Saturday, 26 December 2015

St Stephens Day Reflections! 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone has had an amazing and festive Christmas!! I hope it was filled with good food, great company and lots of fun & laughter!! 

This year Christmas seems to have passed me by a little bit... dont get me wrong I have had a lot of fun & a really good Christmas but it seems to have whizzed passed me in the blink of an eye. I have seemed to let work and personal drama take over a little bit, meaning I did not get to complete many of my goals I had for this festive season, Blogmas included. 

However I am not going to beat myself up about it, instead Im focusing on the future. There is a new year around the corner after all. A recent tragedy has taken place close by me and it has made me look back and reevaluate things, appreciate things, and think more about what I want from my time spent on this planet.    

Goals I managed to complete - 
  • Get in contact with people that may have slipped my radar recently... 
  • Do my Christmas shopping early (majority of this was done early with some last bits and pieces Christmas week - I still count it as a win!!)
  •  Spend more time and effort on personalising each Gift I wrap and Christmas Card I write. - This one I enjoyed and will continue to do!!
  • Go Ice Skating Again! - Didnt manage this one yet
  • Watch Elf! Again not yet!! 
  • Read Christmas Books........ Always next year I guess.....
  • Watch the Late Late Toy Show! This is one I was really upset I didnt get to do....
  • Stay Organised so I can make the most out of my time and funds this Christmas Season! Honestly did this to the best of my ability... for the most part but next I will try harder
  • Make more time for the people I love and who are most important in my life!  Same with last point
  • Be Present! Live in the moment! Breathe and Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!! I really did enjoy it even though it was crazy and kind of a whirlwind.

Before the end of the week I am going to look back on my goals and see how far I have come (If at all) and I am going to think about what I want from next year too. Honestly I think this is what everyone should take a little time to do at the end of each year.

So much happens in 12 months but rarely do we take the time to notice it. I mean you could use landmarks like your birthday or New Years Eve but as side from these how often do we stop and look at all we have in this world. Im not specifically talking about material things, although they are nice and some important (for example clothes and a roof over our head) but Im talking about all the people in our life that we hold dear to us and other things we cant buy like our health & Safety.      

Some people do not have the luxuries that we have and sometimes that is easy to forget. This however is the perfect time of year to remember that and all that we have to be grateful for. 

Anyway I just wanted write a lil post to say Hello, Happy Holidays & I hope that everyone is enjoying all the luxuries they have in their life right now!! I will be back very soon my loves!!

Chat Soon x


Thank You For Reading

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Festive / Christmas Goals for the 2015 Holidays!!

Hello Everyone, 

I cant believe that Its the first of December ALREADY!! WTF!? How can this be!? The year is nearly coming to an end.... 

Anyway this year I decided that I would do Blogmas. So welcome to Blogmas Day #1!!! I will not be documenting everything I do everyday.. for that you can add me on Instagram HERE or Twitter HERE but instead I will be promising to upload a festive filled post every single day up until christmas just for YOU!    

I have been planning this for a while and will have all kinds of festive filled goodness for you to get your teeth into! 

Today I have decided to tell you all of my festive / Christmas goals for the 2015 holidays

  1. Get in contact with people that may have slipped my radar recently... Wish them Merry Christmas and find out how they are getting on. Maybe meet them for a coffee or hot chocolate.
  2. Do my Christmas shopping early (this one I have already started) No panic buying or running around on Christmas Eve.
  3. Spend more time and effort on personalising each Gift I wrap and Christmas Card I write. No last minute work to get the job done.
  4. Go Ice Skating Again! Last year I went and Fricken Loved it!! Must do that again!!
  5. Watch Elf! Yes I must be the only person in the WORLD who has never seen elf but I will be changing that this year!!
  6. Read Christmas Books. I always say I will but I never. This year however I plan on reading them and giving you guys the reviews so that ye will have time to pick them up if they are any good.
  7. Watch the Late Late Toy Show! Last year I never ended up watching it and it just wasnt the same this year I will definately be watching it!! 
  8. Stay Organised so I can make the most out of my time and funds this Christmas Season!
  9. Make more time for the people I love and who are most important in my life!        
  10. Be Present! Live in the moment! Breathe and Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!! 

So those are my Festive goals for this month!!

Have you got any goals for the holidays!? 

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Choices, Choices, Choices......

Hey There Friends,

Today I have a Midweek Motivation for you! Its been a while since I have done one these I admit, But I got you covered this week!! Today I want to talk about choices. In the modern world we live in it gets easier and easier to do the things we love and stay connected with the people we love. We are all aware of this. This is not ground breaking news and no ones going to read this opening paragraph and go huh I never knew that. However these are not the choices I am talking about today.

Today I want focus on the little choices we make everyday. All the decisions and choices that lead to the bigger things. With every new day springs a whole host of new decisions and choices... What to do today? What to eat? Who to spend the day with? What to I do that will benefit me the most? 

