Saturday, 30 January 2016

8600 minutes....

Hello there,

This week my midweek motivation is coming from a Youtube Video I was shown recently by a friend. I had never heard of it before or seen anything about it on any social media & this got me thinking..... Have many other people seen this video!? Its called Harlem Elvis. It is only 1 minute & 4 seconds long and I believe it is a video that everyone should see! It has such a powerful massage and really makes you more motivated for life regardless of your circumstances (for the most part). So this post is going to be short and sweet and I am going to let the video do the talking. Leave me a message and let me know your thoughts.   

Harlem Elvis

Enjoy! x

I find this video so inspirational!! 

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Taking Life Lessons from Animals...

Hello Friends, 

Have you ever just looked at your cat curled up or your dog lying spread out on the floor and thought "What must it be like to be them?" Well I currently have my own baby Charlie curled up with me as I am writing this and that is what inspired this post. Charlie is quite content curled up not a care in the world. There are many reasons for this and we could learn a thing or two from our furry friends. 

Every member of the animal kingdom (including ourselves) has a primal instinct. We are the only species that dont follow it for the majority. Animals work off what the 5 senses and gut instinct. They work off all the information they have to hand. They make sure all their basic needs are met. Once this is done all they worry about is what they want to do at that time. Animals dont judge based on race, religon, politics, sexuality, gossip, drama or any of the things that influnce human decision when meeting new people. They judge off respect. You treat them well they treat you with all the love and affection in the world. You treat them bad they have no time for you, flight or fight. They dont understand argument and logical reasoning. Actions speak louder than words. I believe in the premise "Never trust someone who doesnt like animals, but always trust the animal if they dont like the person!" This is because animals arent judging the person on their job, achievements, IQ, looks, what they say or how much money they have. Its a gut instinct of who the person is. They dont care about anything else.

What can we learn from our animal friends?

Judge on actions not words
We should only judge people for who they are. Not what they have or any outside influences. Do you think charlie cares if your a billionare? What religon you believe in? What colour you are? If you gay or straight? No (neither do I for that matter but for some people they will genuinely judge people off material possessions or things they have no control over) 

Be who you are
Charlie is a cat! (although sometimes I feel like he is human) He knows he is a cat. Hes not trying to impress anyone not trying to under cut anyone. Hes just living his life the most comfortable way he knows how. If he has a problem (which is rare) with the other cats, dogs or humans in the house you will know it, he is not going bit*h about one to another. 

Stop worrying about the past and getting anxious about the future
One of the amazing things about animals is that even though they remember and learn from the past they live in the moment. They dont worry about whats coming and spend their day worrying about the past they just live. This is something Im guilty of all the time, worrying and over thinking! It doesnt help and to be honest I think charlie has the right idea. 

Love as much as possible
Nothing makes me happier than coming home after a long days work and Charlie is on my bed waiting for me, or like right now when Im writing and working Charlie jumping up onto my bed and curling up with me. Or when Im sad he always seems to sense and will stay right by my side! I dont know how animals do it but I think again its because they are reading you and not what you are saying. We should take a leaf out of their book and just love the people we are with and not only that SHOW them we love them! Animals have a much short life span than us but they spend their whole life (if you let them) enjoying their time and loving their families (both human and furry) They, without even knowing it, make the life they want and create it for themselves. They continue each day without looking back with regret or being afraid of the future.

If we applied as much of this to our lives as we could how much happy do you think we would be!? Living for the moment, no judgement, being completely ourselves without fear & loving the people around us. We all love our animals and they love us in their way but I really think we could learn from them.

Chat Soon x

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Miweek Motivation - A time to look out for number 1!!

Hello my friends,

Today I want to talk about being selfish! Seems crazy right! I want to talk about looking after yourself and being a little selfish. The term selfish is always associated with negative connotations. Maybe selfish isnt even the right word that I should be using, but the way I mean it is ME time!

What I mean is.. we spend most of our lives worrying about other people and this is a good thing. We are all human and have the instincts to protect, love, care and nurture others. Thats the way it should be! Sometimes however we need to take a time out! Refresh and recuperate. Recharge those batteries.

I am a huge believer in taking some time for yourself! Not worrying for a while about everyone else and just worrying about what you want and what you need. Those who love you will understand and forgive you for it and your body and mind will thank you for it.

Recently I have decided to think about myself a little bit more. It really has been a long time since I just enjoyed myself. Not worried what people thought of me or what my next move was. Im queen on list making but I found I was planning so much that I had no time for things I just wanted to do making so many lists that I couldnt see past the week ahead, no future plans to look forward to. Constantly chasing my own tail and playing catch up and inevitably feeling guilty and disappointed when everything was not completed.

