Wednesday 8 February 2017

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Hey Friends,

Ok so I'm going to be real. Today I woke up feeling like I have no motivation to do anything. I feel like the Bruno Marz Soundtrack should be playing in the backround of my life "Today I don't feel like doing anything...I just wana lay in my bed" As I was indeed lying in my bed thinking of all the reasons why I didn't have time to be productive today, how I didn't have a post ready & all that I thought to myself I need to get up off my ass & get in the productive mood again!! This procastination isn't helping anyone, least of all me!!

I like to think of myself as a self-motivated person but the truth is I'm not as self-motivated as I thought. I'm a really easy going boss, to myself atleast. In the past I have been in charge in work-places & in that environment I can be hella Productive & get shizz done. However I have realised when I don't have to get up at a certain time, be ready & leave for work I slack off. Not having a routine really messes with me as in my head I just think "ah its fine. I can do it later" However what I fail to remember is that if I had done it when I was supposed to I wouldn't be doing what feels like over-time, eating in to my personal time with family & friends.

At the moment my life is a bit chaotic if I'm honest (if you read my monthly highlights - January, then you will know what I'm talking about) so I can't be too hard on myself, truthfully I'm quite proud of how much I have accomplished in the past month, considering. However now is the time to get back in action. My new year, when it comes to goals, starts now!! I guess its just harder to get started then I thought. So I thought I would share some of my tips for overcoming procrastination & I would really love & appreciate it if you could leave any of your tips in the comments below as I really need to get out of this slump. Send all your slump busters my way!!

Tips for overcoming procrastination

1. Why am I procrastinating??
I think if you know the answer to this you can fix it quicker. Is there a reason behind your procrastination. Undermotivated? Overwhelmed? Tired? Sick of your job? Need a change? Laziness? Find out your reason, then figure out a solution to help keep you on track.

2. Remember your goals
I did this, this morning. I really didn't want to get started, which to be honest I think is the hardest part. I started thinking about all my goals for this year and all the reasons I started blogging in the first place!! I also thought of how happy & proud I was going to feel this evening when it was all done. My end goal is to be my own boss, whether that be with blogging or any other venture I may have so I thought to myself if that's the case I better get over myself fairly lively or I will never make it!! The best boss I have to be, is to myself!
3. Think of how far you have already come
Another thing that might get your butt moving is to think of how far you have come. Think of where you were when you started! Now think of where you are now! Do you want to keep going!? Now think of where you can be in a month/years time! Don't you want to find out? Don't you want to know what that feels like?

4. Go through the wall
Sometimes our procrastination can be based around mundane daily chores & errands that we all know have to be done but exactly fit into our goals for life. Well they do we just don't realise it. I mean think of all the chores & errands you run on a daily/weekly basis. Right now take them all away... what would your life look like... exactly. All things keep us ticking over but lets be honest they can be a drag. For these I tend to use the 
  • Timing method 

I set a timer for a certain length of time to tackle one chore. Whatever I can get done in that time gets done, Whats left can be left until tomorrow. However with this method you will find that either A. You are more productive & quicker as you will naturally race against the clock or B. once you get started you won't care about the timer and end up doing the chore until it is completed. 

  • Make  a list

I think once you make a to-do list you automatically feel like you are being more productive (procrastination in disguise) however if you use the list & tick off all the items along the way it can be a very satisfying feeling. 

  • Get started

I always think just get started & you'll be fine. Starting is the hardest part! Once you get over the first 5/10 mins, you're off! & generally there's no stopping you then.

  • Reward System

Sometimes there's just no getting past it! The spoilt child comes out in all of us and we want a reward for doing what (realistically) we should be doing anyway. Sometimes however thats all that will get us moving. Like I have told myself that after I complete this post I am going relax with a nice cup of tea & a doughnut for my lunch. Don't get me wrong I love blogging with all my heart but sometimes I wish I could just talk and the computer would do the rest of the work #laziness & today is one of those days #bloggerproblems. Just like my reward of tea & a doughnut, you rewards dont have to be big or extravagant they just have to get the job done!    

4. Watch or read motivating material
I find that when I'm in a slump if I watch motivating Youtube videos or read inspiring blog posts they I feel ready to take on the world, like "I want a piece of that action!" I find watching or reading about other peoples success very motivating!! If you haven't tried it before give it a go & let me know what you think!!

Those are all my tips to get you through a period of procrastination, where all your ideas & thoughts are filled with good and productive intent but you can't seem to get off the couch or stop watching re-runs of reality TV like TOWIE & The Jersey Shore #guilty. However by the time this day is out I will have made out a proper routine for myself for the upcoming weeks & see if that helps, what feels like a constant 3pm slump! 

Don't forget to leave you helpful hints below for me in the comments!!

Chat soon x 

Thank You for Reading

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