Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #20 || Lifestyle Currently Loving!

Hey Everyone, 

Yes you may have noticed that I have skipped many days (like a week) Like I said in my Beauty Blogmas post #20 I have many reasons but Im not going to get into it now! So enjoy this post filled with my favourite things that have been making me happy this month!!

New Girl

Okay so when staying in a hotel my bestie & couldn't fall asleep I turned on the TV, the only thing that looked interesting was "New Girl" I'm sure most people have watched it by now but I hadn't. After watching 3 episodes before I fell asleep I was kind of hooked since then I started watching it from the beginning and I am currently half way through season 3! 

Hot In Cleveland

I have rewatched all of "Hot in Cleveland" again the past 2 months! I love this show! Seriously Betty White is a legend & my idol! I want to be exactly like her when I'm 93. Such a funny and easy to watch show! I always go back to it! It's of like a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. situation for me. 

Song - Say you wont let go

I seriously can not be the only person to be addicted to this song at the moment! I actually can't get enough. It is one of the very few songs that I have been listening to this month that are not Christmassy themed or related! Shows how much I like the song!

Christmas Jumper 2016

One a recent shopping trip with one of my besties we decided to get festive and pick up Christmas Jumpers. I usually buy one every year then I wear them all throughout the season. I love the one I picked up this year. I purchased it in New Look. Its a nudey, salmon colour with hearts & reindeer... What more could you ask for? Cute & Christmassy all at the same time!! #winning


You will have seen this already on Blogmas # || Pennys / Primark Lifestyle Winter Goodies Haul. I love it. I also have a tradition to get one onesie a year too! I know this isn't the most christmassy onsie in the world but I still love it!! 

Cabury's Roses

This is the only time of year I eat Roses so I'm addicted all over again! I have to stop though or blog posts in January 2017 will be all about how to try & lose weight gained over Christmas!!

Festive Coffees / Hot Chocolate

I do love a good coffee! but this time of year I really can't help myself. It really is one of my favourite things about Christmas. All the amazing new coffee flavours, each coffee store / brand trying to out-do each other!! I love it! 

These are all the things that have been making me happy this month! Leave me know in the comments the things that have been making you happy this month!

Chat Soon x


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Blogmas continues over on my Beauty Blog - Beauty Blogmas #20 || Currently Loving

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #7 ||Midweek Motivation || Festive Editiion || Strength Comes for within...

Hey friends,

Today I wanted to talk to you about inner strength! Today I met an old college friend. It was a random encounter in a coffee shop while I was doing a bit of writing with a festive coffee!! #clicheblogger haha, We chatted for about an hour and omi god! She is truely inspirational. This girl has been through more in the past two years than most will ever go through in a lifetime! 

The funny thing is I thought I was having a bad run of it lately. It felt like anything that could go wrong did. However after speaking with my friend my worries really do pale in comparison. I couldn't help but not only feel so inspired to take on the world but also guilty that I have spent so much time stressing and complaining about things that really could be 100 times worse. 

I really feel like to today I was being shouted at by the universe to cop on and not only enjoy your life but also appreciate how fantastic it actually is! Is is perfect!? Of course not!! but its pretty amazing sometimes and I'm am so fortunate for everything and everybody in it!

Today I want to share the universes message and this inspiring girl with you!! Although I have no idea what is going on in your life I really doubt it can be close to the girl that inspired this post, therefore if you feel like everything is going wrong right now really think about it!! And ask yourself these questions
  • Do you have your health?
  • Do you have a home?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you have a safe and comfortable environment?
  • Do you have loved ones?

If the answer is yes to all or most of these questions then really life could be so much worse!!

I know that for some people the holidays is not about lights, festive music, decor and food. For some people this time of year only highlights pain, sadness & loneliness. For those people I am sorry that you are going through this. However like I said strength comes from within. Stay strong friends, you can do! I believe in you! Find the happiness in your life and strive to keep it alive! Fight everyday for a better happier future. In the end its all we can do really. Stand tall & fight together!!

