Tuesday 21 April 2015

Mid-week Motivation || Goodbye for now... not forever...

Hey Everyone,

So as unlike what the title may suggest (thought about changing it but I kinda like it so whatever right!) I am not talking to you guys! unfortunatley for you you are stuck with me for some time to come... well if you so choose. It is the internet after all so you have the power! Any way this post is about making life changes that may cause you to have to distance youself from people you are currently really close to. For me this is job changing that I have mentioned in my previous post but for you it could be moving, having a baby or leaving school or college... all these have a way of making more difficult to see the people you once spent 24 hours a day with be it Family or Friends (which really are just the extended family you choose.)

When I was young I use to have a group of about 10 friends, kinda seems like a lot for a close group but we were and now only 2 of us still live in Ireland and none of us see each other anymore. I now have more besties that I have met through college and work but Im just trying to mentally illustrate how its natural to drift off into separate lives. They will however always be the friends that no matter how long it is between times we talk to or see each other we will always be friends and will be just like yesterday that we spoke last. 

Most of the time this happens naturally or one at a time but sometimes when you make a life it will happen like this #1 - "I think this is the perfect time to make the change" #2 - "Im so stressed out with sorting everything out!!" #3 - "Omi god ITS HAPPENING!! So excited!!" #4 - "Oh no Im just now realising how hard it will to keep in contact with the people I love..... Im going to have to say goodbye..."

I at stage #4 for the past week & yesterday was my last day (by the way just made these stages up but I think they are quite accurate. No psychological research was done) As It was my last week of working in my current job and I was getting sadder each day I walked in and walked out again! I am the type of person that hates goodbyes. I would have prefered to call in sick and never have to do it, Just slip away quietly..... like a ninja... but I wouldnt do that. This is part of being a grown up.....#growth #beinganadultsucks 

The thing I have to remember and so should you if you are going through something similar (which is the point to this MWM as it has been quite sad and negative so far) is that it is goodbye for now not forever. Life has this wonderful/terrible way (depending on the circumstances) of coming back around again. If you love someone (friendly or romantically) then make the effort! If they feel the same they will also make the effort! no-one is too busy for someone they truly care about all the time. If they seem to be give up, you dont need that s*** in your life! 

The one thing that is guaranteed when making life changes is that you will slowly see who is your true friend and wants to continue to make the effort and who doesn't!  

Thats it for today folks!  

Goodbye for now...... but not forever.... xx

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