Tuesday 25 November 2014

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

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So In the past week I have been feeling very Christmassy already. Which is unlike me. I love the festive season but usually will not allow myself to indulge until the 1st of December. However somehow Christmas has seemed to have creeped onto my radar a little early this year and this has prompted me to write this blog post.

We all have certain holiday traditions and as much as some of us like to complain about them "oh I'm sick of the music" The lights give me a headache" The crowds"..... but I ask you would it really feel like Christmas without them?

Here are 6 Things that I would notice were not there if they were missing from my Christmas time or that signal to me that the holidays are coming.     


Coca Cola Advert on TV
There are a many things that make it feel festive around this time of year but I always say its not Christmas until I see the Coca Cola Ad on TV.... for me this is getting harder and harder to spot as I dont really watch regular TV anymore. Because of my currently and seems to be increasingly busy lifestyle I always have my shows recorded on TV so I skip most adds or I watch shows on my laptop which dont have adds. Nonetheless Im am always on the hunt for it this time of year. There are others of course which I always love seeing such as The Guinness Add with the big gates, The Budweiser Add with the shire horses and The Cornflakes Add with the little girl and Santa "ho ho ho". But to ma none of them have managed to beat That giant lit up Arctic lorry........ hhuuummmm........Always Coca Cola. Check it out for yourself Link     


New Pjamas
It has become tradition in  my house to have new Pjs for Christmas Eve. This is something my mother started with us from a very young age and now it has become something that I simply must have! Christmas Eve without new Pjs?? Unthinkable! All snuggly and festive!! with wooly thick socks and Uggs..... Heaven. I will add that in recent times I have been quite partical to a onsie... attractive I know but Its Christmas! All rules get thrown out the window!      


RTE Late Late Toy Show
This is another important Christmas tradition! One of my earliest Christmas memories is of my parents allowing us to stay up late, with munchies and hot chocolate dressed in our Pjs and watching the Rte Toy show! I know some of my Irish readers will be able to relate to this! Now I know Im too old for a lot of the toys they are displaying but it doesnt take the fun, excitement or the feeling of Christmas out of it. This year due to work schedules our family will be unable to watch it when it goes live this friday so we have made a plan to record it and have family Toy Show night on Tuesday night instead. This is one tradition we are not willing to give up!


Am I the only one that as a young child was given Schloer as a replacement for alcohol?? I cant be! I remember the adults had their wine and we had our "wine". I am now well over the legal drinking age but I still like to have a glass of it at Christmas. It comes in many different varieties and I love them all. Check Them out for youself - Link. Whether you are of legal age or not you will not be disappointed! 


In recent years I have taken to having balieys around Christmas. throughout the rest of the year the only time I would really think about Baileys would be in food or in shots or cocktails but around but I wouldnt be something I would have very often however at Christmas I cant seem to get enough of it. Its such a festive drink, Creamy and Smooth with a little bit of a kick! I love Baileys hot chocolate or a Baileys coffee or just even Baileys on ice. Its my go to holiday liquor.   


Selection boxes
I dont care what people say you are NEVER too old for selection boxes!! They are an important holiday tradition but as you get older people stop giving them to you as gift as you are now too old. well let me tell you I am 24 and selection boxes still put the same smile on my face as they did when I was still playing with barbies or believed in Santa.   


Rte Guide
In this day and age there is no need for such old fashioned things like Tv Guides! Im pretty sure the newer generations dont even what they are or why we used to rely on them! The answer? because we had no idea what times shows were airing without them! I actually think that its kinda sad that I can actually use the phrase "Back in my day" at the ripe old age of 24!? Without going on a total tangent I do believe that anyone my generation were definitely born in the best one! we grew up with technology, we evolved as it did and I like to think that in my earlier years that I wanted a doll house and rocking horse for Christmas, not an Ipad and PS4 at the age of 4? crazy... Anyway thats another post... Back to the topic at hand... with Sky Digital and UPC having built in Tv guides there is no need to buy paper anymore but at Christmas time there is just so much going on we still buy the RTE Tv guide. Before it was out necessity as I also have a tradition of highlighting all the programmes or movies I definatelty dont want to miss. Now it is out of tradition I can plan the week or 2 ahead when it comes to movies and Tv shows and set them on to record.This much quicker than going through each day and each page on the virtual daily guide as we all know this can be a giant pain in the a**!

So there you have it! Just 6 of the things that let me know Christmas is coming! and I wouldnt change a thing (which I guess is the reason they have become traditions hah) Ahh Even just writing this post has made me more excited for Christmas! ....... The holidays are coming.....

Leave me a comment below, I would love to know what your favourite holiday traditions are?
Or if you have done a post like this send me a link and ill check it out!!

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