Friday 3 February 2017

Monthly Highlights! - January 2017

Hey Friends,

Last year I started these monthly highlights posts. I loved the concept of them. The concept of truly appreciating every thing that brings you happiness and highlighting them as each month goes by. Its also like a little happiness diary for me, one that I can look back on later in life. It also allows me to stop for a minute and really think about all the great things in my life & take a minute to be truly grateful.  

Last year I ended up missing out on couple of months due to being busy & forgetfulness. So this year I resolved to take it seriously & do my best not to forget. However I very nearly didn't post one this month. Not because I forgot but because I didn't know what to write as I'm honestly don't think I ever want to remember the month that has just passed. It has honestly been one the hardest and most horrible months I have ever had to go through & I definitely didn't feel like marking the occasion. In the past month I have lost a family member, my relationship ended & the future I thought I was going to have is now gone & my home was broken into, ransacked & robbed, all in 21 days to be exact. As you can imagine the last thing I wanted to write a post on was monthly highlights.

However I started thinking, If there is ever a time to remember the good in the world & the people, opportunities & things I have to be truly grateful, now is it. Everyday right now is hard but it will get easier, I have to believe it. So here are the highlights / things I have to be grateful for starting this year out January 2017.

My Family

Due to the circumstances our family has been together almost everyday for going on 3 weeks now. Although we would generally get on well, months, even years could pass by without us noticing before seeing some family members. I have seen more of my family in 2 weeks than I have in 2 years. This week I have even met baby cousins for the first time. They are awesome & reminds me I need to make more time for my family! For this I am grateful. 

My Blog

In the past month even with all the craziness I managed to publish posts. I realised that this is my happy place alot of the time. It takes my mind off things & is something I truly adore. I have realised that this is where my I want to focus my efforts now. I want to immerse myself in this and watch it grow and develop. I am truly grateful for all my followers and readers who just make this whole thing so much more worthwhile. I love reading your comments & interacting with you. Im am so lucky to have this little blog that I get to share with you!!


During this difficult time so many people have been here to support us. This means the world to both my family & myself. People are so good, Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They really are appreciated more than you will ever know. 


My baby charlie, most of you will have heard me mention him before. He's my kitty cat & has barely left my side when I have been at home this month. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. As I am writing this on my bed he is curled up beside me. Somehow I always feel calmer when he's around. Never take your animals for granted guys. They know & feel more than you know.   


Right now my life is starting again at ground zero.. I'm not exactly sure where I am headed right now or where I will be this time next year but I've decided to look at it as a beginning & not an end. I think that not only is this an easier and happier way of looking things but I also think it will focus me in the right direction rather, than focus on everything I have lost, I want focus on everything I have & the adventure that lies ahead of me. 

I don't know if would call them highlights or just things I have been extremely grateful for this month, but these are things that have kind of been keeping me going. Hopefully from February on things will start to look up and there will be many highlights to come this year. 

I hope the start to your year has been much better. I hope you've a great kick start to 2017. Let me know in the comments some your highlights on 2017 so far!!

In Loving Memory of Margaret Howard

Chat soon x

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