I have decided to think about my life a bit more.. what do I want to do? One of the things I promised myself to make happen in 2016 is to make sure that I always have something to look forward to even if it is just small. I mean I suppose its not possible to ALWAYS have something to look forward to but at least often enough. I want take some time every now and then when I just do something I WANT to do.. Just for me! Whether that be turn off my phone for a couple of hours and cut off from the world. Get my hair done! or even just go for a walk (whenever this weather decides to let up!!) I dont mean there has to be a lot of money spent or a lot of planning put into it just something that makes me feel happy & relaxed! Which I dont know about you but I find it very hard to relax & "go with the flow" I like to always know what my next move is going to be and I have the worst habbit of over thinking!!

I think this something that everyone should think about implementing in 2016.... Whats the worst that could happen eh!??

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Organisation Month - A Life of List making!!

Hey There,

Welcome Back!! Show of hands who here is a slave to list making!? Brilliant, Im not the only one. For me, list making and completing is incredibly satisfying for a number of reasons. 

Once its on the paper its out of my head or at least straightened out. Sometimes when you are thinking about 101 things that you have to do at the same time the simple task of putting it on paper can make everything seem calmer and more organised. Just giving it a structure can do wonders for head. Another reason is because it can keep you motivated to get the items checked which makes you more productive meaning you are less likely to start a job and the leave half way through and start another one leaving you with a load of half finished jobs that you now have to go back and finish!     

Here are my little tips on list making - 

There are different types of lists you can make and my recommendation is that you do atleast one of them 

  • Monthly Overview - What does your month look like? Any important dates to remember?
  • Weekly Overview - Any important dates / appointments? Any important tasks to be completed?
  • Daily To-Do list - All the tasks you want/ to get completed by the end of the day   

I usually do all three (not so much the weekly one sometimes, apart from weekly finances) but it has now become part of my routine. If you know all the things that have to be done you now have a better idea of how your week is going to look & how much free time you will have for other things that you want to do. You are also more likely to feel better now that you know all the things that absolutely have to be done are going to be taken care of!! 

Categorize your lists

What is the point in having lists if they are as mixed up and messy as they are when they are in your head!? 

I like to Categorise them into
  • To-do
  • Finances
  • blogging
  • social

Even then I kind categorise my To-do sometimes, but there is no need to be that extreme that is just what I like to do.   

This way you can take a look at it and know where you are and what to do next. You can also add to and make changes to your list at any time.


Sometimes we have so much to do there isnt enough time in the day. instead of freaking out (I have a tendency to do this on the odd occasion) just prioritize & move some things around. Your List = Your Rules.

Use the list!

Yes this might seem obvious but sometimes we make the list and feel productive then never go back and look at it again (guilty of this myself) but why bother making it if your never going to use it. You can add a motivational element to it. For example something as simple as check boxes that are so satisfying to check off when a task is completed or a treat at the end of the day when your list is complete, which ever works best for you!!!

Thats my little bit of advice for list making! I hope it was helpful!!

Are you a list maker!?
Do you have any tips of tricks!?


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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Midweek Motivation - Winners focus on Winning....

Hello everyone,

At the moment I am currently on a little break away which is why this post is a day later than usual coming to you as I didnt have time to finish and publish yesterday with all the travelling and what not. Anyway I hope you are not too disappointed & Today I have a midweek motivation for you!! 

On the 12th of December Irelands own Connor McGreggor won the belt in a record breaking 13 second KO and became UFCs Featherweight World Champion. There is a lot of controversy over him as person I am aware. As my American friends would say he does a lot of "Trash Talk". Nonetheless no one can deny he has taken the world by storm, put Ireland on the map and is completely undefeated in his field. On top of that he is beating records left right and center. The man deserves respect for that. 

He has managed to predict every outcome of his fights, he works hard and has a clear vision and goal for his future. Personally I find him fascinating. He had a goal and by 27 has managed to become a household name and achieved everything he has set out to do with more ideas and goals in the pipeline for the next coming years. 

The reason I am talking about him today is because when I was watching the Post-Fight Press Conference the next day,  he said something I had never heard or thought of before. He said "Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners" He said while his opponent was watch focusing on him and watching what he was doing (training & strategy wise) in all the time leading up to the fight, he was also focusing on what he was doing and not his opponent.  Now I dont like the term losers but the concept is very interesting and I think it is a point that could be valid in many areas of life not just UFC fighting.

