Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Choices, Choices, Choices......

Hey There Friends,

Today I have a Midweek Motivation for you! Its been a while since I have done one these I admit, But I got you covered this week!! Today I want to talk about choices. In the modern world we live in it gets easier and easier to do the things we love and stay connected with the people we love. We are all aware of this. This is not ground breaking news and no ones going to read this opening paragraph and go huh I never knew that. However these are not the choices I am talking about today.

Today I want focus on the little choices we make everyday. All the decisions and choices that lead to the bigger things. With every new day springs a whole host of new decisions and choices... What to do today? What to eat? Who to spend the day with? What to I do that will benefit me the most? 

Recently I have noticed that I have a tendency to make big long term plans but not make little short term ones leading up to it in order to achieve the long term ones... I hope I am making sense here and you are still with me. For example I want to travel.. a few problems with this plan.. work.. money.. passport out of date... just to name a few. So now I have decided to that each week I would make a small goal of saving & to do something productive to get me closer to that holiday.

While thinking about this new strategy it got me thinking "What about the choices we make everyday without even thinking about it?" Where we choose to work? Who we put our time and effort into? " We do all that without thinking! I like to think of the episode in How I Met Your Mother (I am sure I have mentioned this before in a past post) Its call the Lucky Penny. Its where Ted has an important job interview in Chicago and misses his flight and it can all be traced back to finding a penny on the Subway. I love this episode for 2 reasons - #1 Is the reason I have mentioned it in the past which is that Its funny how the universe seems to have a plan and something you did a week ago or even longer can have a ripple effect and affect something in your future (If you would like to read that post you can just click on the link here - The Universe Has a Plan Right?) but #2 I also love it because it reminds you that every choice however insignificant it may seem can alter your future. 

Ted picked up a penny on the Subway and ended up missing an important meeting a week later... more complicated than that but if you have seen the episode you will know what I am talking about. So this is my message today - Everyone has a choice to be who they want to be! Everyday! So many choices that sometimes we forget we even have them. They are all mixed into our daily life and it is only when they are big and asked directly we don't recognise them. Of course we have many things that have to be done but it does not mean we cant incorporate other things into our life which are just for us no?

Take a minute and think, are you happy? if not, why not? whats making you anxious or sad? What could you change? Even something small just to incorporate into your life. You never know the smallest change you make might be the biggest one!!

When you make any choice remember who you are! Remember what you want! Dont ever sacrifice your own Personality, Being, Self worth, Goals or Morals for something or someone who is not worth it long term. Remember your word is your honor... so choose wisely my friends.       

Have you made any choices or changes recently in life?
Have you seen any benefits by doing so?

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Monday, 16 November 2015

A world at war....

Hello Friends,

As a general rule I never watch the news, not because I want to be ignorant or oblivious to the world around me. Its actually the opposite. I found I was actually getting too involved in it. I found myself worrying about all these things that had no impact on my actual life apart from empathy for other peoples situations. I would worry about things like the ebola crisis.. watching for new reports and updates... lay awake thinking about all those poor people in war torn countries. It would put me in such a down mood and make me anxious. I realised this had to stop! So I stopped watching the news! I figured if something significant happened I would hear about it through friends, radio randomly on, Magazines or any of my social media. It worked! I stopped lying awake at night thinking about situations that had no real impact on my life and Scared me into an anxiety attack. I know it sounds harsh like I dont care about the rest of the world. I really do... thats a lot of the problem. Nothing is more frustrating then thinking about a situation that you cant fix!!     

Recently however the news has been harder and harder to avoid the news! Where I work they have taken to having SKY news on the in the back round on the TV and it is always about destruction and devastation! Regardless with or without the TV on I would have heard about the horrific events that took place on Friday the 13th in Paris. Truly heart breaking imagery! My thoughts go out the poor people involved! 

What are we doing to ourselves! Why do we insist on hurting and killing each other!? Money, Power, Politics, Religion... none of these seem like good enough reasons for any of the catastrophic events that have taken place in the last couple hundred of years!!

