Monday 15 January 2018

Monday Motivation || The art of visualization

Hey friends,

So for years now I have been doing #mid-weekmotivation this year however I have decided to change it up to keep in line with new routine I have created for myself. So for the foreseeable future all the motivational posts will be coming to you on a Monday! I kind of like that it will be on a Monday, like I've said before usually when I write these posts I start to feel motivated for life myself.I can't think of a better time for motivation than on a Monday!

Today I want to talk to you all about visualization. I firmly believe visualization is a powerful thing. I remember about this time last year life wasn't looking as that rosy for me & to be quite honest with you I was in a pretty bad place January 2017. I had lost a lot in a short space of time & it took a long time to recover. However one thing I do remember is that as I was feeling a bit better I started thinking about and picturing what I wanted life to look like. I started visualizing my future. It wasn't on purpose, it was daydreaming. However when I look back on it now I realize a lot of what I daydreamed came through. I imagined a beautiful apartment, my own little place, with a beautiful view. I imagined what way I wanted my life to be... job, friends, family & good relationship. The funny thing is that's exactly what I got. 

When I look back on 2017 it was a very divided year for me. The first couple of months were brutal but the latter half of the year was amazing. The thing about visualization it gives you a plan without really realising it. It gives you a clear view of where you want to be. That means when things come up you will naturally gravitate and work in the direction of what you want. Whether you are actively seeking it out or not you are subconsciously guiding yourself in the path of where you want to be in life.

Many people like to do vision boards and things like that. I have yet to venture into this activity but I'm 100% pro visualisation! Believe me you might just think you are daydreaming (like me) but when you start to see those dreams come to life its such an amazing feeling. You honestly look around and think "I am the luckiest person in the world". No word of a lie almost everyday I used to look around see my beautiful apartment, easy & relaxed lifestyle, my wonderful family & friends, my amazing boyfriend and think wow I am so lucky. This was something I was only dreaming about when times were tough and here I was! Literally living my day dream. 

The reason this whole topic came into my head is because I was sitting down looking out my window feeling a bit lost. I was thinking about the previous year, our apartment & the life we had. We decided to move back to the city in Sept for many reasons & I think we had a different idea of the way it would go. Although there are many reasons I'm glad I came back, as soon as my college course is over we are going to go back (well that's the plan at the moment). That's the thing you see, everything is messy, undecided, uncertain & me being and anxious person, it doesn't sit well with me. Anyway that reminded me of how I used too daydream & I realised most of it came true! So I have started doing it again (which is much harder in uncertain times) but I like to think "Where am I happiest?" "What life do I want?" "What do I want to do?" After a while you will start to get a clearer or picture of where you want to be & if you have a afternoon to get creative then why not create a vision board. You an include all your wants & desires for the future. If you need inspiration there are loads of videos of how to create them on Youtube.

Also I think if you can visualise it then you are more motivated if you are actively working towards it. For example with college I'm visualising graduating & I definitely makes me work harder & want it more. 

Anxiety & sometimes just general life can make you think of all the bad things but if change your focus to positive visualisation not only will you feeling better but it will put you in the right frame of mind for life. At the moment I try to visualise which direction I want my life to head in. It really makes me motivated to get out there and grab opportunities along the way.

Remember YOU GOT THIS. I was in one of the worst places of my life this time last year and it was only getting worse. A few months later my life had completely changed and I was living my daydream. Times may have changed again & they are a little uncertain but I'm going to keep daydreaming & follow the path to them once more. 

Chat soon x

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