Tuesday 14 April 2015

Hey There! Catch up needed! So where have I been??

Hello fellow bloggers and valued followers,

Once again I seemed to disappear off the face of the earth but never fear Im back for all the chats and banter once more!! So if you want a quick update on my life and whats been going on then just keep reading

Job Change!
So lately I have been feeling like I need a change this involved getting back out there when it comes to job hunting and meeting need people and talking to different companies. Lemmie tell ya I was Rusty when it came to this stuff. I had not been on a job interview in four years so I had a lot of research and learning to do about everything from what to wear, questions that maybe asked to researching the company itself. Stressful but worth it! now I am in a much more comfortable position but it does mean meeting a load of new people, saying goodbye to beloved friends (not forever but no more seeing them on a daily basis or gossip about work stuff #sadface) and learning all about a new company and how it operates! Super nervous but definately excited.

First car!
Yes I am 25 next week but I have lived in the city for the last 7 years so I have never need one so nothing drove me (haha) to get on the whole car thing. Last year though I made it my mission to learn to drive and I realised that I loved it!! So much fun!! So I bought my first car and currently figuring out the tax, Insurance and NCT thing! I cant wait to get it on the road and all kitted out haha (no not like that, we aint pimping anything, classy and tasteful all the way). My Mammy got me the Padre Pio Airfreshner for safe travel... Shes so cute! and it smells really nice!! & my friend got my the strawberry cupcake one!!    

Preparing for a puppy!
Some of your might remember that this is one of the things on my list to do before im 30! If you havent checked it out already then just click here (30 before 30).Anyway the more I thought about the more I realised that I might ready for the challenge. Ive a good home, good friends, good family and a good job so I decided once I get my car sorted then I'll get myself the pup Ive always wanted!! Hopoefully at the end of the month! Like I said in the 30 before 30 post I have always wanted, a lil Pomeranian puppy. As my grandmother had one when I was growing up and its the first dog I ever remember ( so that may be why) but I just love them. I coming to terms with a few things now that im in the preparation stage. First off dogs cost a lot of money no matter the size so Im buyng things every week so wont be hit with a huge bill the week I get him. I also have to learn about vacinations & micro chipping, find a vets, a groomers.... the list goes on and on... Ive always grown up with dogs but it was my parents who took over the responsibility of vets, grooming and buying everything the needed so this is a whole new learning curve. By the way as you can see I did do so puppy shopping so cute! How cute is ducky!!! haha  

I feel like everyone has a tendency to get comfortable in life and with anxiety any change seems terrifying and unthinkable (am I right fellow sufferers). We much prefer our little bubble we have created where there is minimal chance that anything can hurt us. (HELLO been single for 2 years now!) But a couple of months ago (If you have following my blog then you will already know this)  I was feeling like I was in the Quarter Life Crisis, Anxiety through the roof, unmotivated and feeling like I was in a bit of a rut.... change was needed. Dont get me wrong Its hard work... as I was reading back over this I feel like Im turning into such a grown up..... I am soooo tired. but it is worth it in the end.  Change is not always bad! Man it feels so good to write again!

Chat again very soon my friends!!  

Thank You For Reading

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