Monday, 29 February 2016

Once every four years!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Leap Day!! (Im not sure if thats a thing but it should be!) & Happy Birthday to any of you lucky enough to be born on this most elusive of days! 

Now as Im sure you all know Leap Day is only once every four years. This is due to the fact the there is not 365 days even in the year, therefore we have to add an extra day every four years to compensate for that!

I never really took much notice of Leap Day in the past but this year but now (maybe its because Im getting older) I just LOVE the idea of getting a whole extra day!!  

Why? You ask.. Well funnily enough it is actually from watching the show Modern Family that prompted this decision. In one episode it happens to be Leap Day & the character "Phil" (the dad), Writes the kids notes so they dont have to go to school and the family plan to do Trapeezing & go to an amusement park. He says something really interesting. He says "You have been given the gift of a whole extra day... You should do something fun & not waste it on school or work" (Well Im paraphrasing, It may not be word for word but that was the general idea) This idea stuck with me. I never saw it like that before. You get a whole extra day!! Thats actually pretty cool!! 

So this year I have decided to I have just decided to have a family day! Doesnt sound very exciting I know but for me this is perfect! I am moving next week & I wont be able to hang out with these guys for probably a couple of months after the move! During the week up to the move I am also working & packing. So a whole day with family & relaxing is just what I want.

I hope you enjoy your Leap Day whatever way you are spending it!! Also Good Luck to any brave ladies keeping the tradition alive & proposing to their other halves! Have an amazing night!!

Chat Soon x

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Midweek Motivation || What are you worth!!?

Hello Friends,

Today I want to talk about self worth. What are we worth? I dont mean anything in the material sense of the word. I dont care how much you have in the bank, How much your car, home, shoes are worth. I want to know if I were to ask you right now "How much are you worth?" What would your answer be??

Everyone in this world was created equal.  It is the world then that decides how much we value we put on ourselves. From the minute we come into the world we are being influenced by it and everyone around us. The funny thing is everyone is so focused on the external we forget we are more than just the world we live in. Some of us are very fortunate in that we were born in what modern society calls "The first world" This means that for the most part, for most people, our surroundings are comfortable. For example I have the ability to write this from my bed in my comfortable house, on this laptop with internet & Charlie curled up beside me, these are all luxuries that many of us (including myself) forget we have.

However no matter how much we have, Its think we have & how much we think we are worth, that is what is important. Im not saying we should walk around and think that we are the sh*t but we should understand our value and what we bring to the world. We all have those days where we wonder would what are we actually doing with our lifes? What is our purpose? Maybe we deserve what we get? Why cant we have this or that? But really we need to take stock for a moment think of how lucky we are and how much we contribute to the world around us.

How the hell can we expect anyone to see our worth if we cant!? Now dont get me wrong there maybe alot of people that see our worth even when we are having times where we feel absolutely worthless but what Im saying is we cant get upset if they dont when we are not even respecting ourselves. Theres a quote and it says how can we expect anyone else to love us if we cant love ourselves. I think this is quite true. We are all created to contribute to this world in some way. We all offer amazing talents whether they just apply to daily life or world wide.

Also I think you meet and attract the right kind of people when you know your worth, as I think you know who you are a bit more and feel more confident. You know what you are willing to put up with and how you are willing to be treated. I think people should be treated the way they treat people (its only fair)! Unfortunately life isnt fair but if you are aware that you are worth more than the way you are being treated then you will have a much easier time walking away.

As far as Im concerned no one can put a price on your life but you!! Know your worth!! Make your life the way YOU want! Include the people that enhance your life and walk away from those that dont. Work towards your dreams & dont let anyone try to rain on them! Life is for living! Dont count the days, make the days count!!!

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Monday, 22 February 2016

If I Could....Tag

Hey Hey, 

Recently I saw this Tag going around & I thought It was really interesting so I decided to give it a go myself! As you can see from the title its called If I could... It is basically a series of questions on what would you do if you could and there were no external factors preventing you! So here we go!

If I could live anywhere...