Recently I have noticed that I have a tendency to make big long term plans but not make little short term ones leading up to it in order to achieve the long term ones... I hope I am making sense here and you are still with me. For example I want to travel.. a few problems with this plan.. work.. money.. passport out of date... just to name a few. So now I have decided to that each week I would make a small goal of saving & to do something productive to get me closer to that holiday.

While thinking about this new strategy it got me thinking "What about the choices we make everyday without even thinking about it?" Where we choose to work? Who we put our time and effort into? " We do all that without thinking! I like to think of the episode in How I Met Your Mother (I am sure I have mentioned this before in a past post) Its call the Lucky Penny. Its where Ted has an important job interview in Chicago and misses his flight and it can all be traced back to finding a penny on the Subway. I love this episode for 2 reasons - #1 Is the reason I have mentioned it in the past which is that Its funny how the universe seems to have a plan and something you did a week ago or even longer can have a ripple effect and affect something in your future (If you would like to read that post you can just click on the link here - The Universe Has a Plan Right?) but #2 I also love it because it reminds you that every choice however insignificant it may seem can alter your future. 

Ted picked up a penny on the Subway and ended up missing an important meeting a week later... more complicated than that but if you have seen the episode you will know what I am talking about. So this is my message today - Everyone has a choice to be who they want to be! Everyday! So many choices that sometimes we forget we even have them. They are all mixed into our daily life and it is only when they are big and asked directly we don't recognise them. Of course we have many things that have to be done but it does not mean we cant incorporate other things into our life which are just for us no?

Take a minute and think, are you happy? if not, why not? whats making you anxious or sad? What could you change? Even something small just to incorporate into your life. You never know the smallest change you make might be the biggest one!!

When you make any choice remember who you are! Remember what you want! Dont ever sacrifice your own Personality, Being, Self worth, Goals or Morals for something or someone who is not worth it long term. Remember your word is your honor... so choose wisely my friends.       

Have you made any choices or changes recently in life?
Have you seen any benefits by doing so?

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Monday, 16 November 2015

A world at war....

Hello Friends,

As a general rule I never watch the news, not because I want to be ignorant or oblivious to the world around me. Its actually the opposite. I found I was actually getting too involved in it. I found myself worrying about all these things that had no impact on my actual life apart from empathy for other peoples situations. I would worry about things like the ebola crisis.. watching for new reports and updates... lay awake thinking about all those poor people in war torn countries. It would put me in such a down mood and make me anxious. I realised this had to stop! So I stopped watching the news! I figured if something significant happened I would hear about it through friends, radio randomly on, Magazines or any of my social media. It worked! I stopped lying awake at night thinking about situations that had no real impact on my life and Scared me into an anxiety attack. I know it sounds harsh like I dont care about the rest of the world. I really do... thats a lot of the problem. Nothing is more frustrating then thinking about a situation that you cant fix!!     

Recently however the news has been harder and harder to avoid the news! Where I work they have taken to having SKY news on the in the back round on the TV and it is always about destruction and devastation! Regardless with or without the TV on I would have heard about the horrific events that took place on Friday the 13th in Paris. Truly heart breaking imagery! My thoughts go out the poor people involved! 

What are we doing to ourselves! Why do we insist on hurting and killing each other!? Money, Power, Politics, Religion... none of these seem like good enough reasons for any of the catastrophic events that have taken place in the last couple hundred of years!!

I was talking to dad about this and I realised something. The world is always at war, always has been. Maybe not the scale of world war but every country has an army for a reason whether they are in war or not they are always prepared... Every war, civil or worldwide is always generally the same one country wants something and the other is defending themselves and all the poor civilians get caught in the cross fire... collateral damage. Its sad really.

It does seem to look like a new sweep of terrorism is taking place.. Its  terrifying to watch and read about. Them main difference seems to be is that terrorism is not the result of people looking for money, oil or to take over a country, It is simply there for the love of chaos and destruction. A body count. I have found that I have gone back to constantly checking for updates in the news. I feel anxious and stressed. 

Sometimes I just look at the Tv screen and think what is it all for? What would our world be like if we worked together and not tried to kill each other off? Share our vast wealth and knowledge with each other. I know its an idealistic dream world but I think it could be pretty incredible. 

I think the most important thing we can do is to continue living our lives as normal, the best way we know how! Dont let fear and propaganda take over. Terrorists can attack and take away or feeling of safety but the can not take away our freedom. They can not control our reactions! Yes we are going to be afraid, emotional, empathetic but we are not going to hide in fear of going out..
Life is tough enough sometimes even without the fear of bombs and attack. We are all fighting out own personal war. I think all we can do is try and be nice in our own lives. Even small things, acts of kindness. Unfortunately the world will never be at peace and that is just the way it is but we all have a choice. Be the best person you can be. Treat people with kindness and respect... You never know you might unknowingly help them win their own personal war and create a lifetime of peace time..

