Wednesday, 15 July 2015

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So today I wanted to talk to you guys about the power of positive thinking. Everyone has heard the theory that if you practice positive thinking and try to project positive energy then you will have a richer and more fulfilled lifestyle. Following on from my post talking all about Karma ( you can read it HERE ) I just wanted to talking about positive energy in general.

In the past couple of months I have kind of been putting this theory to the test. I have been consciously deciding on being more positive and trying to looking at situations differently & the funny thing. I have been having more fun! meeting new people, reuniting with old friends and taking more chances!!

I think when you make a conscious effort to look at situations in a positive light rather than a negative one then you are happier and more willing to go outside your comfort zones to do more things, take more opportunities and risks & also meet new people!

I found the 3 min journal to be quite cool. I learned about it from watching Mimi Ikonns Youtube videos. You can learn about it by watching this Youtube Video She mentions it as a part of her morning routine. I have found that by doing it in the morning and night it kind of unconciously trains your mind to stay positive!   

I know it sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but give it a try for a couple of weeks and come back and let me know how it worked out for you. I have anxiety and been experiancing massive changes in my life and honestly now I am so much more positive and happy about where I am at in life. Yes it could all be coincidental but whats the harm in trying it anyway??

For the foreseeable future when you are faced with a situation think of it in the most positive light you can e.g. Busy = Productive, Broke = you have to be more careful and resourceful, Working overtime = more money, doing something that was not nesscarily your choice = new experiance or learning something new, meeting new people = new potiential friends.... and so on... 

I know sometimes things are not always going to be going smoothly, thats life unfortunately but if we dont aknowledge how negative we are being or try to do something about it sometimes then we get caught in a never ending cycle and ultimately the only person that it is really affect is yourself. You are not giving yourself the opportunities in life that you deserve if all you can see is doom and gloom.

Give it a go! What are you waiting for!? Whats the worst that could happen!? 

Thank you for coming back to me for another #midweekmotivation!

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Is it a question of Karma?? || Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle

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How is everyone?? Today I want to talk about Karma!!

Karma (in Hinduism & Buddhism) the sumof a persons actionsin this & previous states of exsistence, viewed as deciding their fate in future exsistences(good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from ones actions)

Hands up here who believes in karma?? everyone am I right.... well majority of us anyway. It doesnt play a massive role in most peoples life but it still exists on sleep mode in the backround right? Well Rececntly I was having a chat with one of my friends and the subject of karma came up. He doesnt believe in karma... which to me was something new. I had never met anyone who had admitted out right that they were of this opinion. He believes that karma was mumbo jumbo which was created by the western world. 

At first I was on the immediate defense of karma but to his credit he made a good argument against it. He had many different examples of people doing good work only to then suffer horribly (one example was foreign aid workers were kidnapped and tortured. Where was karma then.) & hes not wrong. My argument was that karma is more trivial then that, more focused on luck and day to day things. Still though I cant help but shake that he may have a point in there somewhere.....

I think what he was getting at was that in day to day life you create your own luck and the "Karma" you receive is created by the ripple effect created from doing good good in the first place. Which I have to agree is not a bad rule to live by either..... 

I still do believe in karma and the universe and I think we have all been set on a path that we are destined to be on but I dont know the if reason I believe in karma is because of "proof" (could be just luck) that I have been seeing lately or because I like the idea of it??

Either way... the way I see it is that whether it is true or not,  it is a great rule to live by... 
do good deeds and treat others the way you would like to be treated and you will be rewarded by the universe.

Where do you stand on Karma?? Leave me a comment I would love to know your point of view!!

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