Wednesday 28 January 2015

Mid-week Motivation || Dont sweat the small stuff!!

Hello Everyone!

Im back with another little post of motivation for you! 

Now since developing anxiety I have been struggling with this one myself . I think the with the modern way of life we live and just being human in gerneral we have a tendency to stress over things that in the grand scheme of things really dont matter. Show of hands for how many people have spent the night before a big event stressing about what they were going to wear or how much money it was going to cost them..?? Am I right? Yes because we all do it! Christmas is probably the worst time for self Inflicted stress but It happens on a day to day basis. 

I think If we were all to take a step back at that time where we feel stress and think Is this really a big deal? If the answer is yes, then I'm sorry but unfortunately sometimes bad things happen and theres nothing we do but be as strong as we can when facing the situation and brave through the storm. If the answer is no however then remember... This will all probably be forgotten very soon and tomorrow is a new day. So try not to sweat the small stuff. If you think back on your life right now I bet you cant even remember most of the things you have stressed about in the past 20 or so years and that's because they never really mattered in the first place. Unfortunately we have grown up in the technology era, which yes definitely has its perks or I would not be sitting here writing this for all you guys and would not be reading this where ever you are but it also has increased pressure on our lives even if we don't notice it. The business world has become corporate and competitive. Social media has boomed so now our only influences and judgments don't just come from the people we know but also loads of people we have never or will never meet in real life. Advertising is everywhere influencing everything from what blender to buy to where is the place to go on holidays. 

Yes this may sound like a rant about social media & technology but its really not all I'm saying is that all this global unitedness and fast communication comes at a price. we have more people to feel insecure next to,.. more companies to tell us what we should be doing or buying... It can all get a little over whelming sometimes. I do love social media, I'm actually hooked on some sites and blogging is now my passion which would never have existed without technology but every now and then I like to take a little break when it all gets too much and then I'm back refreshed and ready to take on the world again. So I repeat again try not to sweat the small stuff whether they be real life or internet based... In the end we are all in it together....If needed take so Me Time and then go back fighting fit!!

Do you ever feel like you are getting overwhelmed with daily life and stresses?? 
How do you relax and get pumped up again?

Thank You For Reading

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