Friday 21 November 2014

Ice Skating! Just a bit of fun or a quick way to A&E??

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would tell you about my experience this year at the ice skating rink that opens up every year for the holiday season.

The last time I was at this rink was 2 years ago unfortunately I never seemed to make my way over last year. Also as a young child my parents used to take myself and two younger siblings so I'm not a total newbie but as I have never had lessons and there has years between my trips I am also in noway shape or form an experienced or even an intermediate skater. 

My first thought on arriving was OH MY GOD I forgot how cold it was.... now it doesn't take a genius to work out that if there is ice it has to be cold but I definitely did not dress for the occasion. For some reason this had slightly slipped my mind. I thought I had dressed warm enough... I had not! Tip #1 for people considering going ice skating if you think its enough clothes... Its still probably not.

Unfortunately, however this is a catch 22 because as soon as you have been around the rink a few times you heat up and are unable to remove clothing (well I would think its frowned upon and there is nowhere to put your jacket) so now you are over heating. Tip #2 Try and persuade/trick a friend into joining who as no interest in skating, but they can watch on the sidelines. Then when you over heat you can give your jacket to them. Problem solved hah!

Tip #3 It is important to get the right size of skate! these can be uncomfortable and very sore if to tight (speaking from past experience My advice is to get whatever your normal shoe size or if your like me Im a size 5 and half .... awkward right. So I get a size 6 just to be sure. Dont get a whole size bigger as it can be dangerous if the skates are too loose!

On the Ice I was much more nervous then I thought I would be. I mean it didnt help that everyone I told I was going said "Dont break your leg" but still like I said its not my first time so I didnt expect the nerves. I do suffer from an anxiety disorder now and I guess I didnt when I was younger so that probably did come into play somewhat. Either way it was a shaky start! 

I think as a child you see the world through different eyes. you see the world in the moment and enjoy it for what it is. No fear. It is rare you hear a child say I cant fall I cant afford dental reconstruction or 6 weeks off work if I break my leg. I dont have enough savings to pay for medical treatments if I end up in A&E. I would like to point out these are 3 things that did cross my mind as I was on the ice... Weird huh? Growing up....

Fear is a good thing as it keeps us from getting hurt or doing stupid things (not all the time obviously, but for the most part) but sometimes fear holds you back from really enjoying yourself. Weirdly enough this something I learned on the ice as by the end of the session I build up speed, confidence and stamina. I had realised by the end of the session that the aim of the game wasn't to not break your leg... although it is a plus..... but to have fun and enjoy yourself!!!

So first ice skating session this year was a success no injuries or very expensive medical bills. Lastly I would like to tell anyone who doesn't believe ice skating is a good form of exercise that the morning after a 45min session on the rink I had pains in muscles I didnt even know I had, So yes I would consider it to be a workout.

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