Monday, 27 April 2015

Stories of a Dreamer || Dreams... What do they mean??

Hey everyone,

So this is a post unlike any I have done before. Ever since I decided to change my job (real life job not blogging) I have been having very weird and vivid dreams, so much so I decided to download this App called Idream - Dream Dictionary. To get it from Google Play Store just click Here and apologies for my Apple friends but because I recently gave up my IPad and Traded from my Iphone 5 to a Galaxy S5, Apple will no longer let me into my App store without an apple device so I was unable to get a direct link for you #sadface but if you search Idream it should be the first one that pops up!!   

* This is not an advert and I am not being paid or sponsored in anyway to talk about the App. I just think its good * 

I never really took much notice of dreams I mean my mom gave me a book when I was younger but I never got Super into it and I also had dream catchers cos I thought they were pretty but never thought much about dreams other then that. In the past couple of weeks however as I have mentioned I have been having really vivid dreams. It got me thinking why not look them up and see if they have any meaning. To my surprise they were pretty much accurate.

Here are some of the things that have featured in my dreams ~ 

Colour White - White generally symbolises Purity, Cleanliness, New Beginnings, Innocence & Clarity.

Iris - is a spring flower that symbolises several very positive and uplifting conditions. Also a God in Greek mythology as a messenger between heaven and earth, gods and men.

Window - Looking through a window represents insight and attitude towards life. What you see out the window, whether positive or negative represents how positive or pessimistic you are in general. 

School - You may have no friends or are starting in a new phase of your life like a new job or phase of your life where you do not know anyone. 

Horse - If you dream of seeing or riding a white horse indications are favourable for prosperity and pleasurable commingling. 

Mobile Phone -  To see or hear a mobile phone in your dream, signifies a message from unconscious or some sort of telepathic communication. You may be forced to confront issues which you have tried to avoid 

Dreams are of course subjective but I just find it funny how they seem to reflect my waking life in some way. I have just given you a snip it of the answers that were given by the App. Also after doing a bit of research I have found a few meanings using the App and online on what the most common meanings are for the most common dreams that people have.....

Falling - The classic interpretation of a dream like this is that you are falling for someone or you are unable to contain your emotions and therefore you are falling out of control. Think about how you are experiencing the fall... excitement or danger. If you are falling into water you are falling for someone that you usually wouldnt be interested in. 

Teeth Falling out - Associated with stress and anxiety felt in your waking life

Crowds - You may need to make some space for yourself. 

Being Chased - Represents felling threatened in real life. Look at who is chasing you and why and search their meaning or figure out what they represent to you, Unresolved circumstances, situations or emotions that you cannot escape.

Flying - Feeling of liberation and also represents how much control you feel like you have over your life at any one moment in time. 

Hope you enjoyed this random post and learned some random facts...? Maybe.... Sort of....

Have you had any weird, random or memorable dreams lately? Did you look them up? Did they apply to your waking life? Let me know in the comments!!

Chat soon x

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Friday, 24 April 2015

30 before 30 - #17 Horse Riding

Hello Everyone,

So recently I posted a blog post about 30 things I wanted to achieve before Im 30! If you missed then you can click HERE and hop on over and check it out. So obviously I wont be doing them in order but No. 17 on my list was to go horse riding again. Its been years and let me tell you if I didnt know that already my body told me for the next couple of days afterwards cos my muscles were Aching!! But it was totally 100% worth it!! 

For my birthday my family and I travelled to Galway and while we there I had the fantasic idea of going treking in the mountains! It was so much fun. There is such a sense of freedom horse riding around the mountains.. I know this sounds so cheesy but One with nature. What I mean is you forget all your life stresses like work, bills and other dramas that come with life and being a human. The wind in your hair. Its awesome! 

If anyone is thinking about doing it I completely 100% encourage you to do it!! you wont regret it. for anyone who is nervous about it let me tell you a couple of things that may put your mind at rest. #1 the horses are quiet. They are trained for this and do it everyday with someone different each time. #2 The people in charge will ask you ability and match you up with the right horse for you as they know each ones personality and #3 finally you will not be alone there will be an instructor with you should you get into any trouble.

There are so many people that love horses but unfortunatley do not get the chance to own or horse ride regularly like myself (I live in a city and lead a busy life) so if you can find the time or get the opportunity take it! It really is some of the most fun you can ever have!!

So there you have it! 1 down and 29 more to go haha. Ill keep you updated!!

Chat soon

Thank You For Reading


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mid-week Motivation || Goodbye for now... not forever...

Hey Everyone,

So as unlike what the title may suggest (thought about changing it but I kinda like it so whatever right!) I am not talking to you guys! unfortunatley for you you are stuck with me for some time to come... well if you so choose. It is the internet after all so you have the power! Any way this post is about making life changes that may cause you to have to distance youself from people you are currently really close to. For me this is job changing that I have mentioned in my previous post but for you it could be moving, having a baby or leaving school or college... all these have a way of making more difficult to see the people you once spent 24 hours a day with be it Family or Friends (which really are just the extended family you choose.)

