Wednesday, 24 June 2015

5 tips to feel more motivated!!

Hello everyone,

I just realised that It has been a minute since I have published a Mid-week Motivation for you guys!! well Im back and Ive got you covered!! These are my 5 tips that help me to stay motivated!!

1. Wake up earlier

This is one I constantly struggle with. I have always had evening and night time work and even before that I always preferred being up at night. Ive always had a slight suspicion that I maybe a little bit nochtural. Dont get me wrong I love to sleep but It will tend to be at the wrong times! Lately however I have been getting up early and I have noticed a change in my mood and my productivity. You just have more energy and feel like you are more accomplished at the end of the day!!  Its funny but all that crap that people tell you about getting up early and enjoying a full day..... Its true!!

2. Make your bed

Aparently you are statistically meant to be feel happier and more organised if you make your bed in the morning. Its just one simple act but it does make me happier when I come home in the evening to a freshly made bed to curl up in.... hmm .... bed .... Even just writing about this makes me want to go for a nap!!

3. Organise your thoughts

By this I mean write stuff down!! If your anything like me then sometimes your thoughts feel like they go through your head a million times a second. The only way to free your head sometimes is to write it all down. As soon as you do its gone!! I have so many notebooks that I cant keep up, but this also joins in with the fact that I love stationary!! I always keep a notebook handy because inspiration comes at the weirdest times! Like when your falling asleep, in the shower (no I dont take a notebook into the shower hah), on a bus or even just watching T.V. Sometimes Ill be like "Oh I must remember that later" and I wont write it down and then I cant remember it like 5 mins later. Yes my tip WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. at the very least make a note on your phone!!

4. Social Media / Books

Sometimes when Im in need of inspiration I just hop on over to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Pintrest and it gets me in the mood too start blogging again. Watching other people be successful can be so motivating and inspiring sometimes!!  Im also still reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amorusa and I find her so inspiring. So I recommend that if social media isnt enough to get those creative jucies flowing again then hop on over to you local bookstore and there are sure to have something that will do the trick!


5. Treats and Rewards

I think its important every now and then to stop and take a look at what you have achieved so far and not only feel proud but also reward yourself. This can be done in a number of different ways! Buying yourself something pretty, having some ME time or both like treating yourself to a pamper treatment like a facial. If all else fails cookies are always good! I think by rewarding yourself when you have done well then you can truely feel motivated to keep up the good work!!

So there you have it!! These are my top 5 tips for getting your ass motivated again and keeping on top of all the stuff you both want to and have to get done!! 

Hope this helps!!

Let me know in the comments if you have anymore tips or tricks up your sleeve!!

Chat soon x 

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Book Review || Girl Online by Zoella Sugg || Beauty La Linda - Lifestyle

Hello There,

I am well aware that it has been almost 7 months since this book came out so you have more than likely already read the book and also read a million other reviews on it but I just wanted to give you guys my opinion on it. Also if any of you still havent read it and want to know what I thought then here you go! Got you covered!! 
So when Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) Released this book around Christmas Time I knew I had to get my hands on it, for many reasons. You guys were all raving about it all over social media for one thing and also I cant think of anything better than supporting one our own and celebrating their achievements. So as you can see I had no option but to pick it up and find out for myself what all the hype was about.

First of all I would like to say a couple of words on the topic of Zoella. From her videos (I have been a subscriber for a while now) She seems to be an extremely sweet and genuine girl. I really connected with her when she spoke out about anxiety and she was one of the first people who made me think "hey Im not alone" While I was half way through the book I heard that she had a ghost writer or at least someone helping her and to that I say SO WHAT? Have any of those people who have been giving her abuse for it ever written a book. If they have I will have more respect for their opinion. I think that help or no help it is a huge achievement I mean this girl became the author of the best selling debut novel of all time and noone else in the world can say that so well done Zoe, You go girl!

Also before you read on any further, just to put your mind at rest I will not be giving away endings or ruining plot twists! Dont you just hate it when people do that!?

