Friday 24 April 2015

30 before 30 - #17 Horse Riding

Hello Everyone,

So recently I posted a blog post about 30 things I wanted to achieve before Im 30! If you missed then you can click HERE and hop on over and check it out. So obviously I wont be doing them in order but No. 17 on my list was to go horse riding again. Its been years and let me tell you if I didnt know that already my body told me for the next couple of days afterwards cos my muscles were Aching!! But it was totally 100% worth it!! 

For my birthday my family and I travelled to Galway and while we there I had the fantasic idea of going treking in the mountains! It was so much fun. There is such a sense of freedom horse riding around the mountains.. I know this sounds so cheesy but One with nature. What I mean is you forget all your life stresses like work, bills and other dramas that come with life and being a human. The wind in your hair. Its awesome! 

If anyone is thinking about doing it I completely 100% encourage you to do it!! you wont regret it. for anyone who is nervous about it let me tell you a couple of things that may put your mind at rest. #1 the horses are quiet. They are trained for this and do it everyday with someone different each time. #2 The people in charge will ask you ability and match you up with the right horse for you as they know each ones personality and #3 finally you will not be alone there will be an instructor with you should you get into any trouble.

There are so many people that love horses but unfortunatley do not get the chance to own or horse ride regularly like myself (I live in a city and lead a busy life) so if you can find the time or get the opportunity take it! It really is some of the most fun you can ever have!!

So there you have it! 1 down and 29 more to go haha. Ill keep you updated!!

Chat soon

Thank You For Reading


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