Lets make 2017 a better, happier and more supportive year!! Lets stand up for each other, Be there for each other, stick together to create a brighter tomorrow and a world that is a slightly happier place! Lets look for the good in one another & not constantly fight, attack and put people down, whether it be in real life or on social media!! We can do this! Just one small action at a time! We create this world which means we all have a say in how it works!! Lets do this!

Just remember you don't always know someones story & the battle they are fighting. Look on people with kind eyes & when you are thinking at the end of a bad week "Could life get any worse?" Just think yes, yes it probably could be alot worse. Think about all the good things in your life and focus on how great they are while trying to improve the not so great things!

Let me know in comments any thoughts you have on this subject. I love hearing from you!!

Chat soon x


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #6 || 8 Things to do this holiday season!!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to #Blogmas day 6!! Now I know sometimes it feels like there isn't enough time in the day around this time of year! However if you find yourself with a day off or an evening free here are 8 ideas to get you in the festive mood!! 


Okay so this is kind of dependent on where you live but most cities will have one around this time of year.. in Ireland, The UK and the States I think.... Hmm..... Don't quote me on it. Anyway if you happen to be lucky enough to have one near you then avail of the opportunity! Grab your other half or bestie and slip and slide to your hearts content. It's good exercise (depending on how good you are at it) and you might have sore muscles in the morning but I guarantee you will have a lot of festive fun!!

Grab a coffee

One of my favourite things to do at winter time is to go get a festive coffee or hot chocolate with my bestie. I like to sit outside of the shop, under the heaters and look at all the hustle and bustle or shoppers and people performing on the streets.  The atmosphere is so nice with all the lights and christmas music coming out of each store! If that doesn't fill you with holiday cheer.. nothing will!! 

Read a festive book

Sometimes when you are so busy it can be hard to feel festive. I find that reading a festive book before bed or watching #vlogmas on Youtube makes me feel more in the mood to take on Christmas and all it has to throw at me! At the moment I am reading Cecilia Ahern - The Gift. Review coming soon.

Treat Yo'self

Ok so we all do it. I'm looking for gifts for other people & I think you know who would like that? Linda! haha but that's not the kind of treat yourself I mean. I mean a pamper night. Get all your favourite products with christmassy scents and take an evening to forget about the outside world, treat your hair, skin, nails.... Why not? You deserve it!

Get Creative  

If you have an evening free why not get creative? This could mean with your christmas cards or wrapping gifts, decor, baking or DIY gifts! Its always nice to create christmassy things, brings you back to your childhood & the days of Santa Claus!!

Movie Night

Again grab your favourite humans or animals and have a Christmas themed movie night!! From classics to new faves! Include pizza and some festive treats and you have a party!! Perfect holiday evening!!

Christmas Market

Now I am more confident these do take place in most places in the world. Markets are so nice. A lot of handmade crafts and food. I just love the atmosphere.. Definitely a good way to spend and evening making memories!


There are always a ton of events going on around the holiday season just look up your local area online and you a sure to find something that looks like fun!! A pantomime, festival, music show! Give it a go you never know what you might find!!

Here are just a few of my ideas. Let me know in the comments any of your festive ideas on ways to spend the holidays!! Also let me know if you have done any of these ideas. I would love to here your experiances!!

Chat soon x


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                                                                     HO! HO! HO!                                                                                   

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #5 || Pennys / Primark Winter Lifestyle Goodies Haul!

Hello friends, 

Today I have another haul for you guys but this is one includes clothes and cuddly things! I love Pennys/Primark at the best of times but Autumn/Winter definitely has to be my favourite time to shop in there! Here are a few items I picked up recently! 

Cream Winter Coat - E15.00

I have been looking for a coat and I found the perfect one in Pennys! It is thick & warm but flattering all the same. Hits just below your hips and comes in at the waist. The only thing I will say is to try it on before you buy it because I'm generally a size 8 - 10 but in this coat I was a size 6! So don't just pick up your size and assume it is going to fit you! 