When I was young I use to have a group of about 10 friends, kinda seems like a lot for a close group but we were and now only 2 of us still live in Ireland and none of us see each other anymore. I now have more besties that I have met through college and work but Im just trying to mentally illustrate how its natural to drift off into separate lives. They will however always be the friends that no matter how long it is between times we talk to or see each other we will always be friends and will be just like yesterday that we spoke last. 

Most of the time this happens naturally or one at a time but sometimes when you make a life it will happen like this #1 - "I think this is the perfect time to make the change" #2 - "Im so stressed out with sorting everything out!!" #3 - "Omi god ITS HAPPENING!! So excited!!" #4 - "Oh no Im just now realising how hard it will to keep in contact with the people I love..... Im going to have to say goodbye..."

I at stage #4 for the past week & yesterday was my last day (by the way just made these stages up but I think they are quite accurate. No psychological research was done) As It was my last week of working in my current job and I was getting sadder each day I walked in and walked out again! I am the type of person that hates goodbyes. I would have prefered to call in sick and never have to do it, Just slip away quietly..... like a ninja... but I wouldnt do that. This is part of being a grown up.....#growth #beinganadultsucks 

The thing I have to remember and so should you if you are going through something similar (which is the point to this MWM as it has been quite sad and negative so far) is that it is goodbye for now not forever. Life has this wonderful/terrible way (depending on the circumstances) of coming back around again. If you love someone (friendly or romantically) then make the effort! If they feel the same they will also make the effort! no-one is too busy for someone they truly care about all the time. If they seem to be give up, you dont need that s*** in your life! 

The one thing that is guaranteed when making life changes is that you will slowly see who is your true friend and wants to continue to make the effort and who doesn't!  

Thats it for today folks!  

Goodbye for now...... but not forever.... xx

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hey There! Catch up needed! So where have I been??

Hello fellow bloggers and valued followers,

Once again I seemed to disappear off the face of the earth but never fear Im back for all the chats and banter once more!! So if you want a quick update on my life and whats been going on then just keep reading

Job Change!
So lately I have been feeling like I need a change this involved getting back out there when it comes to job hunting and meeting need people and talking to different companies. Lemmie tell ya I was Rusty when it came to this stuff. I had not been on a job interview in four years so I had a lot of research and learning to do about everything from what to wear, questions that maybe asked to researching the company itself. Stressful but worth it! now I am in a much more comfortable position but it does mean meeting a load of new people, saying goodbye to beloved friends (not forever but no more seeing them on a daily basis or gossip about work stuff #sadface) and learning all about a new company and how it operates! Super nervous but definately excited.

First car!
Yes I am 25 next week but I have lived in the city for the last 7 years so I have never need one so nothing drove me (haha) to get on the whole car thing. Last year though I made it my mission to learn to drive and I realised that I loved it!! So much fun!! So I bought my first car and currently figuring out the tax, Insurance and NCT thing! I cant wait to get it on the road and all kitted out haha (no not like that, we aint pimping anything, classy and tasteful all the way). My Mammy got me the Padre Pio Airfreshner for safe travel... Shes so cute! and it smells really nice!! & my friend got my the strawberry cupcake one!!    

Preparing for a puppy!
Some of your might remember that this is one of the things on my list to do before im 30! If you havent checked it out already then just click here (30 before 30).Anyway the more I thought about the more I realised that I might ready for the challenge. Ive a good home, good friends, good family and a good job so I decided once I get my car sorted then I'll get myself the pup Ive always wanted!! Hopoefully at the end of the month! Like I said in the 30 before 30 post I have always wanted, a lil Pomeranian puppy. As my grandmother had one when I was growing up and its the first dog I ever remember ( so that may be why) but I just love them. I coming to terms with a few things now that im in the preparation stage. First off dogs cost a lot of money no matter the size so Im buyng things every week so wont be hit with a huge bill the week I get him. I also have to learn about vacinations & micro chipping, find a vets, a groomers.... the list goes on and on... Ive always grown up with dogs but it was my parents who took over the responsibility of vets, grooming and buying everything the needed so this is a whole new learning curve. By the way as you can see I did do so puppy shopping so cute! How cute is ducky!!! haha  

I feel like everyone has a tendency to get comfortable in life and with anxiety any change seems terrifying and unthinkable (am I right fellow sufferers). We much prefer our little bubble we have created where there is minimal chance that anything can hurt us. (HELLO been single for 2 years now!) But a couple of months ago (If you have following my blog then you will already know this)  I was feeling like I was in the Quarter Life Crisis, Anxiety through the roof, unmotivated and feeling like I was in a bit of a rut.... change was needed. Dont get me wrong Its hard work... as I was reading back over this I feel like Im turning into such a grown up..... I am soooo tired. but it is worth it in the end.  Change is not always bad! Man it feels so good to write again!

Chat again very soon my friends!!  

Thank You For Reading