Sunday 7 June 2015

15 of my favourite feelings!!

Hey everyone!

This post is Inspired by YouTuber Essie Button! She was originally inspired by Fellow YouTuber Hank Green. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Why not share with everyone your favourite feelings?? Why not share the love?? So here are 15 my favourite feelings!!

1.   Meeting a friend for Coffee/Tea

One of my favourite things to do is to go to a coffee shop or somewhere to get lunch with a friend and just catch up on life and have a bit of a gossip and a natter!! Forget all about work and stresses for an hour anyway. So nice!!

2. Fresh Linen

I love when all my clothes are clean, soft, fresh and folded. hmm..... 

3. The Sun

I love the sun but especially when out walking for no reason in particular and have loads of time or driving with music on!! Happiness!!

4. Having a Productive Day

I love when you have those days where you feel all motivated! Like nothings gona hold you back! and also the feeling at the end of the day when you know you can relax and you know you have accomplished alot for one day!! Success!!

5. Being Comfy

One of the best feelings in life I think is getting out for you day clothes and into you comfy sweats or Pjs. The reason this is one one of the best feelings?? because you know you can relax for the evening!!

6. Seeing an old friend

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives the only people that we see are the people that are right in front of us!! It is so good when you see and get to have a catch up with a bestie from you past!!

7. Feeling Lucky

One of the best feelings is when something has accidently gone your way!! How lucky was that!! You feel grateful and happy all at the same time! Fate! Destiny!!

8. Night in with movie and a take away

I love evenings where I have friends over and we chill just watching movies, eating food that has been delivered to our doorstep!! Whether it be the girls and we watch disney and rom-coms, or the lads too and we have a movie fight on our hands haha

9. Clean room

Nothing nice after a hard days graft then to come home to a clean room and freshly made bed! Heaven!

10. Family Time

As we all have different work schedules its hard for us to all get together at the same time. I love nothing more then hanging out with them all or going home to my family home for a few nights where somehow we automatically revert back to the way were when we were children! I dont know why but everyone seems to do it!!

11. Getting ready for a night out! 

Guys are always like "Omi God why does it take so long for girls to get ready!!!" What they dont understand is us girls love the whole process of get ready for a big night out!! well most of us anyway! I know for me and my friends its one the best parts of any night out! Chatting your friends, playing with each others makeup, talking fashion and gossip.... why would we want rush that into 10 mins!?

12. Finding THAT Purchase

You know when you have been looking for something of a while now... or you spotted something on a friend, stranger, Pintrest, witter, Instargram and you havent been able to get your hands on it. Or maybe its been too expensive..... Then suddenly you  find it or it goes on sale!! The Gods are smiling down on you!! Yes its a good day!!

13. Kitty Time

My cats currently live at home with my parents. They always have so when since I moved out no longer get to see them everyday or have them sleep in bed with me. But when I got home I love my Kitty Time!! My 3 boys all curled up! Charlie, Toby & Fats can you tell them apart?? 

14. Being Cosy

This mostly applies to winter time! For me this when its cold and stormy outside and you can hear the wind and the rain. You are inside curled up on a safa by the fire in Pjs with blankets, Tea / Hot Chocolate, Munchies and Sky Tv or Netflix.... Best Feeling!!

15. Blog posts!

Best feelings when it comes to blogging for me... Publishing a post Im proud of! For the post to be Successful and Getting good feed back!! And the best feeling is when I get comments about how my post brightened up your day or had an impact on you in a positive way!! It makes me feel all warm and happy inside!!    

Thats It! 15 feelings that make me feel happy and all warm and fuzzy inside. I encourage all of you to do the same and tag me or send me a link so I can check out!! Lets Share the love and Positivity!!

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