Rose Bomber Jacket - E19.00

I have really liked the bomber jacket trend but couldn't find one that I liked enough to pick up.... until I saw this one! It's a dark blush rose colour with rose gold detailing!! I just couldn't resist it!

Runners - E15.00

Runners have been another thing on my list to pick up! I saw these and just had to have them in my life! They are burgundy & white in colour and I was just drawn to the colour and shape of them too. They are actually comfortable as well! Well done Pennys! 

Onsie - E10.00

Everyone needs new pajamas at Christmas time! They just do! End of! My tradition, which started 3 years ago, is a Christmas Onsie! I get one every year & this year I picked up this one. I know Its not very Christmassy but I thought it was fun! 


Earrings - E2.00

Finally last but not least I picked up these beautiful rose gold earrings (I really can't stay away from the rose gold... as hard as I try. I'm just drawn to it!!) I don't usually wearing earrings that often but these were just so pretty I thought maybe during the party season I might get some use out of them and for E2 you just can't go wrong! 

That's my little haul but I am so happy with my purchses!! Have you had a recent Pennys / Primark Haul!? Let me know in the comments on any cute things you have picked up recently or leave links to your posts and videos!!

Chat soon x


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Blogmas fun continues over on my Beauty Blog - Beauty Blogmas #5 || Empties

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BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #4 Dealing with Holiday Stress & Anxiety

Hey Friends,

Tis the season of Parties, Family Gatherings, Gift buying and giving, Festive movie nights in with hot chocolate & sweet treats, christmas markets & food glorious food! All sounds pretty wonderful doesn't until of course the panic sets in "Have I got time to get everything I need?!", "Or do everything I need to do!", "Have I forgot anyone's gift!?", "I'm really not looking to seeing so and so!", "I don't even want to look at my bank account!!"

Yes it may be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful & sometimes for someone with an anxious mind like me it can be a little too much. Don't get me wrong its still my favourite time of the year but sometimes I need to take a breathe just so I don't get too stressed out. Here are a couple of things I like to do so that the holiday season doesn't become a little too much!!!

As an anxious person in general life can be tough at the best of times but this time of year I have to say I myself feel the pressure of Christmas looming upon me. Ironically its my favourite time of year even though the stress levels can sky rocket. I have to put measures in place or atleast try and remember certain things when I feel the stress building. Here are a few of my tips -

  • Planning - I have already talked about this in the past couple of days so if you missed out all the links are below. Ok lets be real, Its pretty much impossible to be planned to perfection because life isn't perfect. Not everything is going to go your way but if you are somewhat organised at least when some unexpected things crop up or go wayward then they won't seem as big or stressful. 
  • Breathe - Seems simple right? It's not. Its wierd but for something we do unconsciously from the day we are born, we seem to forget it alot (I know I do) Sometimes life can seem too much! & When it does take a minute and concentrate on your breathing soon you will feel calmer. It might sound crazy but believe me it works.
  • Ground Yourself - Sometimes with all that hussle and bussle it's easy to get swept up in it. That is the intention of marketers, Shop owners & product producers - Get caught up and spend more. Unfortunately this means it can take you away from real life a little bit. We forget that Christmas is just (technically) one day! So we get flustered and stressed!! Thinking irrational thoughts of how everything will be ruined if we don't get a certain gift for someone or the food or the decorations just right! I find going out in nature for a while helps.. away from the lights and music and advertising. Out into the woods or just out in the fresh air. It really helps to clear your head before you get back into the ring for round 2!     
  • Have "ME" Time - Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and by this I mean our mind and soul. All that stress is just no good. Try to balance it out by taking some time, even 10 minutes, Just to do something for you, Watch your favourite TV show, Read a book, Go for a walk, Have a bath... Whatever it is that makes you feel like you again! 
  • Sleep! - In my opinion this is the most important tip!! Sleep is essential to our mental health and overall well being. While we are sleeping we are recovering our body and mind, repairing and renewing! Every stress and problem increases ten fold when we are tired. After a good nights sleep we are more likely to be able to problem solve and mutli-task and just take on whatever life throws at us in general! #winningatlife. Ever since developing anxiety sleep is the one thing I try to never compromise on! No time to get 8 hours? Nap! You are never to old to nap! 40 winks and you will be fighting fit! 
  • Eat Right! - Sometimes we can be so busy we forget to eat, this takes its toll on your body. How are you expected to be at your peak when your in full throttle mode if your body is running on fumes! Give it the best fighting chance you can! The best way to take on Christmas is with all guns blazing, that means body, mind & soul! 