Connor McGreggors mind set (from watching interviews, documentaries and the like) Is fascinating. He makes no apologies or excuses for who he is at all. He is focused and determined and says things how he sees it. I mean yes it can come across cocky or arrogant but at the end of the day it is not just talk , he backs it up time & time again! He puts a lot of hard work behind his talk and has yet to miss a mark.

All of us including myself in everyday life , look at what others are doing and make comparisons. Its natural - Look at them all happy in love, engaged, pregnant, big house, cute dogs, great career, 3 holidays a year, loads of money, designer brands, happy family, skinny, good looking....... the list goes on and on and on.... the grass is always greener isnt it?? 

Well Im going to try and take a page out of McGreggors book and stop making comparisons with my life and my job. Im going to spend an hour this evening and write out everything that I want short term and long term and I going to find out everything I need to do to get there. Obviously there are somethings I have little control over but the things I have control over. Im going to stop looking wistfully at others (well as much as humanly possible) and focus on myself, my life, my goals and my future happiness.

7 years ago Connor McGreggor made a VT saying by his late 20s he was going to take the world by storm, he was going to be the best in UFC and household name, He was going to be undefeated, hold world records and have more money than he could spend. By 27 he has done all of this with so much more to come. Its admirable really.. he never stopped believing or working for it & continues along that path to this day. He said he always believed he was the best he always walked in the Octogon as if he was already the world champion. It was always his belt he just had to show everyone else. That is the mind frame everyone should have for their life. You are already the best other people just need to see it or realise it.

So thats my little bit of motivation for today. Stop making comparisons,, watching what everyone else it doing. Watch what your doing, worry about yourself, your life goals and happiness and all the rest will fall into place. 

I dont know about you but Im excited to see what Connor McGreggor has planned for the future #makingirelandproud   

Chat Soon my Loves x 

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Organisation month - Failure to plan is planning to fail

Hello There!,

I hope 2016 has been good to you so far!!! However there is a long year left to think about!! So this month I plan on sorting things out for the coming year and fast track me onto a fantastic year as a "strong independent woman"

I dont know about you but I always start to feel very motivated after the holiday season. Well like everyone else I have a couple of days where Im just trying to wake up from my food coma, make myself leave my bed or couch and learn how to be a proper human again but once I do I always feel a renewed sense of "Get up & go" and tend to get a bit of a "Bring it on attitude". "Come at me! Show me what you got!" 

So for the First Installment of this monthly series I want talk about thinking about all the fun things or trips you want to take this year. Most of us have other jobs in our daily lives, even if we are bloggers as well. Many of us have families, partners or children to look after. Whatever our circumstances it generally means that it is not often that you can leave all the fun things you want to do to the last minute.. a little planning is required, be it time off work, babysitters or what have you. 

What Im going to do this month is make a list of all the big things I know I want to do in 2016, google people I might want to see performing, holidays I might want to take, road trips, shows or events. I going find out the dates and details and see which ones are plausible and make plans to get there. This will work out in your favour for many reasons 

  • Tickets for planes, travel & accommodation are usually cheaper the earlier you buy them
  • Events and shows usually have early bird tickets available meaning again, they are cheaper
  • You will usually get your time off from work the earlier you book it so win,win
  • You will able to arrange people (ie children or family memebers) the more notice you give them
  • You will be able to save and sort out your finances as will know what and when you are saving for.
  • You will have something to look forward to!!!!!

I hope this idea gave you guys some inspiration for fantastic trips in the coming year!! This is what I will be doing tonight!! 

Let me know in the comments if you have made any plans for fun trips yet!?
Or if you have any Ideas for anywhere I might like to go or see!!

Chat soon x

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Curse of Overthinking...

Hey Guys,

So Im sitting at home scrolling through social media news feed both private and public & Ive got a situation buzzing around my head (love life of course ... would it be any other!) & in my head I can just hear voices of family members and loved ones. I can hear my mam saying "Linda, your overthinking things again" and close friends saying "I know its hard but your probably over thinking things" & "calm down, your just over thinking"

That got me thinking (of course haha) how do we stop this!? So I decided to start writing and see what happens.. maybe a post or maybe just somewhere to clear my head and delete again.. we'll see. 

As many of you will already know I suffer from anxiety & I am aware I am not alone in this. However I also think that some people who don't suffer from this must be prone to this too!? Am I wrong? Anyway from an anxious point of view there is this constant feeling of needing to know whats coming, a feeling of needing to be prepared if you will. This means it puts me on edge if I feel like there may be a situation that may not end well that Im not prepared for you know. (I really don't know if Im even making sense to you guys at this point but I hope your still with me) This inevitably leads to worrying and over thinking situations. I've heard it time and time again but old habits die hard.