My thoughts and heart go out to the victims of the Paris attacks. Such a tragedy.  

Be well & stay safe my friends,

Lots of Love,

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Monday, 9 November 2015

The Games People Play.... & how not to let it ruin your life...

Hello Everyone, 

Recently my personal life has been totally over taken by drama in every sense of the word. In recent conversations with friends and confidants a few interesting topics came up and a few things people have said have resonated with me.

One of these things is the games people play. Everyone plays games in life weather they intend on it from the beginning or not... You are lying if you say you have never done this. Think about it.. really think about it... when it comes to getting a job or even relationships. Not everyone intends on playing games in order to create drama or chaos just for the shear hell of it. More often then not its a form of self preservation and not getting hurt. Nobody wants to be too vulnerable or break down walls for someone or something that they are not quite sure about, especially when it comes to relationships in a romantic sense but game playing does somehow seep into other areas of your life. 

I think from an early age we are taught and encouraged to play games. Its a form of power play. I remember from an early age when the girls would all sit around talking about their crushes and how they would get them, find out if they liked them back, what were they thinking... Books, Magazines, Tv shows & Movies all encourage this game playing. I mean everyone's heard of the 3 day rule right!? Yes harmless but a game nonetheless.. Its all about power and control, the way you come across to the person intended. Us girls are taught not to be too forward (clingy), Give each other names and reputations.. but its the same for the boys, men must be strong, knights, heroes. Its all about the game...    

Work is the same. CVs (Resumes) are embellished, putting your best foot forward at the interview.. then its all power play where I have, in the past, been witness to colleagues lying about each other but honestly tell me a company where that doesn't happen.

Dont get me wrong games can be fun but sometimes you need to weigh up what your end game is and whats at stake if you lose and this week I learned you make not even know what that is.. you may not even realise the what the game is.

What I have learned in the past week is that sometimes you can be sucked into a game without even meaning to because its fun, exciting and doesn't seem to have major consequences only to find out that you were not completely aware of not only the game in play but also the other players! 

People love gossip. Half truths are always more interesting than the whole truth... you get to make your own ending apparently. 

Suddenly you find yourself a part of something much bigger and ... You Lose! Someone said something which has stuck with me... the only way to stop playing is to walk away. Whats done is done and you cant change it. Perception is reality. If people see you as this then This is their reality.. Walk away, continue to be you and people will slowly begin to see the real you and the people that dont... well thats really their loss then isnt it? Even if that is hard to believe at the time. 

The Game of Life doesn't have to be dictated by other people. Your life doesn't have to include them. You have a choice. Dont let other people decide your fate and who you are for you!! You know how you are!! 

I wonder what the world would be like with a little less game playing and little more honesty....

Lots of love my friends,

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The new fashion accessory - Anxiety!? I think not - a dose of reality

Hello Everyone,

So today I was sitting down to write a midweek motivation post.. been pushing it off for the past couple of days. Why you ask? because honestly I have not been feeling super motivated myself lately. I have been sick and quite anxious alot of the time... 

Then I thought about a post I read this morning about anxiety and I thought yes I can leave it get me down or I can get up and fight. So here I am.. hello.. 

The post was also saying that how in recent times anxiety is becoming a new trend - Like the newest fashion accessory. Now the optimist in me wants to believe that no-one would be that horrible to pretend they had it if they didnt.. surely not.. but the realist in me is thinking it is possible. I have written something about this in the past where I said and still truely believe that the reason that there are more & more people coming forward and talking about it is because people we admire are doing so, therefore giving us the encouragement and the strength to do the same. I think this is fantastic #stompoutstigma. However I must say it truely gets to me the thought that someone might actually be using anxiety as a way of attention seeking or getting more views for their blog!! Im sure that anyone who reads this and perhaps is keeping up with this pretence is not going to change their mind because of me , but heres a dose of reality - 

Anxiety is not cool! It is not something that you can just turn on and off when it suits. It is terrifying for no reason whatsoever. Your mind can not slow down, thinking thinking thinking... You are always planning an escape route in case something goes wrong. You constantly feel like you are in fight or flight mode. You can no longer do "Normal" things. You can think yourself into a panic attack... why? who knows. Your body feels like it is under threat .... but its not... you know this , but it doesnt help... You lay awake at night thinking a million and one scenarios that begin with "what if". You do everything to appear "normal" to the outside world while feeling like a fraud most of the time. Throw in some OCD and its exhausting. You get good at hiding it though. The invisible illness that only people who have suffered will know. You feel drained, scared & alone most of the time... when will it end..