Girl Online          

This book is set around our main character Penny, Her family and Best Friend, all of whom live in Brighton, UK. She is by no means a socialite, quite shy but is very creative and talented. She is in the begining stages of anxiety, and is learning what it is and how to cope with it. Her mother gets an opportunity to go abroad for christmas and they take it. She leaves her worries and life troubles back in the UK for a few days. This where the book takes a twist. She meets new people and makes a connection she never thought possible and when she goes back to the UK she feels like a new person for like a day until she realises nothing was what it seemed and now she is lost all over again..... 

What I liked about this book

You can tell Zoe was drawing on from her own experience when it comes to anxiety. As I was reading I could actually nearly feel what Penny was going through. This just may have been because I have suffered similarly in the past but even so I think It was very realistic.

I always wanted to read on... which is probably the best compliment I can give it. I wanted to know more!   

There was always something going on that you couldn't quite figure out and you knew you had to keep reading it in order to find out what it was!! It kept the suspense and mystery throughout the book. 

Anything Negative??

There is only one thing that I can think of that would be slightly negative and It is that there were a couple of moments in the book that I thought were a bit over dramatic or unrealistic. This may just be because Im 25 and no longer in school or college so maybe I am looking at the book with different eyes then someone that is actually currently in school and would be able to relate more but for me some situations I thought could have been a bit more realistic. 

In saying that I found the anxiety situations completely relatable and thought they were portrayed excellently.       

Would I recommend it??

I have to say overall I thought this was a well written & well structured book. I always wanted to keep reading and I ended up reading the second half of the book in one night because I couldnt put it down (not because I had planned to finish it that night) That is the mark of a good book.

I love a bit of drama, suspense & mystery. This book took on some serious issues and portrayed them well while also having a comical twist. It was both heavy and light hearted throughout the book making it an enjoyable read. I think teens in particular would really relate to this book.

Once again well done Zoe & I think if you havent already it is well worth a read!!

* I am not being sponsered in anyway for this review. I do not personally know Zoe Sugg and I purchased this book with my own money. I have written this review of my own accord, for your information and entertainment. This is my opinion and my opinion alone *    

Have you read this book??
What did you think?? Let me know in the comments!!

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

15 of my favourite feelings!!

Hey everyone!

This post is Inspired by YouTuber Essie Button! She was originally inspired by Fellow YouTuber Hank Green. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Why not share with everyone your favourite feelings?? Why not share the love?? So here are 15 my favourite feelings!!

1.   Meeting a friend for Coffee/Tea

One of my favourite things to do is to go to a coffee shop or somewhere to get lunch with a friend and just catch up on life and have a bit of a gossip and a natter!! Forget all about work and stresses for an hour anyway. So nice!!

2. Fresh Linen

I love when all my clothes are clean, soft, fresh and folded. hmm..... 

3. The Sun

I love the sun but especially when out walking for no reason in particular and have loads of time or driving with music on!! Happiness!!

4. Having a Productive Day

I love when you have those days where you feel all motivated! Like nothings gona hold you back! and also the feeling at the end of the day when you know you can relax and you know you have accomplished alot for one day!! Success!!

5. Being Comfy

One of the best feelings in life I think is getting out for you day clothes and into you comfy sweats or Pjs. The reason this is one one of the best feelings?? because you know you can relax for the evening!!

6. Seeing an old friend

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives the only people that we see are the people that are right in front of us!! It is so good when you see and get to have a catch up with a bestie from you past!!

7. Feeling Lucky

One of the best feelings is when something has accidently gone your way!! How lucky was that!! You feel grateful and happy all at the same time! Fate! Destiny!!

8. Night in with movie and a take away

I love evenings where I have friends over and we chill just watching movies, eating food that has been delivered to our doorstep!! Whether it be the girls and we watch disney and rom-coms, or the lads too and we have a movie fight on our hands haha

9. Clean room

Nothing nice after a hard days graft then to come home to a clean room and freshly made bed! Heaven!

10. Family Time

As we all have different work schedules its hard for us to all get together at the same time. I love nothing more then hanging out with them all or going home to my family home for a few nights where somehow we automatically revert back to the way were when we were children! I dont know why but everyone seems to do it!!