These are my 6 six tips for taking on the stresses of the holidays! Please leave me any of your tips in that comments as I would love to read them!!

Chat soon x 


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Blogmas fun continues over on my Beauty BlogBeauty Blogmas #4 || Winter Glow!

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #3 Budget friendly Christmas!!

Hello everyone,

Its Day 3 in the Blogmas house and today Linda has come to the diary room to talk to her amazing readers about having a budget friendly Christmas!! 

Hey friends. Day 3 already huh? where is the time flying to?? If you want to catch up with what I am doing day to day during this holiday season then be sure to follow me on instagram where I will be posting up photos of my whereabouts and goings on!! You can click here - @beauty_la_linda (Instagram) or by clicking the link in the side bar.  

Today we are going to talk about how to have a cracking christmas without breaking the bank balance. There are many ways to cut costs but it has a lot to do with planning!! Here are a 8 tips I have for saving a bit of cash at this time of year! - 

  1. Start your Christmas shopping as early as possible! This goes for food, pressies, decor... anything you might need. The earlier you know what you will need, the more you can take advantages of sales and in-store promotions. Although it is too late now, next year think about gifts and things in November and use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your advantage. 
  2. Shop around. If there is an item on your list that is pretty pricy then shop around before you make a purchase! Remember this is one of the most competitive times of the year for shops and goods so make the most of it.
  3. Use coupons. Coupons are an excellent way of saving a bit of cash where ever you can find them. If you are buying something online then google or Youtube a coupon code for that item... you never know what might turn up. You can even use websites that give you cash back on your online purchases!!
  4. Take advantage of store offers. This time of year stores go crazy with offers, trying to persuade the consumer to shop with them. If its a store that you like with a promotion that you like, take advantage.... triple points with Boots? Yes please. 
  5. Get Crafty. Why pay more for what you can do yourself. If you have any creative talents then put them to good use! You want cute holiday cards or gift wrap? Make em! You want cookies and brownies? Bake em! Not sure how to make something, then Google, Youtube & Pintrest are always ready and waiting to rescue you. Also you friends and family will love the home-made touches!! #heartwarming
  6. Go Generic. You don't need to spend top dollar on food for a delicious meal. Why pay E3 for a bottle of ketchup when you could 59c for an off-brand that tastes exactly the same. Also if you are making you food from scratch it will also come out cheaper (again this requires time and talent though) Don't dismiss generic brands, 9 times out 10 they preform exactly the same they will just cost you less.
  7. Be realistic with yourself. So you have already bought your sister 4 gifts but you spot a cute purse or something. Take a breathe, and be realistic. Is it in your budget? Does she really need it? Can you return one of your other gifts or swap it out to someone else? Remember your budget only works for you if you work the budget!!      
  8. Cash all the way! This tip is only for night out celebrations. Don't take cards out with you. Remember drunk you always has more money than sober you. So if you think there is going to be a chance that you are going to get flashy with the card leave it safely tucked up at home. Future you will thank past you, believe me!! 

There are 8 little tips on how to save the casholla when feeling festive and footloose!! If you have any of your own please share them on the comment section below!! I think everyone of us would love more tips on how to save a little money so we are not completely cleaned out my 2017! 

*DON'T FORGET - GIVEAWAY Still open!! Details below!

Chat soon x 


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Friday, 2 December 2016

BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #2 Christmas Organisation Tips!!

Hello my friends, 

Welcome back to day 2 of my Lifestyle Blogmas! #stillcantbelieveit Today I thought we would open up the conversation about how to organise Christmas.

