Monday 9 March 2015

30 things to do before Im 30!

Hello Everyone,

As my 25th birthday is getting closer everyday (33 days away..... not that Im counting...) and I have decided that I am going to make a list of all the things I want to do before Im 30! And no marriage and kids are not included. Im talking about experience things and learning things. Yes we could argue that they are experiance and learning things but they are not things I want to put pressure on to happening by the time Im 30! 5 years! Oh God! Ok focus..... 

The Inspiration for this was the show Hot in Cleveland! If you have been reading my blogs or watching my YouTube Videos then you will already know I got obsessed with that show around christmas and watched all seasons within about 3 weeks. Well one of the characters Melanie wrote a book I think it was 100 things every woman should do before she dies and this got me thinking. I should make a list of some things I would like to do to make the next few years memorable! Plus if I write them done and tell you guys there is more of a chance that they will actually get done!

So I put a lot of thought into it and Heres my list... 

1. Learn at least one new Language
This can include learning and being able to speak fluent Irish (Native Language that we rarely use apart from road signs) but I would love to learn Italian, Spanish, Polish or French.

2. Jump out of a plane
Ok so this can seem contradictory as I cant seem to get on one at the moment but it has always been my dream to jump out of one (while strapped to someone else who knows what they are doing of course!!)

3. Get a Tatoo
I have always wanted to get one and I definately want to get one before Im 30!

4. See Ed Sheerhan Live
I love him, I love him, I love him..... Anyone who knows me well will know Im more of a comedy gig girl then a Concert girl but Ed Sheerhan is someone I definately see live! I could listen to him sing forever!

5. Go to Crufts Dog Show!
Yes I realise dog shows are contraversial but it has always been my dream as a young child to go to the biggest dog show in the world! The last time my mother was there she was 8 and a half months pregnant with me so maybe that is why Ive always had this dream to go....

6. Ladies Day at the Races
I rarely gamble to but I LOVE cheltenham week!! So much fun! and Its almost that time of year again!! So I cant think of a better way to enjoy it then get all dressed up and go to Ladies Day!! I wouldnt even mind going to the Galway races to be honest! 

7. Run the half marathon
This is something I would Like to achieve this year but Ive been procrastinating more than anything else! Must get more motivated!!

8. Get my Fortune told
This is something I always wanted to get done but have been a little apprehensive about. Im not sure if I believe and then Im not sure what they are going to tell me but whats the harm I guess??

9. Be in a studio audience
I would love to be in a studio audience for almost anything but my main ones would be RTE TOY SHOW!, Hot in Cleveland or Jeremy Kyle for a bit of drama hah

10. Invent a Cocktail
I want invent my own cocktail that I can call my own hah! Why Not!

11. Go to a drive in cinema
I love seeing them in old movies and now we can actually do them too! I want to attend atleast one viewing before the end of 2015

12. Create a scrapbook/photo album
Yes I can just check my phone or just check facebook, Instagram.. and so on but theres nothing like having your own ablum to look back over your experiances in your life.

13. Buy an Expensive Bag or Shoes and Watch
I know I Know.. But why not?? Im talking super expensive too! something thats absolutely beautiful that I can blow my a months wages on and not regret it. I work hard for my money god damn it! Plus I have a pretty serious watch have have actually been to get caught lusting over Micheal Korrs watches... sigh... 

14. Read a Classic Book
I have read loads of books in the past but Im ashamed to say the only classic I ever read was to kill a mocking bird ... and thats because they made us read it in school... all other classic stories I know about are because of movies so that is why I want to read one like Jane Eyre or Pride & Prejudice.

15. Travel to at least 5 places on my list! 
I have a huge list of places I want to see. I mention them on my 2015 Goals & Resolutions post but I think 5 places in 5 years. Thats achieveable!

16. Go to a pantomime
It has been years since I have been to one and I would love to see a good one again!

17. Horse Riding
Again It has been years since I have been  horse riding it was always a passion of mine but as you get older life somehow gets in the way plus I live in a city.. but there must be some place that facilitates this right?