I developed mine about 2 years ago now I believe. It was the most terrifying time of my life. I went form a normal, happy, social, independant girl to a girl who couldnt get on a bus and didnt know why.. Now I have grown more, learned more, I am now capable of dealing with more. It is by no means gone.. not even close but panic attacks are less frequent, I can now do almost everything I used to be able to and in time I will get better and stronger but it all takes time. I may fail but to be honest I dont see that as much of an option so I am determined to succeed! As I am sure I have said this before not many people in my life know I suffer with this. Its not social anxiety so I appear fine most of the time even though the thoughts in my head are racing. Its not something I am open or forth coming with in my real life as I feel like its my business and my issues, of course if it ever came up I wouldnt shy away from it as I am also not ashamed! Something I cant control , But something I will fight... I will win... I have to believe that! I might forget it alot and I might not feel like it most of the time but I know deep down I deserve the same chance as everybody else to live happy and fullfilled, as do you. 

If there are people who would ever use this as an accessory then I really hope they stop. Would these people pretend to have Cancer or other serious illnesses, no because its not nice.. dont pretend to have an illness just because its invisible. Enjoy the fact that you are illness free!! Believe me anyone with anxiety wishes they didn't almost every single day.                   

Anyone who suffers like me you are not alone and we will be fine! We will fight and become stronger than we ever thought we could be! 

Thank You For Reading 

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Midweek Motivation || My Favourite Inspirational Quotes on life!!

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday. I am here with a little midweek motivation for you to hopefully keep you on that happy train!! & if you are not having that great of a day maybe these quotes will give you a little inspiration! They always give me a little lift!

Today I have just put together a little post including some of my favourite quotes on life! I will do these posts maybe once every couple of months or so with different themes but today it is all about LIFE!! 

Enjoy!! x

I have left my personal favourite until last. I heard this quote as a young child and for some reason it has always stayed with me! It is so true! For me when I think of this it reminds me that not all change is bad and that sometimes things must fall apart to make way for something better! 


Leave me a comment telling me about you favourite quotes!!

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Moving out for the first time || Organisation Tips || What do I need to bring!?

Hello my darlings, 

A couple of weeks ago I posted a post about where to start when planning on moving out for the first time. All the things you will need the think about and do when trying to find accommodation , If you have not read it yet you can just click on this link Moving out for the first time!? What do I need to know!? This is a follow up post.

So in this post I will be talking about what you need to do when you have found the perfect place and you are planning on moving in!

All the paperwork

At this point you will probably have contracts signed and all the things I talked about in my last post all talked over with landlord but if not now is the time to do! There needs to be no ambiguity or misunderstandings.

* Tip* Before you move anything in walk around with your camera phone or camera but make sure the date is visable and take photos of any damage that you could be liable for later! I was told this tip but did not do it and it came back to bite me.

I moved into a flat and there were some problems with the place (minor but still) my roommate and I communicated this with a certain letting agency that we were renting with and they assured us they would send someone around to take a look and fix the problems. They did send someone, once and he took a list and never came back, we rang a few times just to be told he would be around again... never saw him... At the end of our lease they would not return our deposit in full as they claimed we had done this damage!! crazy right! We protested and made our case very clear but as we had no proof there was not much we could do about the situation. So let this be a lesson to you guys and girls out there. People are not always trustworthy and you cannot always rely on peoples word. sometimes you need proof! and if the photo is dated to the day you moved in then there is not much anyone can do to refute it!      

What are you going to take with you?

Lists, Lists & more Lists 

From the initial viewing of the house you will know what you are working with when it comes to household Items. Most places will be fully furnished and will have everything you need in the common areas of the house such as glasses and crockery in the kitchen as well as appliances but sometimes you may have to pop into the 2 euro and pick up bits and pieces. 

My advice is to work in categories to avoid forgetting anything - Mine would be

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Essential (Need immediately for first night if unable to unpack all straight away) 
  • Clothes
  • Makeup 
  • Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Technology 
  • Need to buy        

It seems like a lot but if you use them as a reference guide it will be easier to pack and easier to find everything afterwards! 

Colour Coding

Another way of doing it is colour coding your boxes. You can pick up coloured stickers or pens in a 2 euro store and use different colour for each category!

Essentials not to be forgotten 

Here is an idea of some things that should be on your lists


If not already provided
  • Glasses / cups / mugs
  • crockery
  • utensils
  • chopping board
  • oven glove
  • tea towels
  • kitchen paper
  • grease proof paper
  • tin foil
  • drying tray for washed items
  • kitchen cleaning products


  • Bathroom cleaning products
  • toilet brush
  • hand soap
  • hand towel
  • toilet roll

Essential for the first night

This is essentially just and overnight you would pack if you were staying anywhere for just one night.
  • pjamas
  • change of clothes
  • technology / with chargers
  • bed clothes
  • toiletries (including toilet roll)
  • makeup (optional)
  • food for the day/night
  • book (or anything else that would make you feel comfortable on your first night)

Clothes, Makeup, Skincare & Haircare

One of my points on a previous post - The Upside to Moving  I said that one of the great things about moving is you get the chance to go through all of your belongs and throw away anything that you no longer have any use for anymore. You can give them to friends, charity or sell them and make a bit of cash for yourself. Either way you get to downsize and feel much freer and more organised for doing so. Plus it also means there is now more space in the closet to make a few more purchases (a trip to Pennys maybe..?)