Right so we have T minus 22 days to the big event!! Which if we haven't done so already we need to get out asses into action right now. Oh Boy! Where to begin?

*DON'T FORGET about the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY - All links below!!

First things first - Finances

We need to sit down and take a look at what Christmas is likely to cost this year. Have a rough number in your head of how much you are willing or able to spend on all the festivities! Think realistically about this. We all tend to go a little overboard at Christmas. Its so hard not to!! but think about you bank account before you make any extravagant purchases or you will pay for it in 2017. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas after-all!!!

List Making

Next get out your pen and notebook or laptop (Im just more of a pen and paper kind of girl #lovestationary) and start making lists and budgets. Divide all the items on your list into categories e.g - Home decor, Pressies, food, Celebrations, new Christmassy makeup of outfit..... and so on.... Then you will have to break these down even further to how much you want to spend at each event or on each persons gift or any one item like a tree for example.


This really can be the hardest part sometimes but I really don't believe that just walking around and hoping that you will find something just right is always the best way to go about this. Make a list of each person in your life that you plan to buy a present for. Then start brainstorm gift ideas for them. Some people will obviously be easier than others but even if you write down some of their hobbies of interests then you will start form ideas in your head, plus if you are out window shopping at any point you might have a better chance of spotting something perfect for them if you already have some ideas floating around in your head already. 

Get Personal

Another thing to think about (of course time depending) is getting more personalised with you gifts. this can include making some of your own gifts if your feeling crafty, baking nice treats to accompany your gifts or personalising the cards and packaging. Not only will it be very well recieved by your loved ones but its also good for the bank balance too! Win, Win!

Food glorious food

Im in a very fortunate situation as to where not only will I be having Christmas dinner in my family home with my crazy but amazing family but my boyfriend is also a chef. #luckygirl Although it is something I plan on working on in 2017 Im not the most talented with food. However if it is your responsibility to organise the turkey and ham this year there are always food bloggers on hand to help you!! I would also (because I am list making fiend) write out everything I needed, the timeline for all the food, any people that will be around to help, how many will be dining with you... Basically everything and anything so that there would be less to worry about on the day.

Rocking around the Christmas

One of my favourite parts of Christmas, decking the halls!! However this too needs organising. What type of tree are we going to have? Where and when are we going to get it? How much are we willing to spend? When and how are we going to decorate the house? Who will help us? Do we need any more decorations and ornamants? (haha silly question!!)

I wish it could be Christmas everyday!!

Time to think about all those festive things you want to do around Christmas from ice-skating to work parties. I think the earlier you plan these the better, from how much you want to spend to what you want to wear. If you plan these early there will be less fear and panic closer to the time when you have 100 and 1 other things on your mind!

I think one the keys to a successful Christmas is planning! Time is a luxury we don't always have and Christmas always seems to just pass by in a whirlwind.. So as long as we plan we can make the most out of the most wonderful time of the year!!

There you have my little tips for day 2!! If you did not catch yesterdays post then you may not know that this year, not only am I doing Blogmas here on my Lifestyle blog but I am also doing Blogmas on my Beauty Blog. Thats a post everyday on both blogs until Christmas!! You can hop on over now to check whats happening over there by clicking on the link below! I will also have a link to yesterdays Lifestyle post to catch up there too!!

Have you any tips you would like to share with us on organising the holiday season!? Please let us know in the comments so we can all have a successfully organised Christmas!! 

Chat soon my friends!!

See you tomorrow!!

Thank You For Reading


Thursday, 1 December 2016

BLL Lifestyle || Blogmas #1 My Christmas Goals 2016!

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to ----- Wait for it ----- Blogmas Day 1!!!!! WFT!!? I cant believe its actually 24 days before christmas again!! Already!! Woohoo. 

Okay I think we all need to take a minute to let this all sink in (I know I do!) WooHoo!! Okay its not happening! Lets just continue on anyway! 