11. Getting ready for a night out! 

Guys are always like "Omi God why does it take so long for girls to get ready!!!" What they dont understand is us girls love the whole process of get ready for a big night out!! well most of us anyway! I know for me and my friends its one the best parts of any night out! Chatting your friends, playing with each others makeup, talking fashion and gossip.... why would we want rush that into 10 mins!?

12. Finding THAT Purchase

You know when you have been looking for something of a while now... or you spotted something on a friend, stranger, Pintrest, witter, Instargram and you havent been able to get your hands on it. Or maybe its been too expensive..... Then suddenly you  find it or it goes on sale!! The Gods are smiling down on you!! Yes its a good day!!

13. Kitty Time

My cats currently live at home with my parents. They always have so when since I moved out no longer get to see them everyday or have them sleep in bed with me. But when I got home I love my Kitty Time!! My 3 boys all curled up! Charlie, Toby & Fats can you tell them apart?? 

14. Being Cosy

This mostly applies to winter time! For me this when its cold and stormy outside and you can hear the wind and the rain. You are inside curled up on a safa by the fire in Pjs with blankets, Tea / Hot Chocolate, Munchies and Sky Tv or Netflix.... Best Feeling!!

15. Blog posts!

Best feelings when it comes to blogging for me... Publishing a post Im proud of! For the post to be Successful and Getting good feed back!! And the best feeling is when I get comments about how my post brightened up your day or had an impact on you in a positive way!! It makes me feel all warm and happy inside!!    

Thats It! 15 feelings that make me feel happy and all warm and fuzzy inside. I encourage all of you to do the same and tag me or send me a link so I can check out!! Lets Share the love and Positivity!!

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The upside to moving!!

Hey Hey,

So recently and suddenly I have had to move home in fact I have taken a quick break from packing in order to write this post ( I Hate Packing!!) 
When I first realised I had to move I was all about the negative... "ugh I dont wanna move" "ugh I wont find anywhere nice" ugh Its soooo much effort" 

But in the last few days I've actually had a change of heart and now Im kind of excited! I still hate packing but It must be done so I can either whine and complain and still have to do it or I can man up and get the job done... after I write this post of course!!  I was right there was nowhere that I really wanted to move or else I couldnt afford it  so decided to get a summer house. A 3 month lease to give me more time to look for somewhere more permanent. Yes Yes I know this means Im going to have to pack all over again but I think it will be worth it to give myself more time and find somewhere nice to live where Im happy rather than a place just because I needed somewhere to live quick. 

I thought this post might be relevent as it dawned on me that it is coming to that time of year that a lot of people will be moving out of home (college and what not) and may be a bit anxious about it. 

Anyway I thought I would right a little list on all the pros to moving. It will keep me positive and hopefully motivate me to go back to packing. Also it may help you feel a little more excited if you are in the processing of moving too or atleast will be soon. enjoy my loves x

1. Finding lost Items

I have 3 years worth of crap in my house which means every now and then items get forgotten about and isnt it the best feeling when you find something which was once a loved item but you havent been able to find it in the past 1-3 years?? #rediscoveries

2. Decluttering and Downsizing

You can know finally throw away out of date products and things you no longer have any use for. Its quiet freeing really. Most of the time we either justify a reason for keeping it or put it away somewhere and no longer think about it but when your forced to pack it and move, it makes you re-evaluate everything you own.

3. Decorating

Now that you have all your packed items and transported to your new place you get decorate and for me this is the fun part... well honestly it is for the first couple of hours then I just wish it was done but when it is ..... Its totally worth it!! 

4. New House, New Routine

This can be so good for you to change up your routine a bit and get out of your comfort zone. Put a bit of pep back in your step.

5. Change is good

Change is good thing a no matter how much we try and fight it! who knows what may happen this summer?? keep posted #summeradventure

There you have it! My top 5 pros to moving house! 

Do you have anymore?? leave a comment and let me know!! 

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