Wednesday 26 November 2014

Stay Calm ..... and enjoy the holidays!

Hello Everyone,

So the Holiday season is NEARLY upon us and I stress nearly as it is still November. Somehow this year however the world has seemed to gone into Christmas over-drive. It went from Halloween straight into Christmas without anyone so much as batting an eyelash. I cant say I am completely put out by this as I absolutely love this time of year but I do think It was a bit quick even for me! 

The holiday season can be the best time of the year, Family, Friends, Food and Festive Fun! However it can also be extremely stressful. As a youngster I never got stressed over Christmas, everything just happened and fell into place. I could never understand why my parents or adults around me were stressed. Now as I get older I realise Nothing JUST HAPPENS! and someone is always there to make it happen! This can cause a lot of stress  and as I suffer from anxiety it can take a bit of a toll on me mentally. In order to not lose the run of myself and hide until this festive period is over I have come up with someways to combat and prevent unnecessary things that may cause stress and anxiety. 

I would like to add as a little disclaimer this is only what I have found that has worked for me and may not work for you, everyone is individual and unique and stress and anxieties will vary from person to person. However if you would like to know what helps me then carry on reading and hopefully there may be something that might help you!     

Getting Organised

If I feel like I'm somewhat organised then I automatically feel better. I am a list writer. I love my laptop and my Iphone but honestly for me you just cant beat pen and paper! I love notebooks and stationary and my homemade planner (which I may do a post on how I created it some day if you are interested) I like to organise my Finances, Holiday Plans, Blogging and Videos, Gift Ideas, and anything else I need to sort out for the holiday season. This helps me feel like I have a little more control and I am on the right track.

Blogging (or another hobby)

Believe it or not blogging relaxes me. Yes as anyone who blogs will know that blogging is very time consuming. but I get an hour or too to chat to you guys and talk about my life hah. which I'm not sure If many appreciate this but I have not had any complaints so I'm taking it as a vague yes haha. but really I love blogging and I actually feel much less stressed after I've spent an hour or so just me and my laptop writing a blog post or too. 

Me Time

Which leads me nicely into my next point - Me Time. Around this time of year it is so easy to get caught up in all the commotion and sometimes you just need a time out to recharge those batteries. This could be a coffee by yourself with a magazine, curling up with a good book, a bath, a nap, baking cupcakes/ cookies, even painting your nails while watching Disney movie in a onesie. Having me time is important or else you can start to feel a bit overwhelmed by the pandemonium of Christmas.

Avoid Caffeine 

When I'm feeling anxious I try to avoid caffeine. I love my coffee but if my nerves are on edge the last thing I need to do is through a large Caramel Latte at them. Instead I have Green tea or Camomile tea or Hot Chocolate (yes I am aware there is caffeine in chocolate but its not as strong and hot chocolate always seems to make people feel calmer)


The gym is a good way to release stress. You can actually get away from Christmas for a while and sweat out any anxiety you may have. Put that high heart rate to good use. After I can guarentee you will feel calmer, happier and tired but a lot more in control of yourself. Anxiety more often then not stems from a feeling of a loss of control and when you push your body to the limit you get the feeling of being back in control... of your body at least and it is a healthy way of doing it (as long as its done right) plus the endorphin release is always a good side effect! I have done a few posts on gym and fitness now if you would like to check them out just click here Link

Think It Through

Christmas is probably the worst time of year for putting pressure on ourselves. We think things like "I have to put up my decorations, So n so have had their tree up for a week now!" "What gift am I going to get them!?" "Did I get them enough?" "Have I forgotten someone?" "Must order the turkey!?"  "What am I going to wear for xmas events!? I must buy a dress, shoes, makeup! Can I really afford it!?" We need to take a deep breath and think logically! Do we NEED a new dress? Is your world goign to come crumbling down if you have to wait another day to decorate your house? Is your friend/family memeber going to hate you if you spent less on their gift then they spent on you? will they know the difference?? When you get a tizz STOP! Take a deep breath and count 3 and think the most logical way you can and then you feel so much better in seconds!        

These are just 6 ways that help me to relax all year round in general but I think the daily stresses are kicked in to overdrive around this time of year, what with keeping up with Jones and trying to make each Christmas better than the last. It also doesn't help that advertising and social media seem to be making their mission to make people feel this way. Basically saying you need this product in your life or your Christmas will suck, or if your Christmas doesn't look like this then clearly your doing it wrong! Just remember Christmas is what you make it! spend it with them people who mean the most to you! Eat, Drink, Laugh and be Merry and a stop giving a F*** what other people are doing? Enjoy the company and the atmosphere and it will be one of the best Christmases you ever had.           

Leave a comment and tell me what you like to do to relax around this time!

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