I know there are so serious consequences to over thinking.. for example you can totally destroy situations as you may not have the whole story and you have managed to over think yourself in the worst one! You can actually make it happen (without meaning to) because your actions and reactions will change towards people also I believe in energy so I believe if you create negative energy you can actually create what you were trying to avoid. Finally the amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety can really takes its toll on you.

How can we fix this!? Well if there is some sort of quick fix then please let me know and I will forever be in your debt but the only way I really know how is redirection. Redirection of the mind and body. For example sometimes when I catch myself thinking about a certain subject that I know I can fall into the trap with I focus my attention on something else, like just thinking about the tasks I have to do that day or something exciting thats coming up. If that wont work ill watch TV, I also like colouring (It works my friend...frees your mind to come and go without paying total attention to it) or call a friend or get on my blog like Im doing right now.

Not all situations are that big or bad but sometimes the more you think about them the bigger they get until suddenly thats all you can see and the worst thing has already happened. For this I have one final tip (well I don't know if I would call these tips but its what I do) When your thinking and thinking about this, think about the worst case scenario. Whats the worst that could really happen!? Will you survive? Will life go on? Is everyone safe and healthy!? If the answer is yes then chances are there are much bigger problems we could be facing...    

Just sitting alone with my laptop I actually feel so much better about the situation.. I will survive, Life will go on & everyone is safe and healthy. Its really hard not to overthink but I think as long as you recognise it then you can help yourself. I might be right and worst case scenario could happen but you never know I could be wrong so..... That's life I guess. You have to take the good with the bad - What doesnt kill will make you stronger (& wiser)

Ok Im signing off.. & Im not even going to edit the content... just leave it raw..& add quote picks..
I hope this helps someone

Chat soon my loves x
Night night

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Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 Reflections....

Hello my Friends,

Once again another year has past (is it just just me or are they moving faster!!?) It feels like yesterday that I was sitting here writing my 2014 Reflections. Oh Well Here we go again I guess.

This year has been a massive year of change for me not all good but not terrible.I feel like a learned a lot of life lessons and I learned a bit about myself ... Again not all good but not terrible... I feel like the latter half of the year just flew by as I was just trying to keep up with my own life!!

What I learned in the past 12 months..

I learned that sometimes you just need to ask for help and guidance and that is OK. I learned that the wall I use to keep from getting hurt is much stronger than I realised and that is something I need to work on. I learned its easy to fall for someone you barely know (which up until now never thought was possible) but I also learned that things do not always work out the way you want them to (& thats not necessarily a bad thing) I learned that even at the ripe old age of 25 I am nowhere near being a proper adult but thats ok too. I learned that bravery comes in many forms & sometimes the bravest of people do not show it at all. 

I learned that not all change is bad. I changed jobs and made some wonderful friends. I moved back home due to housing crisis and got to spend a bit more time with family. I have reconnected with people from my past which has been both good and bad but once again not terrible. I got to complete a couple of things before my 30 before 30 and more on the way!! Another thing I learned about change is that it can happen over night almost both for better and worse and there is nothing you can do about. I learned that I have a massive problem with relaxing and that is something I also need to work (I see many massages coming my way in 2016 haha) 

Finally I learned that not only do I need to relax but I need to live in the present more, worrying about the past and trying to anticipate the future really leaves you with nothing but with a headache and anxious feeling in your chest. As my mam always says if its meant to be then it will be. Shes right I need to learn to sit back and let the universe work its magic.

Highlights for me! 

  • Going to Galway for 3 days with my family, Staying in The G and Going horse riding again!
  • Living with my brother & sister for 3 months! So random how it worked out but alot of fun!! Like old times (sort of) just for one summer!!
  • Changing jobs and meeting so many new great people. Some i have become very close to!! Awesome!!
  • Spending time at home again, back to my roots, where I came from. Its had its challenges and ups and downs but I know once I move out chances are I wont be moving back again so this has been good!!! 
  • Finally getting tickets to see Russel Howard. Hes someone I have wanted to see for ages an also its a great way to kick off the new year of fun and adventures!!  

My Goals last year

Blogging & Youtubing

Although I kept up-to-date with other peoples blogs and youtube channels I was not very consistant with my own blog nor did I get my channel up and running again. This is for a lot of reasons but is something I would like to rectify and get back on track with this year.


This is something I definately got better and more specifically budgeting but it is something that I will continue to improve in 2016

Travel (Getting on a Plane)

Still have not managed this but I have not forgotten about it at all. Time and money more than anything else have been the reason for this not happening.