Hmm... I think Id have to choose somewhere with a bit of heat.. or where they get REAL seasons. Like on the East Coast of America, where they get snow in the winter & proper heat in the summer. I love when the seasons represent what they are supposed to be! Other than that I cant really think of anywhere else that I would LOVE to live. There are SO many places I want to visit & so many things I want to see but not so much want to live, you never know though, that may change over time.  I actually Love living in Ireland for the most part but the seasons can sometimes be all over the place.    

If I could have any home...

I cant be the only one who has their future home planned out for years right?? The most important aspects are
  • Large windows looking out great views
  • A large balcony &/or Veranda to sit out 
  • Comfort & Harmony is key for inside living space
  • Pool for hot weather
  • Lots & Lots of space for Horses, Cats & Dogs
  • Oh and close enough to the city but far enough away that it feels like a different world 

 If I could have any garden...

Id have a National Wildlife Reserve. One where its large enough so that the animals are protected but get to run free & be wild!! I dont know how thats going work living Ireland but hey I can have 2 homes!  

If I could be on holiday right now...

If money & time werent an issue.. Id prob be in America either doing Route 66 or I would have a few days shopping in New York then over to Hawaii for a relaxing break in paradise!! If money & time REALLY were not a problem I would probably take a couple of years & just travel the world!! How amazing would that be??

If I could have any job right now...

I would actually be blogging full time, maybe writing magazine articles & covering events. I really want to work with companies that create cosmetics & skincare. I would also volunteer at an animal shelter or the Guide Dogs for the Blind Charity. 

If I could have any Talent...

Talent or Superpower? Cause if I had the choice it would be to talk to animals.... or turn into one whenever I please (how cool would that be!!) When Life gets too stressful just transform into a cat or a dog and chill... 

If I could live any day again...

It would probably be a day from my teens, with my old gang, when life was good & I didnt realise how good or easy it was!!  

There you have & someday when I win the Euromillions & when all the practical stuff is done and my loved ones are taken care of I will have an amazing home with wildlife filled garden, still blogging & visiting the entire world. I dont think I will gain superpowers or be able to time travel anytime soon.... thats a pity.. oh well. 

This was fun. Now im going to Tag a few people I would like see do this as I would be interested to hear their answers!!

If you, like me just like the idea of doing this tag, Then I Tag YOU! Give it a go!
Enjoy! Leave me links & Ill be sure to check them out when their up!!

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Hello there everybody!

Welcome back to another midweek motivation. Todays topic - Shedding excuses & becoming accountable. Why are some people more successful than others?? Why do some people get all the money, fame and glory and others dont? Many reasons - 

  • Some people get lucky - great idea or in the right place at the right time.
  • Some people have the right connections  
  • Some people are born into it
  • But for majority of people it is hard work, persistence and a love of what they are doing.

We can spend our whole life planning things but they will never materialize without hard work and dedication. We have all done it (including myself). Procrastination is the enemy of success! Its perfectly normal & Ok to do it every now & then but when you start to procrastinate more than work, thats when it becomes a problem! If you want something you have to be constantly working towards it however small the progression may be. You cant make excuses & be lazy, then complain why your not getting instant recognition like The Kardashians for example. Life doesnt work like that. Recently I posted my midweek motivation inspired by Irelands UFC Champ Conor McGregor (you can read this by clicking on this link Winners focus on Winning.. ) & like a said in that post he gets a lot of sh*t for "Trash talking" and to be fair he does do it & probably better than most but and the end of the day he is an undefeated world champion because he has been working towards it his entire life (he is only 27). Last year I read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (You can read the review by clicking on the link here - Book Review - #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso) & again she is another person that never quit! Once she set up her small business she worked & worked & worked until she reached the success that she is currently at - & she continues to work to this day! These people are inspiring to me because you dont hear them with excuses, they just show up with results!!

Everyone has the ability to chase the dream they are after (of course there are exceptions to this) but however small you dream may be, however big and crazy it may be... chase it.. work for it. Believe in the dream, Believe in yourself! One day you will look back with pride and think yeah it was all worth it!!

