Wednesday 26 April 2017

Slaying it 2017 - Healthly Living Series || The B12 Complex

Hey Friends, 

Today I wanted to you about something that I have only learned about recently. I happened to learn about it accidentally from a new colleague in work. That is all about the vitamin B12. Now before you roll your eyes & click the little x in the corner, stay a minute & hear me out. 

When this colleague started to tell me all the terrible side effects from a B12 deficiency I have to admit I, myself was internally thinking.... "please" while internally eye rolling. However the more he told me about it the more I realised I had alot of the symptoms of a deficiency.

From what I have learned recently I can tell you that the vitamin B12 is essential for your mental & psychological well being. Symptoms include feeling overly tired & fatigue even if you have slept for 8 hours (psychological tireness, not I haven't slept in 3 nights tiredness) Feelings of anxiety, inability to cope. In extreame cases it can lead psychotic episodes and Alzheimer effects. Wierd sensations like pins & needles, sluggesh & feelings of weakness, bouts of dizziness,  Obviously I am not a doctor therefore I am in noway capable in diagnosing anything or anybody. However I think its crazy that more people don't know about this. If you want to know more google will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

Just think the simple act of taking a vitimin supplement everyday can save us from disastrous effects. I have now been taking a Vitamin B complex tablet everyday. Its not a very expensive or fancy type. Its the Activ-Max from Tesco (like I said I was sceptical & unwilling to fork out a lot of money for it). However I have the wierdest thing to report which is why I am sharing it with you. I forgot to take it for 2 days & I really felt the difference. I was so much more tired & slugesh. I can't guarantee it was all due to the lack of vitamin tablet however I have noticed I don't feel as off when I have taken it on a daily basis. I will finish out this bottle & then I will wander in to one of those healthy places & pick up a fancy one maybe but right now this seems to be doing the job.

This whole experience has made me realise how important vitamins and minerals are to our bodies. We seem to forget that we are animals at the end of the day. We are just evolved enough to make all the decisions when it comes to our bodies. All other living things on the planet instinctively fuel themselves with what their body requires, humans however are not as in touch with their instinctive roots. Apart from breathing humans pretty much make a choice on everything they consume, I mean some people even decide not to drink water!! A basic necessity for life!! Then they get sick and run to the doctor for man made chemicals to cure them. I'm not saying this is not always necessary but this post alone proves that for the sake of taking a vitamin tablet you could prevent some extreame illnesses like psychotic episodes & Alzheimers. 

One of my missions this year was to be more healthy and food wise I think I am starting to accomplish this. However now I am going to include learning more about vitamins and minerals. I don't see why we should use modern medicine for cure when we can use natural means, that this wonderful world provides for prevention instead.

So please if I can ask anything of this post, please do your research see if any of it applies to you. Get yourself a bottle of vitamin tablets & see if it has any effect. You can ask your doctor to test you for it if you want to be sure of whether or not you have any deficiencies & please read the label to make sure you are not heading for the other extreame and over doing it on vitamin & mineral supplements. Finally lets spread the word. Lets see if we can help improve lives & prevent a lot of pain and suffering just by recommending a vitamin!!           

I have decided to start a whole "healthy living series" Where we can learn all about vitamins & minerals together!      

If you decide to take any of this on board or have any stories to share please leave a comment down below. Lets all help each other out!!

Chat soon x

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