the better the fuel the better the performance!
  • Stop comparing your life! We live in a social media world which means we all fall victim to the green eyed monster! We are especially vulnerable when things in our own lives may not be going so well. This is not at time to feel sad & jealous, this is a time to feel motivated & inspired by these people!!    
  • Realise that most things in life are not life and death therefore, like everything else this will too pass and more than likely in a few months time you wont even remember this!
  • Take a moment and think about all that you do have and all that you are grateful for. If you do this I guarentee you will feel a hell of a lot better.
  • Think about your problems with a positive spin - Trust me! For example 
  1. Car Problems? - I have a car
  2. Work problems? - I have a job
  3. Friend problems? - They love me really, I love them too... this will be resolved! I also learn how I really feel about them! 
  4. Money Problems? - Learn how to save & find more creative ways to spend time & have fun!
  5. Did something stupid? - I leaned a valuable lesson not to be repeated! 
  • It sounds harsh but majority of the time someone else has it worse off than - you try not to forget that!! 
  • Finally as hard as it seems just keep swimming! Keep working your way towards whatever it is - moving slowly is 100 times better than not moving at all!!

I feel like there comes points in our life where we have to stop take a look around and go right it may take some time but I can do this!! I cant leave whatever this is get the better of me!! It can and will be fixed!! Cliche as it is life is a journey & from all our experiences both good & bad we grow!! Keep fighting, hustling, moving & swimming and soon you will feel like you are #winningatlife. Will it be easy? No but the best things in life never are & IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!

Bye bye my lovelies!!!
Loves you all x
Chat soon x


   Thank You For Reading

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