Tuesday 9 December 2014

My Top 10 Christmas Songs!


Today I thought I would do a little festive post on my Top 10 Christmas songs. 
A lot of people like to complain about Christmas songs and to be honest somewhere around the week after Christmas and the start of January I tend to have my fill but right now I am loving them so I thought why not do a little post telling you about the songs I would miss if they were not around. I would also like to add that I am not including Christmas carols in the this just songs. I will be adding links next to all the songs so you can give them a listen and get in the holiday mood!!

Winter Wonderland - Bing Crosby

This possibly my favourite song. Most likely because I grew up with it. My favourite version is the Bing Crosby Version. Michael Buble also does a great version too. To be honest though Mr Buble does great versions of all the Christmas classics. He is own of my favourite artists to listen to at Christmas - Bing Crosby Version     Michael Buble Version


Jingle Bell Rock -Bobby Helms

I think this is most associated with Mean Girls. Well Its what comes to my mind anyway! but regardless I love this song! Bobby Helms Version         Mean Girls 

White Christmas - Bing Crosby

Again we are back to Mr Crosby, This is another classic and Christmas wouldnt be the same without it!! - Bing Crosby Version

Baby Its Cold Outside - Margaret Whiting &Johnny Mercer

Another oldy but a goody. This song is so easy to sing along with. Again I do love the version Michael Buble version with Idina Menzel  - Margaret & Johnny Version    Idina & Michael Version

All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey 

A Christmas must have when It comes to songs at this time of the year. I know she is not the original artist but I think to be honest she is the only one associated with this song! Mariah Carey Version

When a Child is Born - Johnny Mathis

This isnt as upbeat as the others but I think its beautiful. This is also another one I remember hearing as a child around this time as it is one of my mothers favourites!! Johnny Mathis Version 

Mistletoe & Wine - Cliff Richard

Just wouldnt be right to have a Top 10 favourite Christmas songs and not include Sir Cliff Richard. - Cliff Richard Version

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

Can anyone remember an Christmas where they did hear this song? No... therefore it must be included and this song has the ability to make you happy and more excited for Christmas.. Dont Believe me?? Just click here and check it out for yourself - Wizzard Version 

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams

This is another one that lifts you up and bring you back to your childhood. What could be better Christmas should be filled with childlike wonderment and the feeling that anything (even Miracles) can happen!! - Andy Williams Version   

FairyTale of New York - The Pogues

A tad unconventional maybe , but I honestly love hearing this song at Christmas. Maybe Its just an Irish thing I dont know.  It has grown on me to become what is now one of my favourites!! 

I hope you enjoyed my little holiday post!! Of course there are so many more song that I love but these were my Top 10 that came to mind.

What are your favourite songs??


Thank You For Reading

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