I believe in you my darlings! No more excuses... Now go chase those dreams.
Dont forget to let me know how you get on!!!

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Book Review - Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a very interesting book I want to tell you all about. Its called Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I am sure you have probably heard about it already as it was named a Sunday Times Bestseller and since picking it up I have heard a little bit of hype about it.

As you already may know if you follow me on Instagram (If not you can click on this link Beauty La Linda Instagram to add me, or you can just add me in the side bar & we can become Instafriends) a few weeks ago I decided to take a few days a travel to kerry to visit one of my friends. As I knew it was going to be a long trip I decided to pick up a new book for myself. There was no way I really needed to go out & buy one as I still have many on my bookshelf that I have yet to ready but nonetheless I decided to have a little look anyway. 

I spotted this book and was intrigued by it. I had not heard anything about it before but something just made me want to give it ago. In the past I have spoken a few times on my blog about my battle with anxiety. Its not something I talk about that often even in real life but it is something that has been with me for a few years now. Each year I grow a little more.. learn a little more and feel better a little more but thats life. Panic attacks are now few & far between thank god and majority of the time I feel like your average 25 year old with all the regular ups & downs. If you have ever suffered with anxiety you will know that is amazing in itself! 

Anyway back to the book. I have to say when I bought it my one worry would be that it would overly depressing, whiny or incredibly cheesey but I can now tell you that this has to be one of the best books I have ever read on the subject. Its a very raw book with a passionate account of this mans life and his struggle with anxiety & depression. At times I felt like someone was actually telling my story! I was thinking, Yes! finally someone gets it. I am not on my own! Someone else has been through this too. Not that Id wish it on my worst enemy!,  but somehow reading about someone else experiencing something that you have, something that seems so alien & out of the norm.. even to yourself & has survived and managed to create a wonderful life. Well thats just point blank inspiring!             

This book not only gives us an account of his experience, It is also witty, informative & just clever in general really. I found that with this book, one minute I was reading something that I truly empathised with and the next I was learning something new and very interesting on the subject. In the book he quotes a Tweet from the Poet Melissa Broder " What idiot called it "depression" and not "there are bats living in my chest and they take up alot of room, ps. I see a shadow"?" I remember reading this & this was one of the moments where I was like Omi God! Exactly!  The writing is very informal, to the point where you feel like he is talking directly to you, sharing his life experiences with you. I know it sounds corny but almost like its an honor to be told such a private thing (well if you have been through it yourself, you will know what I mean) Like its a privilege. You feel like he is telling you, he knows where you are, hes been there & Its all going to be ok.  I found it very hard to put down. 

Its hard to find books that are that personal but yet carry alot of merit behind what information they give you on such an important topic. Most books you'll find about anxiety or depression, while yes they will have done their research & be very informative when you read it, It will be like listening to a doctor or Councillor, not a friend who has been in you shoes. 

I 100% recommend this book to anyone who has been struggling with anxiety or depression. This book can truly make you see it all in a new light, make you think about things differently, make you more aware of whats going & most importantly the bigger picture. 

I will 100% be not only recommending it to anyone I think that could do with reading it (which is most people) Not only sharing it with all my friends on social media I will also be giving my copy directly to people close to me while saying "Here you have to read this I am giving you no choice.... Thank me later!" haha. I will definitely have to get it back though as this will be a book that I will be be reading again!  

I dont think I could give it a more glowing reference if I tried!! Please leave me a comment if you pick this book up & let me know your thoughts on it!!

If you have already been lucky enough it to read it what did you think??

Chat soon my friends x 

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day - The King of Hallmark Holidays!!

Hey Hey my loves!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!! Whether your spending the day with your beloved or you are rocking it as a single pringle like myself I wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

Ah Valentines Day ..... Love is in the air! So why have I dubbed it the King of Hallmark Holidays!? It could be argued that Christmas is the most commercial of all the holidays & you would probably be correct but the difference is majority of people know the true meaning of Christmas and how the Legend of Santa Claus began, Where as I can almost guarantee most people have know idea where Valentines Day came from! Therefore the act of celebration is merely commercial. Advertisers saw their opportunity & pounced!

