Wednesday 4 February 2015

Mid-week Motivation || Rome Wasnt Built in a Day!!

hello there my lovelies,

Another post of mid-week motivation coming at ya!! So these last couple of weeks I have been frustrated with myself! having this overwhelming feeling that Im not working hard enough and that I should be much further along in all my pursuits and endevours! Why is my website as good as I want it to be and Live by now? why isnt blog as advanced as I wanted it to be by now? Why arent my savings more by now? Why isnt my facebook page up and running by now?? 

Then last night I just took a moment to think about it. Im putting so much pressure on myself. Im acting like I have been doing nothing when in reality I have been working really hard! I have been working hard on the website its just taking more time then I anticipated & lets be real I knew nothing about starting and creating it so Im learning from scratch! I have been watching so many tutorials and reading so many blog posts and doing so much reseach into not only building it but also editing for videos aswell. When It comes to my blog I just have to take a good look at it to see just how far I have really come since last year! Yes we all want to be better, provide better content, photographs and just generally be the best but Ive got to remember that its all a process of learning and growing and that no matter how good we are a part of us will always strive to be better and look wistfully and somebody elses... Its just human nature. As for savings... I decided to start saving in January... It is now the 4th of feb! of course Its not going to be as much as I wanted because I have a life to pay for too!! but Its coming along... slowly but surely.... Last but not least I am starting a Facebook page because I would like a new and easier way to connect and share with you guys but Ive been so busy doing everything else I havent had the time just yet to get that up and running!

So what Im trying to say is that sometimes when you feel like your going nowhere even though you feel run ragged then just pause.... Just for a moment... and look back on where you have come from and you will soon realise that the work has paid off even if you thought you would be further by now.

Remember Rome wasnt built in a day but when it was finally complete it stood the test of time for hundreds of years to come.... and this is because the best things in life always a little more time and effort. 

I hope this was helpful! & I hope it will encourage you to stop and think about what you have achieved in the past few years with all your hard work!    

Thank You for Reading

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