The only real advice I can give you is be as organised as you can and do it as early as you can. If you leave it until the last min you will be so stressed out & end up making silly mistakes or forgetting things that are very important. If you start planning a week or two in advance it will take the pressure off and you will thank yourself when you are sitting in your new living room enjoying a nice cup of tea!! (Dont forget to add teabags to the list!)      

Are you moving out soon or have you recently?
Have you any tips for moving?

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Chance of 1 in 400 Trillion...

Hey hey. 

So today I want to take a minute to appreciate this statistic! It was one I learned while reading the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I have done a review of this book (Book Review - #GIRLBOSS). In the book she tells us that there is a 1 in 400 trillion chance of us being born into this world in the first place and it is a statistic that has stuck with me ever since

1 in 400 trillion

Thats the chance it took for our parents to be concieved themselves, meet, concieve us when they did, the chance of us being the strongest swimmer, surviving to term and finally being born! Thats crazy just to even think about! Not to mind the chance of being born as a human, when and where we did, into the family we have been or the environment or society we have.... its all a little bit mind blowing to be honest when you really think about it!!

As we go through our daily life more often then not we forget about how lucky we are, to have the family, friends, home, job, pets that we have or life that we lead. Thats completely natural. We are so in the center of our own lives it is hard to see the bigger picture. We are more than likely so focused on out to-do lists, work schedule and day to day worries and stresses that we forget about taking a minute to take a breath and just look around.

So lets take a breath

Look around you. Look at what you have to be grateful for and not only that look at what this world and people accomplished both throughout history and present day! Look at the infrastructure, look at the parks, the transport systems, our comfy homes, our technology... because really if you think about it people created this, the world we live in so there was at least (before factoring other variables and make this statistic more crazy) a 1 in 400 trillion chance of this world as we know it ever existing.

Now there are two ways of looking at this

1. The world is so vast. And you are 1 in 400 trillion chance of happening.. so really this is just a drop in the ocean.. why do I even matter. I mean the world will continue to spin regardless. I will have been born and passed away without anyone have really noticing. Also people have created the world we live in and we haven't exactly got it all right have we.. mass murders... inequailty... the destruction of our environment ... Just to name a few.

2. 1 in 400 trillion chance!! Really... so LETS MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! Life is so short as it is. The blink of an eye & the chances of you existing in the first place are so incredible then why not make the absolute most out it!! Everyone of us is so lucky to be on this planet in the first place (although it may not always feel like it) so if you want something - Go For It!! You want to change something - Change It! You want to try something new - Try It! Most importantly live your life the best way you know how & also the way that makes you the most happy... Afterall what have we really got to lose!

Im a glass half full kinda girl (well most of the time) so I feel the latter way of looking at it is the best way of looking at this situation! Im mean if you really think about we all just won the genetic and reproductive lotto to even be here writing / reading this. So live everyday you can as if you won the lotto, take chances, be grateful for the comforts in your life (there is always someone worse off)  and most importantly appreciate both yourself (your capabilities, strengths and talents) and the other people you share your life with, for what they bring to your life! 
Enjoy it guys because it wont last forever! & Remember we are all in this together!! 

What do think? How does this statistic make you feel? Lucky or unimportant?

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Moving out for the first time|| What do I need to know!?

Hey There my Friends,

So your moving out for the first time? Or maybe its not the first time but wanted to learn some tips or tricks. Well you have come to the right place!... (hopefully :D) I have had a think about it & compiled a list of some of the things I have learned from over the years.

For some of you out there it will be your first time leaving the family nest... off to college or maybe you just feel ready or have taken a job far away from your home house. Its all very exciting but can also be over whelming!! I remember!! As long ago as that was.

I first moved out of my family home for college 7 years ago (God thats crazy to even write!! 7 Years ago!!) Since then I have have lived in many places ... *Just a moment*..... 6 places and I am currently in the process of moving again. To be honest at this stage I do wish I could just pay someone to do it all for me and I could just walk into my new place all sorted and ready to rock & roll... but thats not going to happen #sadface. On the upside I did learn from every place I stayed in so I feel confident in sharing my moving experiances with you!!

Here are my Tips!!

