Wednesday 5 November 2014

Gym Class Virgin!!

Hey Hey,

Ah The gym....such an intimidating place! I have been to the gym before. I used to go in college, I found that getting on a treadmill for an hour was a good way to relieve any stresses I had. Just hop on and run it out! I still recommend that to anyone, like all the adds say boasts serotonin levels, higher levels of endorphins blah blah... all I knew was I was too tired to care about much afterwards (although I did feel a little bit more refreshed). 

As a child I wanted to do everything. I was one of those children that got an idea into their head and subsequently gave it up soon after modern dance, ballet, karate, Irish dancing, drama classes, art classes, swimming classes, french lessons, horse riding..... the list goes on and on..... Jack of all trades master of none haha. Just the way I'm programmed I want try everything once (obviously within reason!) 

In the past I have tried a couple of classes like Areobics (so much fun) and Boot Camp (lasted 2 days).... so I suppose im not a complete virgin, but I dont count them as they were in college so I knew the other people or most them anyway! This is a real life grown up gym hah....... much more intimidating!!

My friend and I have decided to get healthy (well Healthier atleast). We have both been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and just life in general so we have decided to try spinning this thursday night and yoga next monday. 

The spinning takes place in a womens only gym (a little bit sexist but ill allow it haha). To be honest it seems less intimidating when your not looking at the hottie across the way, losing your focus so your not listening to the instructor or feeling so self conscious you are not willing to push yourself incase you look stupid.....

The yoga is my biggest worry. This is not female only and it gets worse it is taking place where I work. The Place where I work has decided to hold a yoga class for staff. As soon as I heard I was excited telling my friend "we have to go" It would be perfect for relieving stress, all zen and namaste....blah blah blah... Soon after I realised male colleagues had them same idea...hmmmm...
Now its intimidating... weird positions with work collegues and friends. Its going to be like school all over again... Linda stop talking/laughing. 

Oh well lets give it a go I suppose. How bad could it be right?? 

My friend and I are going to go gym shopping thursday so even if it all goes wrong at the very least I will look the part. Got to go Ladies and google what to wear to spinning and yoga classes haha...

will keep you updated!!



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