Read More

I did read some great books during the year and I will try to up my game this year!!

Pass my Driving Test

Not yet! Oh well soon, soon.....


Ok not even going to lie... totally did not do this but I really want to get back into it as I love it when I do it but then other things get in the way and living an hour from the city doesnt help. But this year I will be reporting back to guys with all the different classes I attend!!

So there you have it! doesnt look like much progress if Im honest (Goal wise anyway) but I dont even feel bad because this year has been so crazy for me with change!! Mentally this has been a really challenging and important year I feel. Besides like I said last year - If at first you dont succeed there is always tequila!! haha!! This year though Im going to make me more of a priority, What I want to do..Who I want to spend my time and what goals I want have completed in the next 12 months.

I will see you 2mro with my post on my 2016 - Resolutions and Goals.

Chat soon x  

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 - Goals & Resolutions

Hey There!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Once again welcome to my first post in of the year. 2016... how wierd is that to say!! I have a feeling that this year is going to be an awesome. You know why?? Because I plan on making it one. Last year was a complicated year and I learned many life lessons that is why I feel like this year is going to be a good one. I am stronger this year, I have grown! 2016 bring it on. 

My choices of goals for this year are going to reflect this "take on the world and make it a better place" attitude.  

Now if you read my last post you are probably thinking "You could just take your list from last year and complete that?" & You would be right I am going to continue to progress through that list until they are complete also but New Year - New List!! 

Here are my Goals and Resolutions for 2016

Blogging and Youtube

Yes this title is the same as last year and yes those goals are still in place but this year my aim is to try and spread more joy and happiness throughout my blogs and channel. Create more fun and laughter and a more welcoming place to be. Just have more fun with it! One of the series I want to do this year is one I saw on another blog (please forgive me, I cannot for the life of me remember which blog. Please leave it in the comments if you know!!!) & I thought it was a fantastic Idea! Basically every month you create a post talking about all the fantastic things that happened that month!! what a brilliant way to take stock each month & remember all the great things that are going on in your life instead of having them all pass you by. 

Plan Something to look forward to each month

This is also going to tie into blogging. Each month I want to plan something fun to do. I find that alot of the time I let life pass me by as I am so focused on all the things I HAVE to do, which dont get me wrong they are important too but once a month atleast everyone should be doing something that they WANT to do. 

Find a nice place to live

I have spent the past 4 months at home with the intention of finding a suitable place to move into after Christmas. Fun fact about me - I hate not having my own space and place. It makes me irritable that most of my stuff is in storage and Im antzy to move out. Dont get me wrong my parents are wonderful and have done everything to accommodate me but after 8 years living out of home it takes some getting used to. Also weirdly enough  its like a visualisation of the fact that your life isnt the way you thought it would be by now, you know? Anyway at first I decided that anywhere would do as long as I was safe and comfortable now the more I have stayed at home for a couple of months my opinion has changed I want to find the right place. lets face it, Its a lot money and at the end of the day you dont even own any of it so instead of rushing out the door Im going to find the right place for me! I mean I have a nice comfortable (albeit an inconvenient distance from work) place to live so why would I rush out to pay money for a place that was worse... makes no logical sense really!

Getting Healthier

Yes I know everyone says it this time of year but I really need to! I eat all the wrong foods, work crazy days and hours, rarely exercise properly or see fresh air or daylight. Its really not good. I have been thinking about alot recently but with Christmas and everything it just didnt seem possible. Now however everything is going to relax a little so I will have more time to plan and learn a new routine and way of living... #excited!!


Yes as many will know I am queen of lists but yet I still feel like I am behind myself a lot of the time, Im going to use January specifically to organise and tie up loose ends I have before I move out & I am going to take you with me on this journey next month as I am going to make January 2016 Organisation month here on my blog. I mean really what is the point in moving out if you are still catching up on yourself. When I move out I want to completely independant and have everything organised and sorted to the best of my ability!

Getting my car sorted

This something that I have wanted to do for so long now but I feel like something has always come up and pushed it aside. Well this year again with the theme of "Strong Independent Woman"  I want this to be one of the loose ends I tie up.

There comes a point in our lives where have to learn to be a grown up! By no means was I ever completely irresponsible (well within reason I guess) I mean I have lived out of home for 8 years, But I think this maybe my year to truely start sorting out all that adult stuff that we avoid!! Hey I might learn something new! & You never know It might even be fun! 

So thats the plan for my 2016 although lets face when do plans ever go according to plan!? Still though I am excited to see what this year has to offer as I said in the beginning - BRING IT ON!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a fantastic New Year!!

Chat soon my Beauties x

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