1. Start Looking as soon as you decide to move

The renting and property market is a fickle thing and depending on the area houses can go up and be snapped up in 24 hours (and they are also usually the ones with the best location, in the best condition and going for the best price) Before you start, make a list of what you are Ideally looking for ... How many bedrooms, Price range, Location, Rent the house / apartment or house share, double or single bed, Parking and all that good stuff. After a while you will begin to realize you are going to have to negotiate and compromise with somethings. For example - The closer you are to your college or the city the higher the prices go. However if you know what you want then its easier to find the house that fits most of the requirements and it will also make you more focused. You never know you could get lucky and find you ideal place. If you are a student the colleges will generally have a list of landlords that will rent to students or have a student only accommodation on or near the college campus. Get in contact with your college and im sure that they will be happy to help!! If you are not going down that route or are not a student then make sure to check rental property websites as often as possible new properties are put up all the time!! The Ones I go to (Ireland Only) Are and

2. Organise your finances

Initial Cost

Usually Landlords will want a deposit (the cost of a months rent) and first months rent. This so that if you decide to jump ship on them then the landlord will have something while finding someone to replace you or if the house was not kept in the best condition then they would have money to fix or replace whatever was damaged. If everything is fine and you dont runaway before the end of the contract then you will recieve your security deposit back on departure. Some student accommodation will expect to be paid by the term so this can be a lot more of an expense initial cost!! they will offer discounts for early payment and sometimes cash or online payment so be sure to look into it.. and find the one that suits you best.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Another thing to look into is whether your bills will be included or just sorted out by the landlord and requsted when they arrive either monthly or bi-monthly. By this I mean Gas, Electricity, Waste or Water charges, Wifi and so on... Most student accommodation will have it built into the price but most other rental properties will have it separately and will have to be paid when they are due. Dont forget to take this into account when looking for your ideal home. More less likely the landlord will have nothing to do with the bills and you will have to sort it out yourself (Yup this has happened to me once) It is a learning curve believe me I had no idea about any of it but slowly you begin to work it out. Nothing makes you learn quicker then sitting in the dark, in the cold with no Wifi (I joke) but still you get where Im coming from. If this happens to you the best thing you can do is ask your parents or find an adult friend to help you out with it!    

Travel Expenses

One other thing to think about is travel .. to college or work. If you decide on a house / Apartment that is a little bit futher away as it is cheaper just remember that your travel expenses may increase therefore you are paying out the same money regardless. Its seems simple but can be so easily forgotten. Look into all the methods of travel available and work out how much a month it is going to cost you just get around!

Securing That Viewing

So now you have found a few places that have taken your fancy?? What next?? Most websites will have an onsite way of emailing the advertiser. This way you can express your interest on the property and also request a viewing with ease. If not there will definitely be a number available to ring the advertiser. I think ringing the advertiser is usually the best way for immediate response but what with my work schedule I have to email lately as the times are not convenient for calling and I have found that most places are quick to respond. Just make sure you either have notifications on your phone if you have your email hooked up to it or you are checking your emails regularly. I also think that you should always respond even if its not the answer you wish to receive from them. Just to say thank you for getting back to me. People appreciate being acknowledged. Not only that they may have similar properties and or remember you in the future when you are looking again for a place to live. At the very least it is always nice to be nice.

At the Viewing

Congrats you got the viewing! Nearly there. So what should you looking out for??
  • What will your new landlord be like?
  • Are there new people to meet?
  • What condition is the house in?
  • What condition is your 'new room' in?
  • How thick are the walls? double glazed windows? - This is an indication of how warm/cold the house is going to be in the winter/summer periods. Also how expensive its is going to heat the place
  • Is it clean... will it be easy to keep clean??
  • Storage space in both bedroom and kitchen (size of fridge and freezer)
  • How bright is it. Is there natural sunlight?
Now some of these are again just preference and not deal breakers but some are very important. The main thing to look for is a safe, comfortable environment where you can see yourself being happy for the next 9 months - a year.

What should you ask the Landlord/ Other tenants?
  • The money side of it... don't be afraid. You need to know when rent is due, bills are due and any other expenses so you can be fully prepared and not take on more than you can handle.
  • If you don't know the area you can ask about bus times or closest food shop
  • You ask about other tenants if you don't know them yet. Just so you can get a feel for the environment you may be living in... party house.. or .. quieter house.
  • Also you may need ask how things work if they are different to what you are used to e.g shower, washer/dryer.
Anything you wish to know now is your time to do it!

This is the time you may also be signing a contract or else it could happen on moving day. This will be decided between yourselves during this viewing. Unless the landlord has other potential tennants then you may have the horrible situation of waiting for a call to find out whether you have gotten the house or not. Etiher way there a couple of things to remember when signing a contract. First of all READ IT! Seems simple right but lots of people will gloss over it and sign it just because they are excited or are so happy to finally find a place. However not reading it could cost you, You could end up accidently breaking a rule (resulting in losing your deposit), signing to pay more than you thought you were agreeing to or not knowing important dates like maintenance calls or when you have to move out & secondly If you have any questions about it again now is the time to ask or for trying to make any sort of negotiations. Again if you have not already read it how can you do this. If unsure ask someone to do it with you like a parent. You prospective landlord wont mind and will probably be impressed that you are responsible.      

Moving Day!