So as I want to do Christmas 2016 properly this year I have a surprise announcement. If you have wandered over here from my Beauty Blog then welcome again & you will already know what I'm about to say so you can just skip on down to the main post!
This festive season not only will I be doing Blogmas here on my Lifestyle Blog I will also be doing Blogmas on my Beauty Blog! Which (If you are not already familiar with) you can check out here - Beauty La Linda - MUA . Yes thats 24 posts on Lifestyle & 24 posts on Beauty (& maybe on on christmas day there will be a little post on this Blog too!!) Thats 49 posts altogether! So you will have plenty to read and keep up with over this festive and most wonderful time of the year.

Also this year over on my Instagram account I will be doing a beauty advent calendar of all the products that I love! This might inspire you to pick up some products to treat yourself or your loved ones this season!! I will also be holding a GIVEAWAY of the products featured so make sure that you following me there to join in!! @beauty_la_linda (Instagram)  I will also be posting up-dates on what I will be getting up to over the holiday period so if you would like to join me then pop on over.  Don't forget Twitter either. You will have to be following both. I will also have loads of festive tweets coming your way!!  @Beauty_La_Linda (Twitter)   

Links on how to enter are all below!

This year I have Christmas covered!!

In my first post here on this blog I want to share with you all the plans & goals I have for Christmas 2016!!
This is the first year in about 10 years that I will not be working over the holidays (when I say not working I mean my blog is now my full-time job) which means I have all this free time on my hands. I mean I live between Kerry & Cork & my boyfriend (Yes mini life update - I have a boyfriend now!) travels a lot so its not going to be totally uncomplicated (lets face it when is life ever uncomplicated) but now I don't have work getting in the way haha, so I get to blog to my hearts content.  

Complete Goals that were left incomplete last year!

  • Go Ice Skating - Seriously I think one of my very first posts on this blog was about my trip ice skating & I havent been since!! (you can check it out here - Ice Skating! Just a bit of fun or a quick way to A&E? if you wanna read back on an old school post! Anyway this year that's going to change!
  • Watch the Late Late Toy Show - Last year due to work commitments it was just impossible! This year I am going to make it happen!! 
  • Christmas Books - Again time just slipped away last year but not this year & proof? I am going to put up little reviews so that you can read them too & we can all be festive together!! (P.S. Please leave any recommendations in the comments below! I would love a little help and inspiration!! Thank you my loves!)
  • Watch Elf - Yes, Yes I am the only person IN THE WORLD who has not seen elf! Well your wrong.... my boyfriend hasnt seen it either (match made in heaven right!? haha) Anyway this year is my year, I can feel it! We will get some good food & have a lovely christmas movie night!! woop (excited already!!)  

Getting back in the kitchen

By this I mean baking!! I miss baking!! I have already been looking up christmassy recipes and plan on turning my home into winter wonderlands filled with smells of freshly baked cookies, mince pies, ginger bread & all those wonderful goodies!! nom nom #yummy

Getting Personal

I always try to get personal with my gifts and cards but more often then not I find that I run out of time. This I hope to have much more time on my hands so I can spend it on making the gifts that I am giving look and feel more personalised to the people recieving them.

Getting International

I have many friends abroad this time of year & this year I want to connect with them. Just for a little catch up & spread some holiday cheer further around the world then just our little country here on the edge of Europe!

Christmas Markets

Every year Christmas markets take place all across the country & I never seem to be able to find the time to visit them. This year however I want to find the time to at least visit one!! Hopefully more than that but even one would be great!!

So there you have it!! My goals for Christmas 2016! Seriously it is so weird to even write that!! Leave me a comment below & let me know your goals for this holiday season!! Either way hope this next month is absolutely amazing, filled with fun, laughter & sparkle.

Don't Forget Blogmas officially started over on my Beauty Blog as well & I've kicked it off by sharing my Christmas / Winter time Makeup Essentials. All links are below & there are more links in the side bar for Twitter & Instagram! You can also follow me on Bloglovin so you will never miss out on any Blogmas posts!! Beauty La Linda - Bloglovin 

Chat soon x

I love the city this time of year! Brown Thomas always have a fantastic display!! 


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