Monday 27 April 2015

Stories of a Dreamer || Dreams... What do they mean??

Hey everyone,

So this is a post unlike any I have done before. Ever since I decided to change my job (real life job not blogging) I have been having very weird and vivid dreams, so much so I decided to download this App called Idream - Dream Dictionary. To get it from Google Play Store just click Here and apologies for my Apple friends but because I recently gave up my IPad and Traded from my Iphone 5 to a Galaxy S5, Apple will no longer let me into my App store without an apple device so I was unable to get a direct link for you #sadface but if you search Idream it should be the first one that pops up!!   

* This is not an advert and I am not being paid or sponsored in anyway to talk about the App. I just think its good * 

I never really took much notice of dreams I mean my mom gave me a book when I was younger but I never got Super into it and I also had dream catchers cos I thought they were pretty but never thought much about dreams other then that. In the past couple of weeks however as I have mentioned I have been having really vivid dreams. It got me thinking why not look them up and see if they have any meaning. To my surprise they were pretty much accurate.

Here are some of the things that have featured in my dreams ~ 

Colour White - White generally symbolises Purity, Cleanliness, New Beginnings, Innocence & Clarity.

Iris - is a spring flower that symbolises several very positive and uplifting conditions. Also a God in Greek mythology as a messenger between heaven and earth, gods and men.

Window - Looking through a window represents insight and attitude towards life. What you see out the window, whether positive or negative represents how positive or pessimistic you are in general. 

School - You may have no friends or are starting in a new phase of your life like a new job or phase of your life where you do not know anyone. 

Horse - If you dream of seeing or riding a white horse indications are favourable for prosperity and pleasurable commingling. 

Mobile Phone -  To see or hear a mobile phone in your dream, signifies a message from unconscious or some sort of telepathic communication. You may be forced to confront issues which you have tried to avoid 

Dreams are of course subjective but I just find it funny how they seem to reflect my waking life in some way. I have just given you a snip it of the answers that were given by the App. Also after doing a bit of research I have found a few meanings using the App and online on what the most common meanings are for the most common dreams that people have.....

Falling - The classic interpretation of a dream like this is that you are falling for someone or you are unable to contain your emotions and therefore you are falling out of control. Think about how you are experiencing the fall... excitement or danger. If you are falling into water you are falling for someone that you usually wouldnt be interested in. 

Teeth Falling out - Associated with stress and anxiety felt in your waking life

Crowds - You may need to make some space for yourself. 

Being Chased - Represents felling threatened in real life. Look at who is chasing you and why and search their meaning or figure out what they represent to you, Unresolved circumstances, situations or emotions that you cannot escape.

Flying - Feeling of liberation and also represents how much control you feel like you have over your life at any one moment in time. 

Hope you enjoyed this random post and learned some random facts...? Maybe.... Sort of....

Have you had any weird, random or memorable dreams lately? Did you look them up? Did they apply to your waking life? Let me know in the comments!!

Chat soon x

Thank You For Reading 

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