Wednesday 4 January 2017

Beauty La Linda ||Midweek Motivation || New Year, New You?

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the first #MidweekMotviation post of 2017.

Here today I want to talk to you about the cliche term that everybody knows about - New Year, New You. Now I know you may be thinking "ugh god.... really?" I personally believe that you can change your life on any given day of the week. It's happened to me many times but as we are here on the first week of January lets talk about it now. 

What do you really want to do? Come on there must be something! A job you really want, a language you want to learn, a skill you want to aquire, a book you want to write. You might want to get healthier? You might want to travel? Why not do it now or atleast make a plan and work towards it. 

My last post (which you can click on here - My Goals & Resolutions 2017) Includes all my goals & resolutions for 2017! The reason I do this every year is because it gives me a chance to really think about my life and where it is headed. What do I want from this year and my life. What will make me happy & how can I get there? Of course I can't control everything or predict things that are going to happen but I can try and steer it in the right direction!

Why not make "New Year, New You" work for you!? Take a moment and really think about what would make you happy and what realistic actions you can take to get there! Set targets for yourself! Make a vision board! Whatever it takes to get you to where you want to be in life. Remember as cliche as it sounds life is a journey so if you work at it you can steer it in the direction you want. You may not get there in 2017 (depending on your goal) but with hard work & motivation you will be well on your way to achieving them. 

Let me know in the comments what you want to work towards this year! What would make you happy?? 

Happy 2017 Everybody!

Chat soon x

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