Monday 27 February 2017

Slaying it 2017 || Beginning my Minimalism Journey!

Hello Friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about something that has kind of just captured my attention in the past couple of months. That is minimalism. I know this concept has been around for a while now & if you search it on YouTube or google blog posts on it you will probably find more than you will ever be able to watch or read in a lifetime. However that is not why I thought it was for me. I always liked the idea of it but I also loved shopping (I still do, but I feel a little differently about it now)  I remember watching videos on it thinking "Thats nice but Nah, its not for me" I always thought I was mostly an intentional shopper, therefore everything I owned, I needed & had a purpose. I was wrong. Here is what happened - 

Last year I moved twice. once to kerry & once back again when the season had ended. Although moving was a hassle the first time, once it was done, it was done & didn't really think much about. However this was different when I moved back into the family home for a few months. 

First of all, what I failed to realise the first time was that when I was moving out I only took what I needed / wanted for those 8 months. Therefore there were still a load of my possessions left in the family home. Also in the 8 months I had been gone I had also been shopping and accumulated more things. As you can imagine when moved back I had all the items I had previously left in the house, all the items I had taken with me & now all the items I had accumulated in the 8 months all under the same roof. To make matters worse after working so hard (yes I had an amazing 8 months) I still had student loan debt & little to no savings.... something had to change. 

Looking around at all the bags and boxes that covered almost every inch of floor space I had in my room and the hall & also my brothers room (He no longer lives in) I knew something had to change. This was no way to live. Also not only was it not possible to love and truly appreciate all the items I owned but if I'm honest I had forgotten about half of them. The sheer amount of clothes along was enough to almost to make me want to quit before I had even started, Make up & beauty was another one.... I felt completely overwhelmed. It honestly looked like a physical representation of how it felt to be inside my head sometimes. 

This had to change! I went onto to Audible & bought - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo & although I was already ready to have this in order it provided me with the direction & inspiration I needed. I will have a full review of this book coming soon. I am currently reading - Spark Joy by Marie Kondo - The sequel to her first hit. 

So far I think I am making good headway with my lifes possessions. Up to the last couple of months I had never given anything away in my life just consumed, consumed, consumed. It is impossible to truly value or take care of your possessions when there are so many, you don't know what you have, you have nowhere to put them & honestly you never use them. 

I have a little hoarder voice in me that says "But what if you will need it in the future? Then you will have to spend more money trying to replace it" Since reading the book & watching video's I now see giving things away in a different light. Why should I be selfish & keep something just because I can when someone else could really love & appreciate it & put it to good use!? Besides majority of us have enough possessions that would almost last a life time yet we continue to purchase anyway. 

I am not going to stop shopping completely, Heck I have a haul post as my most recent post on my beauty blog (Links below) but my shopping will definitely be more intentional now. 

I am nowhere near complete with the minimalisation of my world, but I am definitely on right track. I'm hoping that minimalism & getting better with my finances will work hand & hand so that I can focus on enjoying my life rather than spend my life worrying about tidying & debts & then shopping to make myself feel better.

I am just beginning my journey here but I will be taking you with me so if you are beginning too then stay tuned & we can do this together!! If you are more of a vet at this, with alot more experiance than me please feel free to leave helpful hints & tips in the comments below. They would be very much appreciated!! 

Chat Soon x

Thank You for Reading

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