Now dont get me wrong I aint dogging on Valentines Day! It can be, for some people, a truely awesome day. My parents got engaged on Valentines Day! I think its fantastic to have a day set aside each year to just tell the person your with that you love them! Really the sentiment & message behind it is beautiful! But my point is more people should know how this wonderful day came about.

Dont worry I got your back. Linda's here to help with a little history lesson!


So where did this mutli - billion dollar industry stem from??

Although there is a still a little dispute over it, we do know that it originates from both Roman & Christian tradition. Catholic History tells us that there has been 3 Saints named Valentine but there has only been one that I have ever heard about & only one that fits the bill!!

In Ancient Roman times Emperor Claudius II Declared a ruling to make marriage illegal. This is because he believed that soldiers fought better when single. Saint Valentine took it upon himself to marry young couples in secret under threat of death. He was discovered & the Emperor ordered that he was put to death. Legend has it that he sent the first ever Valentines card himself while in prison to a young girl he fell in love with signing off  "From your Valentine" 

Valentines Day is also not celebrated on the anniversary of his birth or death. It was decided by the catholic church to replace or "christianise" the pagan festival of "Lupercalia" which was a fertility celebration. Although even as far back as roman times February has always been celebrated as the month of all things love & romance. 

Although this is legend, Valentine is still recognised today & is celebrated each year even though his story is not often told. 

When doing this post I had already heard the legend of Valentine but after doing a bit of research found the part about the 1st Valentines card & the replacing of lupercalia. I dont know if its all true but its kinda cool (well I think so anyway) 

So there you have it!! The reason millions of roses are being produced each year, trees upon trees are being cut down for valentines cards to be sent by secret admirers, millions of heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate are flying off shelves, you cant get a reservation in anywhere on feb 14th for love nor money & the jewllery industry are making a killing!! (or on the other hand if your single, Off-licences/liquor store, cat store & still the chocolate industry.... man those guys are winning from all angles haha... I joke)    

Anyway I hope this was both interesting and informative! I hope you enjoyed it & now when people talk about V Day you can be like "do you know how this all started??" haha. 

I hope it was fun to read. I dont know if Im on my own here (I hope Im not!) but I really like knowing where things start and come about & the reasons why us humans do the things we do.. cause lets be real... we are all a little bit crazy!! haha

Once again whatever way you are celebrating today I hope its a good one!! 

Goodbye my lovlies
& as its Valentines Day I want to tell you all I Love You Guys!!! Mwah!! 

Thank You For Reading 

Happy Valentines Day

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Midweek Motivation - 40 days & 40 nights!

Hello Everyone!! 

So if you follow me on twitter (If you dont then why not!? Haha You can add me here - Beauty La Linda - Twitter , or you can add me in the side bar) Then you will already know that I have been thinking about doing something for lent this year. 

Although I observe the high holidays such as Christmas & Easter and so on, & part-take in some religious events such as weddings, funerals & christenings, I am not particularly religious so therefore usually dont really participate in lent. However I have been thinking about it and realised that even if I am not religious it doesnt mean I cant form or lose a habit that will enhance either my life or the life or others. 

I always say sometimes it doesnt matter where the idea or motivation has come from as long as the end goal is the same!!  

I have decided to do my darnedest to try and be healthier for the next 40 days & 40 nights! That means lots of water and healthier eating choices & trying to get more exercise (but mainly focusing on what I put into my body) 

I have really let it slide while I have been living at home the past few months. I used to be quite good.. somewhat balanced anyway in the past year or so, then I move home and it all goes down hill. I get back into my comfort zone and I stop watching what I eat (not how much or anything like that, but I am more likely to order take away then attempt to cook any of the food available) I have pretty much stopped eating fruit even though its always in the house and stopped drinking water even though I used to drink 2 litres a day. My mam is constantly on at me for being so unhealthy & I seem to use the typical teenager response "yeah, yeah, yeah" even though Im 25! 

