Tuesday 20 December 2016

BLL Blogmas #20 || Lifestyle Currently Loving!

Hey Everyone, 

Yes you may have noticed that I have skipped many days (like a week) Like I said in my Beauty Blogmas post #20 I have many reasons but Im not going to get into it now! So enjoy this post filled with my favourite things that have been making me happy this month!!

New Girl

Okay so when staying in a hotel my bestie & couldn't fall asleep I turned on the TV, the only thing that looked interesting was "New Girl" I'm sure most people have watched it by now but I hadn't. After watching 3 episodes before I fell asleep I was kind of hooked since then I started watching it from the beginning and I am currently half way through season 3! 

Hot In Cleveland

I have rewatched all of "Hot in Cleveland" again the past 2 months! I love this show! Seriously Betty White is a legend & my idol! I want to be exactly like her when I'm 93. Such a funny and easy to watch show! I always go back to it! It's of like a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. situation for me. 

Song - Say you wont let go

I seriously can not be the only person to be addicted to this song at the moment! I actually can't get enough. It is one of the very few songs that I have been listening to this month that are not Christmassy themed or related! Shows how much I like the song!

Christmas Jumper 2016

One a recent shopping trip with one of my besties we decided to get festive and pick up Christmas Jumpers. I usually buy one every year then I wear them all throughout the season. I love the one I picked up this year. I purchased it in New Look. Its a nudey, salmon colour with hearts & reindeer... What more could you ask for? Cute & Christmassy all at the same time!! #winning


You will have seen this already on Blogmas # || Pennys / Primark Lifestyle Winter Goodies Haul. I love it. I also have a tradition to get one onesie a year too! I know this isn't the most christmassy onsie in the world but I still love it!! 

Cabury's Roses

This is the only time of year I eat Roses so I'm addicted all over again! I have to stop though or blog posts in January 2017 will be all about how to try & lose weight gained over Christmas!!

Festive Coffees / Hot Chocolate

I do love a good coffee! but this time of year I really can't help myself. It really is one of my favourite things about Christmas. All the amazing new coffee flavours, each coffee store / brand trying to out-do each other!! I love it! 

These are all the things that have been making me happy this month! Leave me know in the comments the things that have been making you happy this month!

Chat Soon x


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