Wednesday 24 June 2015

5 tips to feel more motivated!!

Hello everyone,

I just realised that It has been a minute since I have published a Mid-week Motivation for you guys!! well Im back and Ive got you covered!! These are my 5 tips that help me to stay motivated!!

1. Wake up earlier

This is one I constantly struggle with. I have always had evening and night time work and even before that I always preferred being up at night. Ive always had a slight suspicion that I maybe a little bit nochtural. Dont get me wrong I love to sleep but It will tend to be at the wrong times! Lately however I have been getting up early and I have noticed a change in my mood and my productivity. You just have more energy and feel like you are more accomplished at the end of the day!!  Its funny but all that crap that people tell you about getting up early and enjoying a full day..... Its true!!

2. Make your bed

Aparently you are statistically meant to be feel happier and more organised if you make your bed in the morning. Its just one simple act but it does make me happier when I come home in the evening to a freshly made bed to curl up in.... hmm .... bed .... Even just writing about this makes me want to go for a nap!!

3. Organise your thoughts

By this I mean write stuff down!! If your anything like me then sometimes your thoughts feel like they go through your head a million times a second. The only way to free your head sometimes is to write it all down. As soon as you do its gone!! I have so many notebooks that I cant keep up, but this also joins in with the fact that I love stationary!! I always keep a notebook handy because inspiration comes at the weirdest times! Like when your falling asleep, in the shower (no I dont take a notebook into the shower hah), on a bus or even just watching T.V. Sometimes Ill be like "Oh I must remember that later" and I wont write it down and then I cant remember it like 5 mins later. Yes my tip WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. at the very least make a note on your phone!!

4. Social Media / Books

Sometimes when Im in need of inspiration I just hop on over to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Pintrest and it gets me in the mood too start blogging again. Watching other people be successful can be so motivating and inspiring sometimes!!  Im also still reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amorusa and I find her so inspiring. So I recommend that if social media isnt enough to get those creative jucies flowing again then hop on over to you local bookstore and there are sure to have something that will do the trick!


5. Treats and Rewards

I think its important every now and then to stop and take a look at what you have achieved so far and not only feel proud but also reward yourself. This can be done in a number of different ways! Buying yourself something pretty, having some ME time or both like treating yourself to a pamper treatment like a facial. If all else fails cookies are always good! I think by rewarding yourself when you have done well then you can truely feel motivated to keep up the good work!!

So there you have it!! These are my top 5 tips for getting your ass motivated again and keeping on top of all the stuff you both want to and have to get done!! 

Hope this helps!!

Let me know in the comments if you have anymore tips or tricks up your sleeve!!

Chat soon x 

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