I never intended to stop trying to be healthy it all just kinda slide that way. My weight isnt really an issue which is why I guess I havent really pushed myself too much or why other people havent really noticed but I feel it in myself. I feel more tired, irritable and just generally drained. So its decided! Im going to use lent as the excuse and driving motivational factor to get healthier again!! Heres my plan!- 

  • Be more conscious of the food I eat everyday
  • Drink more water
  • Try & get more sleep & Wake up earlier
  • HAVE A BREAKFAST! (I NEVER do this!... unless its brunch)
  • Get outside a little bit more (no excuses now that the days are getting longer!)

My point to this post is that if like me you have let something slide or there is something you really want to do then start now! Lent is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a challenge!! 

*As I write this its is pancake day!! So the plan is massive pancake indulgence tonight and tomorrow is kick off!! Wish me luck!!

Have you made any lenten pacts this year!?
Any tips for helping me to stick to mine??

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Monthly Highlights 2016 - January

Hello There, 

In my Goals & Resolutions Post for 2016 (Here) I mentioned that I wanted to start a new monthly series on this blog. I had seen something similar on a blog called Simply Sinova! (Here) I was so inspired by it!! Life moves so quickly that its so easy to let it just pass you by. So much so you forget all the good things that happen each month. So I decided I want to slow down! At the end of each month I want to take a moment to sit down and think about all the highlights of that month! & Also share them with you guys of course!! 

New Year!!

I rang in the New Year this year as I usually do.. working.. Sounds terrible I know but believe it or not I have done this for the last 5 years & to be honest I dont think I would know what to do with myself if I wasnt haha! As I work behind a bar the atmosphere is fantastic! Im surrounded by friends! Music! I really enjoy it! To be honest It will be probably my last year ringing it in with them so Im happy to have had the opportunity!       


Fresh New Year!

As I was saying in my 1st Organisation post (Failure to plan is planning to fail) after the Holiday food coma has lifted and the fog has cleared I love the feeling of a fresh new year to start all over again! Full of possibility! I love planning and coming up with Ideas!! I know it may sound dorky but this month I really enjoyed doing alot of planning and organising!!  

Work Christmas Party!!

I will admit I had one or six..... (teen) drinks haha! But as I rarely drink I decided to relax a little bit! It was sooo much fun!! All dressed up, dinner, drinks & a lot of dancing!! They are a mad bunch but they are my mad bunch haha!!  I was lucky I have the day off the next day however.. the old age is catching up on me I think! Cant recover like I used to haha! 


This month I got to take 2 whole weeks off from work!! Honestly can not remember the last time I did that, probably when I was still in school! I had the most fun!! Heres an overview
  • Went to Kerry for 3 days to spend time with one of my besties! Went for dinner, drinks, watched movies & general catching up with life! 
  • Spent time with my family both human & furry!! 
  • Went out with friends at the weekend for drinks! (AT THE WEEKEND!! WTF?? )
It was honestly one of the most relaxing & fun holidays and I didnt even leave the country!!

*Isnt this view incredible! 

Life Changing Offers!!

While I was in Kerry I was offered a job which was completely unexpected & was also presented with the idea & opportunity of moving to Australia next year! After much thought & careful consideration I have taken the job in Kerry & will be moving in 3 weeks! I will also be putting plans in place to set foot on Australian soil next year!! exciting!! 

Other little highlights! 

  • A personal drama has finally been resolved and karma has come full circle! Gotta love Karma!
  • Finally got Hair Extensions! I have wanted them for so long!!
  • Celebrity Big Brother! Got absolutely hooked!! Ex on the Beach 4 starting! & Just started watching That 70s Show on Netflix!! 
  • Started driving again this month!
  • Justin Bieber! Been addicted to listening to his music this month "Love Yourself" being my fave of course!!

Its been a really good month & long may it continue!! I hope all of you guys have had a fabulous month too!! Leave me a comment & let me know some of your highlights!!

Chat soon loves x

Thank You for Reading