Monday 29 August 2016

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Hey Friends,

So its been a minute! Yesterday I published a little catch up post on where I have been the past couple of months, so if you would like to check that out you can just click here -> Life Update || Where have I been & where am I going!?

Anywhooo Today I would like to do a little post re-evaluating all the goals & resolutions I set myself all the way back in January (Seems simultaneously like Yesterday & forever ago! Weird huh?). In doing this I can see how far I have come and also how much I have yet to do!! If you want to read the original post from January 2016 you can click here -> 2016 - Goals & Resolutions

I saw a similar post recently & remembered my goals & resolutions that I had set out for myself. It seems crazy to think of how much has actually changed in the past year! It actually blows my mind a little bit to think about it! Anyway enough with the rambling, lets jump right in!!-

YouTube & Blogging

Right so... In the beginning of the year I was really hitting my stride. I seemed to have a good schedule & routine, both working & blogging full-time... however this all changed around march when I moved three and half hours away to a completely new home, job & just general way of life. This threw my whole routine out the window!! Now I did still post but not as regularly as I had in the past. I was just trying to figure out my new life to be honest.....#badblogger! Most recently I have not had the time, energy or focus to put into my little blogs is because I am currently working towards a greater purpose... which is to do blogging full-time. Nothing excites & terrifies me more than the thought of going it alone and getting to put 100% of my time and energy into my passion!

Another thing I mentioned that I wanted to do in this category was to write a post every month on all the wonderful things that happened in that month! This is a concept that I love & although I seem to only manage to post them every 2 months rather than every month (June & July will be up next monday!) I still love doing them! Also the great thing about them is that I get to look back over the months & see all the great things that happened over the year. Its kind of like a little happiness online journal for me!!       

Plan something to look forward to each month

Now I cant say I have been keeping track to be honest but I think subconsciously I have been doing this because honestly I have had one of the best summers I have ever had. Sure I have had some not so great days & drama here and there... who hasnt? But all in all its been a fantastic summer & one I will not forget in a hurry!!

Find a nice place to live

I have to admit I did this accidentally.. I currently live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (without a shadow of a doubt) & although I will be leaving here soon it will definitely not be for long! I will be back!! However I do not live in my ideal house or in the ideal way I want to live, that is without roomates (absolutely no disrespect to them) & with a dog. That will all happen in time to come no doubt but the area I have moved to and the community I now live in #love! 

Getting healthier

Food wise in general I have been eating healthier & I have been really enjoying it. However exercise wise I really haven't been doing much at all or taking advantage or the beautiful surroundings I currently live in. Maybe I could start some fitness class in the winter when I get back to the city!?


Oh its never ending really isnt it? I mean I feel like I sort one thing out and then an avalanche of new stuff just pops out of nowhere and goes "Oh Hey!, There you are! I have been waiting for you!?" hmmfh! But alas we must keep going, keep on struggling! We will get there! I think in the past year so far I have been doing ok but definitely need to up my game in certain areas (Blogging for example... #monkeycoveringfaceemoji I will persevere however & slowly but surely I will get there #nevergiveup

Getting my car sorted

Success!! Woop Woop!! I now have my little (very little) baby parked outside ready to tend to all my driving and motoring needs. Cost me a fortune if Im honest between purchasing the car, tax, insurance, petrol, new tyres & all other maintenance that has to be carried out but I have to say... It IS worth it. There is nothing like having the freedom of your own car, being able to travel at your own leisure. I wish they were less expensive but I definitely think they are worth the investment (although I suppose this is dependent on your own lifestyle needs) 

So there you have my August 2016 update report on my goals & resolutions from January 2016!! 

Leave me a comment down below & let me know any updates on your 2016 goals & resolutions! I would love to hear how you are getting on!!

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