18. Learn to cook more and eat cleaner
This is something I have always struggled with but slowly I been changing my lifestyle and eating habbits. 

19. Learn a craft
Like Knitting or pottery some new and creative, you never know I might find a new talent I never knew I had! 
20. Go to more Comedy Gigs
I love comedy and watch comedians on tv all the time but I have only been to one live gig! That was Dara O Brien and that was brilliant. I would love to go to another one. My main man I would like to see is Russel Howard but I would also like to see Tommy Tiernan, Ardal O Hanlan and soooo many more.....

21. Try as many fitness class as possible!
I love the idea of them and think they would be a lot of fun so I want try as many as possible and find out which ones are for plus it will help me get fitter and healthier! Win Win!!

22. Take a dance class
I used to do ballet, Irish and modern dance as a child and I loved it so lets do that again! I think I want do Salsa/Latin dancing and ...wait for it (controversial) Pole dancing.... No I dont want to work as a pole dancer or ever get paid to do it or in way be a part of the sex industry but pole dancing is great cardio and great for tone toning, flexibility and flexibility. Its just girls and could be alot of fun!

23. Go to IMATS & Blogger Events
Ever since I realised this was a thing I have been wanting to go!! Im a little scared at the mo if Im honest but that is simply because I am so new to this but over time I will learn all I need to know to be a pro! (fingers crossed)

24. Get a Puppy
I have always grown up with animals ... Cats, Dogs, Fish, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs (There was even a Chipmunk at one stage) and since I moved my contact with animals has been very limited. I want a Pomeranian puppy so bad. I have wanted one for years. I think it was because my grandmother had one (Sandy) for 14 years and it is the first dog I ever remember but I can never justify getting one because always ask myself one question "where will I be this time next year?" and I have never been able to answer it. Taking on any pet is a big commitment and like I said Sandy lived to be 14 so I would never like to take on a dog and not have enough stability to give it a good life but before Im 30 I will get my Pom Pup!

25. Re-connect
This is one that I have been thinking about recently. I have recently reconnected with a couple of best friends from my past that I had drifted away from... It happens, everyone gets so busy with work and other life changes and commitments but one of my goals is to catch up the people who made me laugh and smile and were a positive influence in my life. 

26. Watch Classic Movies
There are soooo many movies I have never seen.... some because (I have this weird thing where I cant watch the movie if I havent read the books..e.g... Harry Potter, Twilight, The Girl who Played with Fire, Hunger Games..) others because I simply forgot or haven't got around to yet.... Gone with the wind, The sound of music, The Godfather Trilogy, Star Wars.... The list goes on and on but I really would like to see them and find out what I was missing out on.

27. Attend a Musical
I have never been to a musical and I would to see at least one! Even if it is just Grease but I would like to see one that I didnt already know the story or seen a movie version (F.Y.I. Grease is a Classic movie that I have seen!)

28. Go back to college / Do another course
I have always love learning new things and I think before I properly settle down I would like to try a new course, be it some to enhance my passion (blogging) or business knowledge or some I think just looks interesting like Dog Grooming for example. I just believe there is always some new to learning and like my friend always says... Knowledge is Power!

29. Play Video Games
I know this may seem like a wierd one but when I was a young girl I got the PS1 (yes I realise how old this makes me sound) and I used to love it!! but as I got older I forgot all about it and became more focused on make-up, friends and boys. I have always loved my technology ... phones, laptop, Ipad, Ipod, Netbook.... and so on.... but I cant remember the last time I played a video game and I would to try my hand at it once more even if its just nintendo DS cos I aint paying out all that money for a new Playstation (hopefully I can use a friends one hah)   

30. This is the biggest one! I want to be my own boss
Since starting my blogging and filming journey in November 2013 I have realised that I have found my Passion!! This is something I would love to do as my permanent job! I know Its alot of work and dedication but I know if you truly want something and you work hard enough for it then it will all come right in the end! DONT STOP BELIEVING!!   

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