Thursday 6 November 2014

Fitness Shopping!

Hey Girlies,

So today is the day the day! Time to venture inside the building that is the home of all the scary equipment and the producer of lean, fit bodies. Only one problem - the only gym gear I own I use as pajamas or lounging around the house (In fact I'm wearing my super comfy tracky pants right now as I write this) So you know what this calls for - Some workout retail therapy!

I really didn't want to spend that much on workout clothes as I'm new at this. The last thing I wanted to do was spend 40 euro on pants that I found I wasn't even going to wear that much or were not what I should have been actually wearing (god forbid). I decided Pennys/Primark would be my best bet.

As you can imagine trying to find workout wear at the beginning of November is not the easiest of tasks. It isn't exactly peak season for it. I think if I had waited until Jan - Apr (new years resolutions and all that) I would have had a much wider selection. However I was not deterred, I persevered and ended up picking a few items.

  • 2 pairs of form fitting, light, breathable pants
  • Crop top - to layer over tank tops
  • Runners, breathable fabric
  • Under-wire sports bra          

Total Spent 36 - Ready to Rock & Roll


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