I was talking to dad about this and I realised something. The world is always at war, always has been. Maybe not the scale of world war but every country has an army for a reason whether they are in war or not they are always prepared... Every war, civil or worldwide is always generally the same one country wants something and the other is defending themselves and all the poor civilians get caught in the cross fire... collateral damage. Its sad really.

It does seem to look like a new sweep of terrorism is taking place.. Its  terrifying to watch and read about. Them main difference seems to be is that terrorism is not the result of people looking for money, oil or to take over a country, It is simply there for the love of chaos and destruction. A body count. I have found that I have gone back to constantly checking for updates in the news. I feel anxious and stressed. 

Sometimes I just look at the Tv screen and think what is it all for? What would our world be like if we worked together and not tried to kill each other off? Share our vast wealth and knowledge with each other. I know its an idealistic dream world but I think it could be pretty incredible. 

I think the most important thing we can do is to continue living our lives as normal, the best way we know how! Dont let fear and propaganda take over. Terrorists can attack and take away or feeling of safety but the can not take away our freedom. They can not control our reactions! Yes we are going to be afraid, emotional, empathetic but we are not going to hide in fear of going out..
Life is tough enough sometimes even without the fear of bombs and attack. We are all fighting out own personal war. I think all we can do is try and be nice in our own lives. Even small things, acts of kindness. Unfortunately the world will never be at peace and that is just the way it is but we all have a choice. Be the best person you can be. Treat people with kindness and respect... You never know you might unknowingly help them win their own personal war and create a lifetime of peace time..

My thoughts and heart go out to the victims of the Paris attacks. Such a tragedy.  

Be well & stay safe my friends,

Lots of Love,

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Monday, 9 November 2015

The Games People Play.... & how not to let it ruin your life...

Hello Everyone, 

Recently my personal life has been totally over taken by drama in every sense of the word. In recent conversations with friends and confidants a few interesting topics came up and a few things people have said have resonated with me.

One of these things is the games people play. Everyone plays games in life weather they intend on it from the beginning or not... You are lying if you say you have never done this. Think about it.. really think about it... when it comes to getting a job or even relationships. Not everyone intends on playing games in order to create drama or chaos just for the shear hell of it. More often then not its a form of self preservation and not getting hurt. Nobody wants to be too vulnerable or break down walls for someone or something that they are not quite sure about, especially when it comes to relationships in a romantic sense but game playing does somehow seep into other areas of your life. 

I think from an early age we are taught and encouraged to play games. Its a form of power play. I remember from an early age when the girls would all sit around talking about their crushes and how they would get them, find out if they liked them back, what were they thinking... Books, Magazines, Tv shows & Movies all encourage this game playing. I mean everyone's heard of the 3 day rule right!? Yes harmless but a game nonetheless.. Its all about power and control, the way you come across to the person intended. Us girls are taught not to be too forward (clingy), Give each other names and reputations.. but its the same for the boys, men must be strong, knights, heroes. Its all about the game...    

Work is the same. CVs (Resumes) are embellished, putting your best foot forward at the interview.. then its all power play where I have, in the past, been witness to colleagues lying about each other but honestly tell me a company where that doesn't happen.

Dont get me wrong games can be fun but sometimes you need to weigh up what your end game is and whats at stake if you lose and this week I learned you make not even know what that is.. you may not even realise the what the game is.

What I have learned in the past week is that sometimes you can be sucked into a game without even meaning to because its fun, exciting and doesn't seem to have major consequences only to find out that you were not completely aware of not only the game in play but also the other players! 

People love gossip. Half truths are always more interesting than the whole truth... you get to make your own ending apparently. 

Suddenly you find yourself a part of something much bigger and ... You Lose! Someone said something which has stuck with me... the only way to stop playing is to walk away. Whats done is done and you cant change it. Perception is reality. If people see you as this then This is their reality.. Walk away, continue to be you and people will slowly begin to see the real you and the people that dont... well thats really their loss then isnt it? Even if that is hard to believe at the time. 

The Game of Life doesn't have to be dictated by other people. Your life doesn't have to include them. You have a choice. Dont let other people decide your fate and who you are for you!! You know how you are!! 

I wonder what the world would be like with a little less game playing and little more honesty....

Lots of love my friends,

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