Congratulations!!  Its moving day!! This can be bit of a stressful day so once again my advice... be as organised as possible. If you dont drive you may need to enlist the help of family or friends. If it is going to take more than one trip to move then make sure to take all the essentials first & if not make sure they are all packed in the same bag as you may not be able to pack everything immediately but atleast you know where the important stuff are. For example have all you bed clothes, toiletries, technology (laptop, chargers, earphones... ) Pjs and anything else you will need first. That way even if you cant unpack in one day you have everything you need to have a comfortable first night. This will also be the time to head to the shop pick up some food items and all those things you never seem to think about when you are living at home like toilet paper. Also from viewing the house you will know how furnished it is so make a list of anything else needed like teatowels, oven gloves, cups or anything like that. you can usually pick them up and you nearest pound shop or 2 euro store. Its all going to take a bit of time and usually takes about a week or two to get used to everything. 


Now all the hard work is done you can relax and enjoy your new home!! Hope everyone has a great year!!

This has been quite a long post but I hope it was helpful! I will have more posts on moving coming up for you guys so I will be there for you throughout your moving experience!! If you have any comments, questions or queries then please don't hesitate to leave them down below!!

Are you moving out for the first time? 
Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

Have you seen my previous posts?  

Also 3 months ago when I was moving into the place Im currently living in (summer lease hence moving so soon) I wrote a post on the upside to moving you can click on the link here to check it out The Upside to Moving

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Book review || #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Hello there, 

I have a very exciting book to tell you about. I have no doubt you have already seen hundreds of reviews and more than likely you have already read the book! However these are my thoughts and opinion on it!

I will admit before I heard about this book I had very little knowledge about Sophia Amoruso or indeed Nasty Gal. I know was I living under a rock!!? I had heard of the company but knew virtually nothing about it. Nonetheless I heard so many people rave about this book that I had to pick it up and give it a shot.

Boy Im glad I did! If anyone has yet to read this book then I highly highly urge you to pick it up!!


This book is autobiographical. It is written by Sophia Amoruso. It talks about her life growing up and all the events that led to creating the Nasty Gal company and brand. She talks about her experiences and lessons she has learned while also talking not only about how she built up the company from nothing but also how she continues to run it as a multi million dollar company.

What I liked about the book.

Honestly I think this is probably one of the most inspirational books I have ever read!! I love the way it is written as if she is talking directly to you the reader! Its kind of like having a one on one interview where she is telling you all her secrets to success! Everytime I put the book down I felt so motivated and refreshed!! I think because she seems so real! (I know she is real, but you know what I mean!) Like she could be a friend! There was no silver spoon involved in her success, no expensive private schools and rich connections. She was just like one of us that happened upon an idea and it took off from there. She worked hard, stayed driven, motivated & positive and quickly rose to top!! She includes anicdotes from her life, tips, tricks and also short biographic stories from other #girlbosses and people who never gave up in their quest for success. 

Anything Negative??

The only negative thing that I have heard about this book is that she can come across as a little condescending & to be completely honest I can see their point every now and then! The way this book is written, the dialog can be quiet hard & brash. It is straight to the point! But that is not a turn off for me I kind of like it. Its so direct! 

Would I recommend it?

I think you already know the answer to this..... YES 100% YES! I have already recommended it to friends and relatives! If you are in need of motivation to move your lazy ass I guarantee you, reading this book will do the trick! If it doesn't there's not much else that will!! I think its an excellent book and an absolutely fantastic achievement by Sophia Amoruso. I would definately be interested in any future books she may bring out. She has a bright future and long may the success last!! 

*I am not being sponsered in anyway for this review. I purchased this book with my own money. I have written this review of my own accord, for your information and entertainment. This is my opinion and my opinion alone. *

Have you read this book??
What did you think?? Let me know in the comments

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Midweek Motivation || Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!!

Hello everyone, 

So today I have taken my inspiration for #midweekmotivation from this quote! I think it is a very valid one!! Now I know it is not always possible to land you dream job... must pay bills and all that but I was thinking about it, and this doesn't necessarily have to apply to work alone. 

If you have a dream however achievable it may be then go for it! Work hard and dedicate your time and energy into pursuing in. What ever free time or any time you have you can dedicate to it then do it. I'm not encouraging anyone right now to quit their jobs and only pursue their passion but for example I will use my own journey I have been on for almost 2 years now (That seems crazy to even think about) 

About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to look for a smokey bronzey eye look tutorial for a night out I had coming up. I googled it and came upon the YouTube channel of beauty queen Nicole Guerriero. I was then introduced in to the whole world of beauty YouTube. I didnt want to go on the small screen but I loved this world. I then happened upon blogging and decided this would be a perfect way for me to get involved in this beauty world! I decided to go to beauty college and I had found something by complete accident - my passion. 

Now I still have a regular job but on my days off and when I have time I blog, join twitter chats and all that jazz ... I love it! I would love for this to be something I do full-time but right now that just isnt practical but someday maybe.....

