Thursday 6 November 2014

1st Gym Session

Hey Hey,

So yesterday my housemate and I took the leap. I was actually more nervous than I thought I would be. I was having all sorts of crazy thoughts like - Ill get lost, Ill look stupid, Am I wearing the right clothes...ugh I should have gone to sports shop and spent more hah....

All this disappeared soon after and I actually fit right in. We were unable to make the spin class because something came up and we were going to be late so we decided to go anyway and check out the regular gym instead. We decided to hit the gym first and then the swimming pool after for a bit of relaxation and gentle exercise.

Apart from filling out a few forms we didn't have any interaction with the staff. This was mostly our fault. we kinda just wanted to slip in under the radar and act like we had been there before haha. First we used the cross trainers and girl let me tell you that machine will make you feel the burn. After about 2 mins I started to feel it. I only put the intensity up to 5 but that was enough for a newbie like me! After 10 mins my legs were like jelly but still felt good. Next up (and lastly as we weren't being that adventurous this time) the treadmill. I love the treadmill as I just love to run!! As I've said before - your stressed, your angry, anxious then get that heart rate up and run it out. you'll feel much better afterwards. Well it works for me anyway.

Finally we tried the pool. As soon as I got in my first thought was.... I forgot how much I loved the water! So calming and you can workout without even thinking about it. Unfortunately what we didn't realise was that we had accidentally crashed a swimming class and didn't realise for a little longer than we would like to admit haha... yes we were in the wrong pool. oh well we did realise it eventually and hopped into the right one.

All and all it was a very good experience and I think it eased us into the whole world of gymming. we got to know the building and the vibe that they have in there.

keep posted for

  • How to stay organised and what to bring to the gym - (I definately forgot a few Items that I wish I hadn't hah.. Ill know better next time)
  • My First Yoga Class


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