Wednesday 3 June 2015

The upside to moving!!

Hey Hey,

So recently and suddenly I have had to move home in fact I have taken a quick break from packing in order to write this post ( I Hate Packing!!) 
When I first realised I had to move I was all about the negative... "ugh I dont wanna move" "ugh I wont find anywhere nice" ugh Its soooo much effort" 

But in the last few days I've actually had a change of heart and now Im kind of excited! I still hate packing but It must be done so I can either whine and complain and still have to do it or I can man up and get the job done... after I write this post of course!!  I was right there was nowhere that I really wanted to move or else I couldnt afford it  so decided to get a summer house. A 3 month lease to give me more time to look for somewhere more permanent. Yes Yes I know this means Im going to have to pack all over again but I think it will be worth it to give myself more time and find somewhere nice to live where Im happy rather than a place just because I needed somewhere to live quick. 

I thought this post might be relevent as it dawned on me that it is coming to that time of year that a lot of people will be moving out of home (college and what not) and may be a bit anxious about it. 

Anyway I thought I would right a little list on all the pros to moving. It will keep me positive and hopefully motivate me to go back to packing. Also it may help you feel a little more excited if you are in the processing of moving too or atleast will be soon. enjoy my loves x

1. Finding lost Items

I have 3 years worth of crap in my house which means every now and then items get forgotten about and isnt it the best feeling when you find something which was once a loved item but you havent been able to find it in the past 1-3 years?? #rediscoveries

2. Decluttering and Downsizing

You can know finally throw away out of date products and things you no longer have any use for. Its quiet freeing really. Most of the time we either justify a reason for keeping it or put it away somewhere and no longer think about it but when your forced to pack it and move, it makes you re-evaluate everything you own.

3. Decorating

Now that you have all your packed items and transported to your new place you get decorate and for me this is the fun part... well honestly it is for the first couple of hours then I just wish it was done but when it is ..... Its totally worth it!! 

4. New House, New Routine

This can be so good for you to change up your routine a bit and get out of your comfort zone. Put a bit of pep back in your step.

5. Change is good

Change is good thing a no matter how much we try and fight it! who knows what may happen this summer?? keep posted #summeradventure

There you have it! My top 5 pros to moving house! 

Do you have anymore?? leave a comment and let me know!! 

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