All Im saying if its something you love and truely want to do then go for it! work hard, stay strong and understand that it will take time. Do you think I had a clue what I was doing when I started?? Not a clue... not an Idea in the world. I knew what I wanted to blog and what I wanted to be apart of and achieve but I in no way knew how to get there... I didnt even know how to use Twitter for crying out loud (I am now addicted!!) 

Also if you dont ever wanted what your doing to be your job then you dont need It to be - keep its your hobby, your escape, your outlet and it will still continue to make you happy !!

Thats my little bit of motivation for the week!! 

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!!

Hope you have a great week!!

Have you seen my previous post - Midweek Motivation || Get Dressed up for your Life!!

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Midweek Motivation || Dress Up For Your Life!! || Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle

Hello Everyone,

Its time for another installment of Midweek Motivation!

Today I want to talk about confidence and how it is linked into our appearance and the way we conduct ourselves. I remember in the past having this conversation with a friend and she was trying to tell me that the way we portray ourselves to world has an actual impact on our lives. At this moment in time in my life I was on the opposing side of view. This is not to say that I dressed like a complete slob, scary or completely unapproachable but my view was if people are good and worth being in your life then they will be in life whether you dress and look like a runway model or not. 

Dont get me wrong I am still of this view, for the most part anyway but I now see and understand the other side of it too. The people who are in life already should already not care what you look like as long as you are healthy & happy but its the world around you that you are speaking to with your appearance. The people you don't know that also will somehow affect you life.. possibly anyway. 

Why should we care about what strangers think about us??

To this question my answer is We shouldn't really... well not the point where we are wondering what every person who looks in our direction is thinking about our outfit choice or whether our hair is perfect.. If we did that most of us would never leave the house. However there are some legitimate arguments for why we should care... 

  • As sad as is it the first way everybody judges a person is on their appearance. Its your first impression and it forms within seconds. This is not to say that this opinion cant be changed or will even be so dramatic that it will have a massive affect on whether someone else approaches you or not but it can. It can be super important though... for example Interviews for lets say college or a job... acquiring loans or bank meetings.. or a night out... for meeting the ONE... yeah it hasnt worked for me yet but people ultimately want to meet, work with & be friends with someone approachable and looks reliable and well put together.
  • Another and probably the most important point is the confidence that the feeling you are looking good can give you. Without meaning to or even knowing you are doing it you walk taller, smiling more and you look more confident! You have a new energy that you project out into the world. I mean everybody knows that new hair feeling am I right??

I mean most people will always make more of an effort for someone else for example family dinner, night out with friends, boyfriend, work.... well I say why not just do it for YOU!! Dress up for your life! Why wait for an important night out or for a new love to walk into your life to dress up and feel good about yourself!?

Life is so short & you only get one! So dress up everyday and make it count! (Dont get me wrong everyone loves a good no make up day! but my point stop waiting for a reason to dress up nice and feel good about yourself)

Dress Up For Your Life!

Where do stand on this concept!?
Whats you opinion??

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Midweek Motivation || The Power of Positive thinking || Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle

Hey hey,

So today I wanted to talk to you guys about the power of positive thinking. Everyone has heard the theory that if you practice positive thinking and try to project positive energy then you will have a richer and more fulfilled lifestyle. Following on from my post talking all about Karma ( you can read it HERE ) I just wanted to talking about positive energy in general.

In the past couple of months I have kind of been putting this theory to the test. I have been consciously deciding on being more positive and trying to looking at situations differently & the funny thing. I have been having more fun! meeting new people, reuniting with old friends and taking more chances!!

I think when you make a conscious effort to look at situations in a positive light rather than a negative one then you are happier and more willing to go outside your comfort zones to do more things, take more opportunities and risks & also meet new people!

I found the 3 min journal to be quite cool. I learned about it from watching Mimi Ikonns Youtube videos. You can learn about it by watching this Youtube Video She mentions it as a part of her morning routine. I have found that by doing it in the morning and night it kind of unconciously trains your mind to stay positive!   

I know it sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo but give it a try for a couple of weeks and come back and let me know how it worked out for you. I have anxiety and been experiancing massive changes in my life and honestly now I am so much more positive and happy about where I am at in life. Yes it could all be coincidental but whats the harm in trying it anyway??

For the foreseeable future when you are faced with a situation think of it in the most positive light you can e.g. Busy = Productive, Broke = you have to be more careful and resourceful, Working overtime = more money, doing something that was not nesscarily your choice = new experiance or learning something new, meeting new people = new potiential friends.... and so on... 

I know sometimes things are not always going to be going smoothly, thats life unfortunately but if we dont aknowledge how negative we are being or try to do something about it sometimes then we get caught in a never ending cycle and ultimately the only person that it is really affect is yourself. You are not giving yourself the opportunities in life that you deserve if all you can see is doom and gloom.

Give it a go! What are you waiting for!? Whats the worst that could happen!? 

Thank you for coming back to me for another #midweekmotivation!

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