Wednesday 13 July 2016

Midweek Motivation || Look for the moments of wonder & happiness!

Hey there everybody!

Today I want to talk about looking for the moments of wonder in our lives. Life is stressful, end of! Unfortunately everyone deals with stress and everybody has their story. This is not necessarily a bad a thing as it makes you who you are! However whether you have been quite fortunate in life or not we all experience the daily struggles in life.

Life is not always stressful. Its not all doom & gloom. I think people need to focus on this alot more than the former. How would you know what great experiences were if you didn't experience the not so good times? I believe completely in living the best and happiest life you can. You only get one! remember that! You cannot always be in control of the cards you are dealt but you are in control of you reaction to them! 

Dont let stress of daily life consume you. If you really think about it, we as race, created this world we live & have created majority of the stress of lives. We have created this lifestyle which means something always needs to be done. Life isnt meant to be this way! 

Everyone is so caught up in their own lives on a day to day basis they forget to look at the bigger picture. Your live is over in the blink of an eye. Soon you will be long gone, as will your children & grandchildren. Im looking at this in perspective of how long the earth has existed. Sooner than you think the bills wont exist, the day to day struggles will have been passed on to the next generation. For me this seems bleak. 

I want to pass on to them all the wondrous things this world & lifetime has to offer! Nature, people, culture, music, experiences! I want to tell my children & grandchildren of all the amazing things in the world & amazing stories, not how many bills I've paid! 

I am in noway saying you should go f*!k it and through all responsibility to the side, just try to make sure to the best of your ability that the good times out weigh the stress & most importantly unnecessary stress. As an anxious person believe me when I say, sometimes this is easier said than done, but it can be done!!            

When we start to think about all the things we dont have, stop! & start to think about all the things we do have! Appreciate the people in your live who enhance it. Plan fun things to do & have something to look forward to. Be open to new people, new experiences, new ideas. Spend quality time with yourself. Pursue your interests..... you only get one life!! 

Sometimes I think the best way of looking at the world is through the eyes of a child. They are unaware (or should be) of how harsh and cold the world can be as an adult. They dont worry about work, bills, dating, appointments, drama, feuds, backstabbing, banking crisis, terrorists, wars, poverty or the horrible  crimes we are bombarded with on social media. They are innocent and see the world the way it was intended. Magical, fun & look upon it full of wonder. 

Im not saying we should be oblivious but mark my words, try and do this more often & you will see the world in a whole new light! This planet really is beautiful and we really need to stop taking it & our lives for granted!!  

Thank You for Reading

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