Monday 8 January 2018

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Hey Friends,

New year, new start with all those new goals and resolutions. I have been thinking quite carefully about these. I have decided to do a separate post on all my blogging goals and resolutions for 2018 and just focusing on life ones for this post.

If you missed my last post where I re-capped on how my goals & resolutions for 2017, you can check it out here - Review of goals & resolutions 2017!

My goals this year are going to be inter- connected and be more focused. They are going to be focused around 3 main areas, minimalism / home life, finances & travelling.

Home life

In 2017 I discovered the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up - Marie Kondo Book Review & the whole concept of minimalism. The thought of only keeping things in your life that you truly love and adds value to your life is one that really appeals to me. I intend on doing more of this in 2018. Really taking stock of all my possessions and everything else that has a place in my life and only keeping things that bring joy or have a purpose. With moving so much this has not been really possible yet. Unfortunately myself and my partner are part of the high statistic of 20-35 year olds that have had to move in with the parents due to the housing crisis. This is due to change in up-coming months as we are focused and committed to finding a place of our own again but until that happens unfortunately it will be hard to design the living space I desire. We are eternally grateful for all the support and love we have received from my parents but theres nothing quite  like your own home, is there.

When we move again in a few months I am going to take it as an opportunity to go through everything I own and figure out what to get rid of (by "get rid" I mean throw away anything broken, and donate or sell anything in good condition that might be of some use or joy to somebody else). That way we can start our lives in our new home completely fresh. 

I also want to be more intentionally with what I bring into both my home and my life. Hopefully no more mindless shopping, which might hurt my haul posts a little bit but hopefully you will enjoy my posts about this journey just as much. 


This is continued on from 2017. I am nowhere near paying off all my debt but I am not giving up. In 2017 I learned a lot about budgeting and handling finances from financial gurus like Dave Ramsey and financial Youtubers too. (I might do a post soon on my favourite Budget Youtubers and Bloggers. I wasn't successful every month on my budget and I made a lot of mistakes but I also learned from those mistakes and thats the most important thing. Sometimes it's not easy, life gets in the way but if you have faith & power through it will all come right in the end. I am very lucky as I have a very supportive partner that I feel comfortable discussing our finances with. This is extreamly important if trying stick to a budget when you are in a committed relationship. You need to be a team. This year I have spent time creating saving goals and debt repayment goals to hopefully be in a much better position by this time next year.


My partner and I have set travel goals as well for this year. Although we are not completely clear on where we will be both jobwise and location wise in the next couple of months we have set out a plan from where we are now. If our circumstances change our plans will have to change too to accommodate this but as of now we do have plans to see more of the world in 2018. My family have been really sweet too. My sister surprised me with a little travel diary book so I can record my adventures and my brother gifted my the Instax Mini camera so I can document them. When I see these they make me more motivated to get my ass up and have a wander around the world.

So these are my main personal goals for 2018 and to be honest I'm quite excited about using the year to create a happy, exciting and more stable life for myself and the people around me. Don't worry I will of course be taking all you guys with me on the journey so you will get to see exactly how we are getting on & of course be a part of it too.  Please let me know in the comments any of your goals or resolutions for the new year as I would love to hear them. I would also be very interested if you guys have any tips of tricks that might help me to achieve mine this year!!

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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